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    When is the PTR going to be released?

    Name says it all does anyone know

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    The only people who know are Blizzard, anything else is speculation.

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    We have no clue

    All we know is they've loaded the 5.0 files onto the PTR already. That could mean it's coming out tomorrow... or next week ... or next month

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    I would say later this month or early next month.
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    It has been for some time now, might want to search though some stories on the front page before posting.

    Edit: Disregard this post as it seems some likes to necro :P
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    The PTR is already going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fearist View Post
    Currently live.
    Should check the date on threads before posting in them. The Mods don't like necros.

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    25th or the 28th. most likely the 28th.

    seems logical to release it on the day gw2 is released. i feel the 28th is a better choice simply because the people who pre-ordered probably did so because of head start and quite frankly it doesnt make much sense to pre-order for the sake of head start and then go play something thats been on the ptr and available for awhile now

    but then again nothing surprises me anymore with the gaming community, we are a fickle bunch.

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    Please do no not necro old threads just to bring up your post count.

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