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    [looking for] Survival co-op zombie shooter

    Looking for a free or cheap Co-op zombie - shooter - survival
    3 players at least
    not the worse graphics
    Free is good
    Any advises?
    inb4 infraction

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    L4D2 is 10$ on steam right now, Killing Floor is 11.99, Arma II:CO (Day Z mod) is 23.99.
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    The person above me posted the perfect games. Left4Dead and Day Z are the 2 best games on the market right now.

    edit: best zombies games. Walking dead is badass too but only 1 player

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    Dayz is amazing.

    L4D2 is decent.

    Killing Floor is pretty good.

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    Only play DayZ if you enjoy having little kids with sniper rifles camping well... everywhere. Not to mention it is pretty expensive considering you have to buy Arma2 with 2 DLCs in order to download the mod.

    Just play Left for Dead. It is f'ing awful, but for some reason people seem to like it.

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    Day Z is by far the best zombie survival rpg ever in my opinion. You can pick up Arma 2 right now for $25 on steam.
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    DayZ is free, the game needed to run DayZ isn't tho

    but it's the best of that genre atm
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    DayZ, like others have suggested.

    How does a persistant character, with permadeath, huge open map and free for all PvP sound to you?


    You need to buy ARMA 2:CO for it though, I believe it's 20% of at Steam at the moment.
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    Only played first left 4 dead but I love it and recommend it
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    Not sure where all the L4D hate comes from. It's dirt cheap now and a blast in coop with friends.

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