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    Stil DCED FIX iT for fuck sake .....

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    Hey Guys! I was wondering myself i can not enter the Mist of Panderia Exp, Why not? I have no idea everytime i enter into it it Says Connected,Success,etc. But right when im about to enter " You have been disconnected from the server" Ummm Wtf? Can anyone help me with my promblem?

    Thanks Ima new Member to MMO C. So if anyone can help me Great!!!!

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    Hopefully we get the release of MoP in Sept now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumps View Post
    I wonder if Blizzard, after 8 years, will stop with their discriminating and finally allow the player to adjust the font size (that there are third party addons isn't good enough, the company making the big bucks should do this themselves. Not everybody is 20 with perfect vision)
    In the Interface menu (i think) you have a "UI scaling" mode. Check and try it. Be aware that this option also increase icons and all other UI elements.

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    Really excited for this patch!

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    Wow 21 GB. Downloaded. Got to be the biggest pre-patch i can remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephyron View Post
    yay i won a beta key
    Gratz Mon. Now i ´now your be doing ´mon.

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