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    Quote Originally Posted by mileskg21 View Post
    YAY MOP IN SEPTEMBER......when freakin COLLEGE STARTS...GG Blizz
    where do you get september from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackwaltz7 View Post
    you say that old way of doing things sucked. i say it's the holy grail of how an MMO should be. if you don't HAVE to do the previous tier to get the current tier, there is absolutely no reason for those tiers to exist. i wouldn't care how easy/hard the raids were if they'd just make it mandatory to go through every previous tier.

    that said, i dont care what you think of me. if you think that ideology makes me an "elitest" then hell yes i'm an elitest AND PROUD OF IT! no I never reached endgame in vanilla OR bc. i started right before the release of aq40 and it was just like you said. AND I LIKED IT! when i finally reached the endgame in wrath, i felt robbed of the experiance. EVERYBODY had the gear i had. i had spent so many years looking up to these people that had the time and skills to get the best of the best. then when i was finally able to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, it meant absolutely nothing. i had been handed one of those stupid pointless "you participated" statues for 27th place.

    that being said, i don't look down on people that can't accomplish the endgame as lesser gamers. like i said, i played through the difficulty like that and was one of them. as far as i'm concerned, i still am one and would be even if i gave enough of a shit to do the cata endgame. the fact that it is so readily available to me not want to try. so yeah, if i'm an elitest i'm one that doesn't live up to his own standards.
    You have too much self-worth tied to this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackwaltz7 View Post
    where do you get september from?
    Month or so of Pre Launch Patch on PTR, and they did say that the Pre Launch would only go for 2 weeks so would be my guess as to why they said September. That and the supposed last nerf of 35% to DS happens near the end of August or so.

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    So the stag is going to be the new Druid travel form unless we use a special glyph to turn into a cheetah? I liked the cheetah, and I would like it even more if they'd redesign it like they did the stag. It's probably not on their to-do list right now, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caninepawprints View Post
    So the stag is going to be the new Druid travel form unless we use a special glyph to turn into a cheetah? I liked the cheetah, and I would like it even more if they'd redesign it like they did the stag. It's probably not on their to-do list right now, though.
    Wouldn't be that hard they could use one of the awesome looking new cat models they have in beta at the moment for the cat travel form. But yeah not a high priority thing at the moment I would think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    First off, let me just point out... You were never recognized. Lower level players never looked up to you as the pinnacle of WoW playing. Not in vanilla, not in BC, not in WotLK, and, sensibly, not in cataclysm. You ask a newer player "So, what do you think about *hardcore raiding guild* being the first to kill HM DS 10 on your server?" Their response will not be "I hope someday to be as awesome as them!" It will be " what's 'HM 10 DS, and what's a *hardcore raiding guild?*" So don't fool yourself. The only people that care about hardcore progression are other hardcore guilds, and from experience they seem just as likely to demean each other in trade chat as they are to congratulate one another for... anything. If you were under the impression that anyone beyond this small group of people cared, ever, you were deluding yourself.

    If what I've said is false, and you are truly after prestige for prestige's sake, then it would stand to reason that knowing that you cleared content first, got better gear first, and obtained achievements first would be enough. But that clearly isn't the case.
    Explain this then:

    There's a difference between you not seeing something and that something not existing.
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    I'd prefer being shot by a terrorist than living in a country where they serve bread baked with a little cheese and a bottle of ketchup to complete your "pizza margeritha".

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    I'm of the slightly older group of people playing this game, and I was definitely looking up to the good players when I started to play about one month into cataclysm, people who were far ahead in progress, were into heroics, etc.
    I'm a very lore-driven player, and I was kinda concerned by the perspective of maybe being shut out of some of the lore-experiences by not being able to do heroic content at first, but it sure was a major motivation for me to try. I ultimately don't know how far I would have come, connection- and time-problems being an issue, but I would have loved to invest lots of effort into it.

    But again, I really looked up to the awesome pro-players, with their shiny gear and mighty mounts. To be one of them one day, that was an inspiring goal for me. Sure there are pricks among them, but that didn't take away from the experience from me. There's lots of people online, you'd just have to find the friendly ones to play with. And if I wouldnt make it, meh, still fun to play. And I also wouldn't look down on "lesser" players.
    Even if I'd have to wait till next expansion to get the missed lore, or just spoil it for myself on youtube, still kinda better then the 3 hour faceroll LFR conclusion to the cata-story, where you barely know what you're doing except one or two things which HAD to work, and you feel you just facerolled through it gave me an anticlimatic punch to the stomach.

    There are often responses arguing "you don't have to play it that way, you can always skip LFR". I think there's more to this than just that. I'm still waiting for someone more adept to analyze and dismantle this argument from a psychological point of view, so far I can just say it's my impression that the minds of the majority of people are simply and naturally constructed in a way to go the way of less resistance, like water. To skip the heroic buff f.e. would take some effort of willpower, and you'd have to repeatedly remind your protesting brain and instincts why you're doing this, and that you're not doing something stupid. AND THEN you'll have to try resist the fact that almost everyone else is using the buff. I guess that's easier if you've been in a pro-guild all along, and are used to be kinda seperate from "normal" players. Something like that. Meditate on this.
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    Could druids get much more love in this game? They've had complete re-skins of all of their forms in Cataclysm.. I think they've had even more improvements in MoP to this area and now they get a new travel form too?

    And I look at my mage and I think to myself what has changed since BC? I'm not asking for a 'travel form' for my mage but a new pet option might be nice.

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    I hope they release the glyph of the cheetah at the same time as this stag thing. Do not want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cows For Life View Post
    You have too much self-worth tied to this game.
    that would imply that what i described was self-worth.

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    Haha...the horde stag has tusks...and furthermore looks like crap. For once the Alliance gets a win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    And the award for terrible arguments goes to this guy.
    This guys is mad.

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    I would like same approach to be taken by Blizzard actually, when we need to be online all the time, so they should be. Sounds fair.

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    Lets give druids more forms cuz they don't have enough

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    In other news, wtb mop release date

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    Question Still able to auction?

    I might not have been paying enough attention to pets in MoP.

    Will the rarity change mean pets can no longer be sold on the AH?

    I've got a spare Disgusting Oozeling - which is in the list.

    Will I now no longer be able to auction it, when MoP comes out?

    Informed feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    still prefer the old travel form

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