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    Bumping a good and useful thread which shouldn't be lost!

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    Summoner name : Snuspusen
    Favorite champ : Uh... Gotta be Malzahar/Cassio/Skarner.
    Least Favorite Champ : Darius, no skillcurve
    Extremely competitive? : I am when it comes to draft/ranked yeah
    Do you rage? : Depends.
    Preferred role : AP carry.
    Able to perform roles : Top, Jungle and Mid
    Region : EU West
    Age (optional) :
    Gender (optional) : Malee

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : Playing with my friends in general and having fun while doing it. Something to learn all the time.

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    Summoner name : Kapitan Rower
    Favorite champ : Karthus, Ashe, Singed
    Least Favorite Champ : Assassins overall. (Diana, Akali, especially if they're good/fed)
    Extremely competitive? : ranked - HELL YES.
    Do you rage? : No. I'm just disappoint. :<
    Preferred role : AD Carry/AP Mid
    Able to perform roles : Top, Mid, AD Carry, supp Blitz (usually have my own support though)
    Region : EU West
    Age (optional) : 19
    Gender (optional) : male

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    Sep 2010
    Qingyuan, China
    Summoner name : Nelen
    Favorite champ : Twisted Fate, Renekton, Riven, Orianna, Skarner
    Least Favorite Champ : Kassadin and Jax... can be easily countered, but are freaking boring to play against.
    Extremely competitive? : In ranked, yes.
    Do you rage? : No.
    Preferred role : AP/Solotop
    Able to perform roles : Able to do any role
    Region : CN (China)
    Age (optional) : 24
    Gender (optional) : Male

    We Stand Alone - 9/13 Heroic
    Trollbane (EU)

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    Summoner name: wolfsocean
    Favorite Champ: FIORA!!! I love her!
    Least Favorite champ: Don't really have one the ones I have are all the one's I play
    Extremely competitive: In ranked and in normals(sometimes), the reason I say normal's is because I don't care if you just think it's normals people do put time and effort into each game and to troll in a normal game and go Bruiser lux or AD ahri is not fun for any one but yourself >.>! so I like to have respect for every one and their Real time they put into the game by playing ontop of my game when I even play normals.

    Do you rage?: nope
    Preferred Role: anything though the only good support I like to play as is soraka so if you don't want me playing her you support :P
    Able to perform roles: any role
    Region: NA

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    Summoner name : darcsend
    Favorite champ : hmmmm Udyr/Maokai/Jax
    Least Favorite Champ : Soraka, makes game boring
    Extremely competitive? : When it matters, ex sportsman so know when to be or not
    Do you rage? : Try to be contructive when raging or nto to rage at all. Unless its repeated mistake ive tried t explain.
    Preferred role : Bruiser top or jungle....tanky jungle>assasin
    Able to perform roles : very average support and terrible AD carry
    Region : Eu West
    Age (optional) : 20
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : I live for baron/dragon steals and counter jungling. I want to make the jungle my place and i either play a solid gank style or a good supporting style with ward clears n ward placement. NOTHING beats getting a 1st blood at enemys 2nd buff with a co-ordinated 3 man gank.

    More than happy to play with newer players to get some xp ect pref english speaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fwishy View Post
    After participating in the League of Legends forums for sometime now, I've yet to see a post about finding new people to casually play with.
    Stickies are overrated...I guess?

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    Arena Junkies
    Summoner name : Messif
    Favorite champ : Amumu or Olaf
    Least Favorite Champ : Soraka
    Extremely competitive? : Can be, if the team is.. Otherwise, no.
    Do you rage? : No.
    Preferred role : I like Jungling/Roaming. Not big on mid AP
    Able to perform roles : Every role sub support. Hate playing those support casters :/
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 17
    Gender (optional) : Male

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    Def. Not here.
    Summoner name umledk
    Favorite champ : Nasus, Galio, Jayce, Udyr, Skarner, Alistar, Shaco, Mundo.
    Least Favorite Champ :Katarina, karma(i play neither, they're not a lane issue.
    Extremely competitive? : I can be, i can be calm aswell. Depends on ranked or not.
    Do you rage? : Aye! It's great to vent, but i mean absolutely nothing I say.
    Preferred role : Jungle/mid/solo top. Just.Dont.Make.Me.Support.
    Able to perform roles : Jungle/mid/solotop
    Region :EU WEST( I'm danish, but fluent in english, even speak to better than many native to it.
    Age (optional) : 17
    Gender (optional) :Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : Well, steamrolling ones enemy with skill and teamwork.
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    Casual, with a capital''C''.
    Pokemon FC: 1993-8365-9328

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    Summoner name : Bawhum
    Favorite champ : Irelia, Soraka or Morgana (at the moment)
    Least Favorite Champ : Jax or Teemo. GTFO!
    Extremely competitive? : Nope
    Do you rage? : At home, quietly, yes. I only rage at people if they are being dicks without good reason.
    Preferred role : Top
    Able to perform roles : Support, top, mid (have jungled on Evelynn but not for a while)
    Region : EU-W
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : No two games are ever the same, and you meet some genuinely nice people now and again. Also, silencing people with Soraka.

    ne porvivajo nur mortigi tempo

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    May 2009
    In the jungle
    Summoner name : Tizzlefix
    Favorite champ : Anivia, Shaco, Jax jungle (recently), Karthus (recently), Nidalee AD, Nunu, Evelynn
    Least Favorite Champ : AD carries and many top champions
    Extremely competitive? : Well I've been competitive in the past few months and raised my ELO out that god forsaken place known as ELO hell (it's not as bad as everyone says it is)
    Do you rage? : Not really... I tell people to stop flaming but that's about it.
    Preferred role : Jungle/Mid
    Able to perform roles : Certain champions in the top lane... I can support just as well as most but I'd rather not play it. I can AD carry correctly with very few champions.
    Region : EUNE
    Age (optional) : 18
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : The amount of champions to choose from. I love the assassins but that's just because in any game I always play rogue like characters, it probably has something to do with my personality (no I'm not a thief or a high paid assassin). I love the jungle so much too, it just feels different every time when it comes to ganking, it's always a new kind of the thing and you get to ROAM! the map. I mean I just love roaming and sneaking up.
    Hey everyone

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    Summoner name : Muzual
    Favorite champ : Sona
    Least Favorite Champ : Blitzcrank
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : Support
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) :
    Gender (optional) :

    What do you love?
    Saving people as Supports. Like getting someone away with Lulu's speed buff or silencing an enemy on Soraka to stop them using a killing ability

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