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    Summoner name :Taoh
    Favorite champ :Mordekaiser
    Least Favorite Champ :Maokai
    Extremely competitive? :No
    Do you rage? :Nope
    Preferred role epends on the week :P
    Able to perform roles : Everything
    Region :EU
    Age (optional) : 17
    Gender (optional) : Male

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    Summoner name : Horn of Valmar
    Favorite champ : Tristana
    Least Favorite Champ : Zilean
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role :Ad carry
    Able to perform roles : All
    Region : EU west
    Age (optional) : 20
    Gender (optional) : Male

    For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Die, You are forgiven. If I Live, I will kill you." Such is the Rule of Honor.

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    Summoner name : Kiryana
    Favorite champ : Shyvana
    Least Favorite Champ : Shaco
    Extremely competitive? : Negative
    Do you rage? : Negative
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : Support/Jungle/Tank/Bruiser
    Region : US
    I like waffles!

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    Summoner name : Thugradomus
    Favorite champ : Anivia
    Least Favorite Champ : Kassadin real dumb
    Extremely competitive? : Yes, play to win.
    Do you rage? : Depends on the severity of a throw that I just witnessed.
    Preferred role : AP mid
    Able to perform roles : Top/mid
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 20
    Gender (optional) : Male

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    Summoner name : Glanidious
    Favorite champ :Shaco
    Least Favorite Champ : Darius
    Extremely competitive? :no
    Do you rage? :no
    Preferred role :AD top laner
    Able to perform roles : Mostly all not a good support
    Region :North America
    Age (optional) :14
    Gender (optional) :Male

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    Bumping this
    Peace please.

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    Summoner name : Barnabus
    Favorite champ : Fizz, Corki, Darius
    Least Favorite Champ : Any support
    Extremely competitive? : Sometimes, but mostly no
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role : AD carry
    Able to perform roles : mid, top
    Region : EU-West
    Age (optional) : 22
    Gender (optional) : Male

    I got account on Nordic & east, and north america, but not max level, but I can level any of those accounts up, just PM me if you want to play on either Nordic & east or north america
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    Summoner name : Figoment
    Favorite champ : Fizz (Been playin a lot of chogath recently though)
    Least Favorite Champ : Anivia
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : Depends on my mood (Sometimes)
    Preferred role : Top/Support
    Able to perform roles : All but I suck at ranged AD and try to stay with either top, support or fizz mid
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 18
    Gender (optional) : male

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    Summoner name : MrMayor
    Favorite champ : Tryndamere ,Cho Gath, Skarner
    Least Favorite Champ : Depends on the week
    Extremely competitive? :No
    Do you rage? :No
    Preferred role : Jungle or Top
    Able to perform roles : All but favorite is jungle.
    Region :EU Ne
    Gender (optional) : Male
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    Summoner name : Sinister Deed
    Favorite champ : Vayne
    Least Favorite Champ : Zilean, annoying fuck
    Extremely competitive? : Absolutely.
    Do you rage? : Formerly, I am now a recovering rager.
    Preferred role : I prefer AD carry simply because of how pivotal they are to a win.
    Able to perform roles : I play all roles
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 27
    Gender (optional) : M

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : Winning. Improving myself.

    I came to this thread hoping to find someone to Duo que ranked with, it's lonely alone and my odds of success are much lower than if I was with a skilled friend.

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    Summoner name : Envyious
    Region: EU West
    Favorite champ : I kinda have a favorite for each lane/role, Ahri would be my over all favorite, Vayne and Lulu at Bottom, Nidalee for top and Shyvana in the jungle.
    Least Favorite Champ : Urgot
    Extremely competitive? : Ranked Yes, A little less in normals.
    Do you rage? : Nope! I hate it with a passion.
    Preferred role : Mid and Support.
    Able to perform roles : All!
    Age: 20
    Gender : Female

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : The active thinking, and no game is ever quiet the same. And the friends i've already made through this game.

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    Summoner name : Tazkram
    Favorite champ : Swain, he's a fun champ.
    Least Favorite Champ : Most AD carries, I don't like them for some reason.
    Extremely competitive? : I'm not, wish I was. I feel that it's hard to get ELO in solo queue, and I don't really want to play 5vs5premade.
    Do you rage? : If people troll in ranked games, I have a tendency to rage. I usually don't write anything about it though.
    Preferred role : AP carry or solo top.
    Able to perform roles : Everything, AD carries the least.
    Region : EU Nordic/East
    Age (optional) : 17
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What I enjoy? I often enjoy winning competative games like I find LoL to be. I do also enjoy playing with my friends.

