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    Crusader Strike nerf? Seriously? Prot is already having major damage issues, Ret doesn't exactly top the pile either, so I can't really see a good reason for this other than "fuck you guys". To the ground indeed.

    Also, still no JC stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    I think an analogy of Warlocks' Shadowbolt glyph is better assumption. And it would be really cool to see the new graphics for them, if it is what I think.
    Some one with beta access checked in the WoW Mage Forums, turns out yes it's like the SB glyph and the damage is 40% not 160%, so it's really just a very roundabout +20% damage boost.

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    Hmmmm, the alliance-only Pandaren Ambassador achievement rewards a horde-only mount... this could be interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexxr View Post
    This is not a WoW site it is a MMO site.
    Majority of it is wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Inc QQ from people who can't play on Saturdays

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    I am sad about the enchanting rod changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    They said in the blue post it's a Jade tentacles will be cool.

    Nice enchanting changes will be awesome for alts as well.

    Ohhh I missed that blue post! Okay that would be much better than another plant to my collection XD I have the two tentacle trinkets still and this would be much nicer than their cd and only out of combat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drkblade View Post
    This is not a WoW website...while the news updates are heavily weighted towards's an MMO website.
    It is called MMO champion.. and if there is any clear champion of the genre it is WOW. If it was called MMO-Glass-Joe..... well then maybe it would cover AOC

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    They changes to the enchanting rods is the same as they did to alchemy when they changed it to 1 type of vial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kymmico View Post
    Dang. I always counted on the enchanting rods as a sure level up. Ugh. And now my BS won't make any $$ off of selling low lvl rods. /sigh. Oh well.
    Why not make a suggestion that BS requirement from keys should be removed? It's actually kind of stupid, that you need to be BS to even use a key (to unlock the chest).


    Removing all rods from the reach of the enchanters is just a lazy approach. Instead of doing a "clean-up" of a profession (which should be done!), Blizz just removes "the annoyances", like head enchant and/or a choice which quest reward to take. /
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambrodel View Post
    I believe the change of the Rod is simply to better test the new enchants on beta. It can be a pain getting a new rod made on any test server, but not really an issue on Live.
    I recently levelled up enchanting on my low pop server. As it turned out, I was forced to level a toon with full blacksmithing as well because rods weren't available on the AH.

    Sure I could have spent a load of time spamming trade with "LF BS" but I found it easier to just level a Blacksmith than go through that pain.

    Getting away with rod requirements is well overdue these days.

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    You can update your beta client now btw. Small download.

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    I would rather they remove the need to rely on another profession but keep the rod in place. Instead of totally doing away with the rod, which is basically what happens when you drop it to a copper rod, how about something like this.

    On the Enchanting Supplies vendor, add in new levels of rods. These would be base mats. Call em sticks, base them off different types of wood or something. Doesn't matter, but instead of a Enchanters need of a Blacksmith to get a rod, the 'rod' is on the vendor.

    Then for that level, say for cataclysm, the enchanter has to 'enchant' the rod with current content materials. Say the base mats that cover the contents green items and low ilvl blues. I dunno, say 10 dusts, 5 lesser essences, 2 greater essences and 1 shard.


    Make your rod.

    It'll keep enchanting like it is and it'll make it easier to simply remove the requirement to rely on the AH or a Blacksmith for the profession. Could even have to make another rod to handle the 'end game' enchants. Double the mats and add in a Crystal or two. That is a minor QoL improvement that doesn't gut the uniqueness of the profession.

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    Hrm... would like to see these changes in game, yet the freaking client wont update for me!

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    Red isnt the problem for leveling enchant, unless your guild is small and your server is half dead, it is the recipe and materials that pains us.

    I find it amusing that a shield increase your parry too.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSweetness View Post
    Inc QQ from people who can't play on Saturdays
    Hmm, yea, I wonder why.
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    there is a new quest that leads to jade forest which is still closed. It's nice to finally see the way you get there though. It seems like one cinematic is missing but it plays another cutscene as you come into pandaria to set up the initial crash( at least for the horde side )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liinx View Post
    I wonder what Venus looks like o.o
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    They finally sorted enchants in the enchanting window
    I thought I could get some free Sha Crystals by disenchanting the free high lvl pvp gear, but they yielded Maelstrom Crystal of course

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