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    Good thing they changed enchanting requirements, even though it didn´t bother me that much, it´s better.

    And again... Paladin nerfs and now priests too *cries*

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    Wait, enchanting rods are actual problems for people when they're leveling? Really?


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    If this means Stag is baseline now, that's fantastic.

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    Mistweavers got fucked

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    Wow, they really nerfed zen sphere to the ground. Admittedly it was broken, but damn I guess they want people to try the other talents.

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    So, Resto Shaman have no choice but to constantly refresh Water Shield.../wrists

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    I'm almost crying out of joy for the NE racial nerf.

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    I like the Enrage changes, and boosting Warrior shouts to 100 yards <3

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    any info on the doorway crash error getting fixed without losing our minimaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    Wait, enchanting rods are actual problems for people when they're leveling? Really?

    Yeah it is actually for many people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selkinor View Post
    I'm pretty sure you buy it off the vendor.
    The copper rod, yes. That's the Enchanting Supplier selling those. But the later generations of rods required as you level up Enchanting, including the newest version, those are the ones being a pain getting on test servers. Hence this change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Apok] View Post
    Mistweavers got fucked
    bout time
    they have been needing to be brought down for a while now.

    ---------- Post added 2012-07-18 at 05:27 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Heroicmoises View Post
    Why did power word solace get a nerf? Holy priests mana regen without the talent was pretty broken. If the talent is nerfed, there should be a more decent alternative for mana regen.

    I understand the direction they are going with this, but there really needs to be a alternative for our mana regen other than power word solace.
    because it mana regen was way more cost effective vs mindbender and FDCL
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    I don't think these changes will solve the "Mandatory"-Problems of T15/T30/T45 in the paladin talent tree... although now SoL could be viable, but IMO PoJ will just be stronger overall and LAotL when it comes to mobility on demand. Nerfing Repetance by adding an annoying cooldown does not address the issue, that even a CC with a small cooldown will be better than no CC. Buffing SS's SP scaling doesn't address the issue, that Selfless Healer is still a very good throughput talent but also and even more important a great mana longevity talent. So, nothing will change.

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    Whoa, they buffed Thrill of the Hunt. Really nice.

    And hopefully this will fix the crash when entering buildings.

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    Actually I change my mind. Our mana regen is still ok.

    Ignore my post .

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    If they are removing all the existing rods, they might as well rename the first (and only) one to "Runed Enchanting Rod". No point having the various minerals in the name now, is there?

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    I'm actually going to agree with the power word solace nerf now. I might start picking up FDCL now .

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    Jaina Proudmoore's side. Always and forever.

    In all seriousness Ret needed changes to the rotation/mechanics and some buffs but that's it.

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    am i ignorant of something?? because i dont feel rets need to be nerfed.. first they change santity of battle from haste to spell haste (which means when im playing my ret i actually do have down time, with no fillers now....), now they are nerfing crusader strike by 30%... i dont know, if this continues , i hope we dont become worse then live...

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    I wonder what Venus looks like o.o

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