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    Summoner name : ProTo Ethereal
    Favorite champ : Tough one, I don't have one specific favorite champ, but if I had to choose I'd say corki.
    Least Favorite Champ : The tankie ones, for some reason whenever I play a tank I play WAY too aggressively.
    Extremely competitive? : In ranked, yes, which I never play because I've lost over 300 elo the last times I've played because of trolls.
    Do you rage? : I don't.
    Preferred role : AP mid, jungle or ranged AD carry.
    Able to perform roles : I can play all roles, just don't do tank/support as well as the others.
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : M

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : I love getting in a game where it's neck and neck most of the way and one fight can turn the game in favor of one team or the other, I love to play just to get into those situations.

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    searching for someone who would like to do some games with me!...

    Summoner name : Chimna
    Favorite champ : Kennen or Olaf, depends on 5v5 or 3v3
    Least Favorite Champ : cho'gath... for sure!
    Extremely competitive? : nope
    Do you rage? : if i fail totally, yes
    Region : EU N/E

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : every battle is unic, and playing with friends is pretty cool!

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    Guess I'll contribute too.

    Summoner name: stolenlegacy
    Favorite champ: This is a hard one. Riven, Irelia or Yorick for top. Probably Ryze or Karthus for Mid. Vayne, Graves or Corki for Bot. Alistar or Soraka for Support. Lee Sin for Jungling. I can play lots of other champions, too.
    Least Favorite Champ: Nothing, really. I can play most champions.
    Extremely competitive? : In ranked, yes. In normals, no.
    Do you rage?: Rarely.
    Preferred role: Top, Mid or Carry.
    Able to perform roles: All of them.
    Region: EUW
    UI & AddOns expert | Interface & Macros moderator - My work

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    Summoner name : Sockmonkey00
    Favorite champ : Ali, veigar or warwick
    Least Favorite Champ : I really have yet to find one because I am newer but Garen was my least Favorite, but I still enjoyed him.
    Extremely competitive? : I like to win and I am not one to give up a game easily
    Do you rage? :Only if I am already in a very bad mood, but that is not often
    Preferred role : I like Jungle and lane but am still new so I have yet to try everything.
    Able to perform roles : I can learn any of the free champs but I play a good enough ap carry, jungle, and top as ali.
    Region : US, EST
    Age (optional) : Only 15 but I am not a typical bitchy teen
    Gender (optional) : Male.

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    Summoner name : Enemythings
    Favorite champ : hmmm maybe vladimir
    Least Favorite Champ : soraka is such a bore for everyone involved.
    Extremely competitive? : no
    Do you rage? : no
    Preferred role : mid or top
    Able to perform roles : anything but jungle, i can't jungle to save my life
    Region : EU W
    Age (optional) : 23
    Gender (optional) : male

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    Summoner name : Wolfy jr
    Favorite champ : Ezreal/Jayce
    Least Favorite Champ : Shaco
    Extremely competitive? : Yes
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role : Every role but AD carry. I can do it but i'm not great at it.
    Able to perform roles : Can perform all roles well
    Region : US
    Age (optional) : 20
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends :
    It's just a very fun and competitive game.

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    Summoner name : Steveírwin or The Bést Player
    Region: EU-North-East
    Favorite champ : Lee Sin
    Least Favorite Champ : Darius on enemy team, if i have to play it it is any support or Mundo..
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No, but i do get quite frustated at times...
    Preferred role : Jungle or maybe mid..
    Able to perform roles : All the things (Exept Support
    Age (optional) : 18
    Gender (optional) : Male
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    Summoner name : eDGe1987
    Favorite champ : Ezreal
    Least Favorite Champ : Teemo. gtfo
    Extremely competitive? : Nope
    Do you rage? : At myself when doing obvious mistakes, but not at team. Unless getting raged at for no reason.
    Preferred role : Mid, ad carry, top
    Able to perform roles : all. tho runes are somewhat lacking on the support/jungler front.
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) : 24
    Gender (optional) : male

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