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    I've played this game forever, but Cata is the only expansion I've ever not had an active subscription in the whole way through. I even put up with Wrath's general terribleness (hi, nearly a year of ICC), but Cata makes that actually look appealing. I'd rather hear people blame lag on yet another Sinny wipe for the next six months than put up with one more trolly DS run. My subscription has expired three separate times this expansion. Three. Each time, I come back because I genuinely like playing the game, and each time I'm horribly disappointed in both WoW and the human race. I will buy Mists. Eventually. I'll buy it because I want to believe WoW is still good and is just going through a rough patch, like an abusive relationship. I'm willing to put on my sunglasses to cover yet another black eye in the hopes that it'll change, but at this point I'm not convinced it will anymore. I both look forward to and dread my experiences with the next expansion, and sadly think this might be my last. There's not many more blows to my pretty face that I'm willing to take.

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    You'll be back...

    Also, you made a terrible poll. I'm not done with WoW but, I know it won't last forever...

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    Its the friends / guildies I play with that make *insert name of game here* fun. Without them, its nothing really and id probably stop playing too.

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    Left in September, came back in Februari got fed up with the game after 5 min... I didn't want to totally waste 12 euro's so decided to try out LFR. Disappointed me and decided that after 7 years it would be enough... I accepted the fact that I would never feel and live like the pro I was in Naxx and AQ40

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    the game has been declining since WOTLK was released. i'm just surprised Activi$ion Bli$$ard has let the game get so stale where 50% of players just fly around ORG SW all day doing nothing.

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    Congrats, you must be really proud of yourself.

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    Did you delete your characters? If not, then you really didn't quit ; )

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucarocks92 View Post
    the game has been declining since WOTLK was released. i'm just surprised Activi$ion Bli$$ard has let the game get so stale where 50% of players just fly around ORG SW all day doing nothing.

    I take it you didn't play in Vanilla or TBC, when people were just standing idle in org, if or shat all day?
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    Did you delete your characters? If not, then you really didn't quit ; )

    I take it you didn't play in Vanilla or TBC, when people were just standing idle in org, if or shat all day?
    no i played TBC and it was the best game i ever played, wow has not been the same since.

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    Before I got annual pass, I took a break for up to ½ a year, and it felt refreshing coming back each time... I wouldn't go balls out on 'LOL DIS GAME 2 EZ AND BORING I QUIT', just take a break if you are bored, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    If you do not know what, you either have not bothered reading about MoP or you refuse to see what it brings.
    Either way, i can't be arsed to write what is already written on pretty much every mmo/wow-related website.
    Google it...
    What if he knows what MoP is bringing, but is merely interested in seeing what you see as "new interesting stuff that you definitely want to try out"? Maybe you view on some features could convince him that it was worth staying? It is the subjective view on features that make them worthwhile, not the features themselves, and that's what he asked for.

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    I see... only WoW... before me...
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Cya .
    That guy (>'.')>

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    Just beacuse you OP got bored, it does not mean WoW has no future.

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    I stop playing all the time. But lately I have found that I can just log on to raid. Occasionally go on for other things. Chat with guildies etc. And then play other games and such. Doing too much of something will, in general, burn you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trilicity View Post
    Finally after 5 years I cancelled my wow subscription. It was fun but i see nothing in the future I got Barely any gameplay out of Cataclysm it was just no fun. From what i've been reading mists isn't going to be any better. The journey in wow is over as soon as you hit 85 you jump straight into the final tier and raids are just lame now nothing epic about them they basically have shitty storyline not interesting at all and it doesn't seem to be changing. So my questions to youguys is:
    do you see much of a future for wow?
    If yes what kind of future? (as far as change in the game)
    If no state your reasons.
    Not as far as subscription count but as far as you personally playing it for much longer. and also if you answer post when you joined.
    The future of WoW will continue, but maybe with shorter player base then what it had before. The game wont just "quit" in random daylight. WoW has something a lot of games don't have and as a player since closed beta, sailing over from EQ1 with family and friends, I know this game will continue to be strong. Competitors have tried to shine over WoW, but they simply can't. Only Blizzard can kill WoW. Mona Lisa giggles at this effort other games have tried to make - not to diss RIFT, GW2, or Aion. I love those games and the story-lines, but WoW has my heart and I haven't loved a game so much, that makes me coming back playing over and over (like the FF serious).
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    See ya.

    When you all return after MoP launches I'll already have a good headstart. 8)

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    I don't know why people feel like they have to make a dramatic exit. I find it funny that you're quitting now because cata hasn't been fun - refresh my memory... when did Cata come out again?

    Skipping tiers is certainly nothing new (so why complain about it now?). Nobody is forcing you to jump/skip into the final tier either. I'm on a medium pop. server and I always see weekly groups for the older cata raids. Also, I've seen plenty of new guilds that run older content to get there core raiders comfortable with each other. I'm just pointing out a few options. I was still meeting quite a few people that killed Madness and had yet to kill Rag. Going back and killing him now with the current gear levels will be boring and seem easy. Those same people are probably the ones I see complaining about how easy content is and that there is nothing to do. My point is... I understand where your coming from as far as skipping tiers, but why cheapen the experience? If you're playing the game to enjoy yourself then what is the freaking rush?

    Everyone hated BC, everyone hated Wrath, everyone hated Cata and everyone will hate MoP. MoP will become the new worst expansion and Al'akir or BoT will become the new "last good raid" or something stupid like that. This happens every expansion and people will hate on MoP until whatever comes out after it. How about you form your own opinion of MoP by giving it a shot. You said you read about MoP, which is the future of WoW and said that it doesn't sound interesting - and then you follow that up with "uhh what's the future of WoW"? Confused.

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    The game is pretty much dead, it is an empty shell of what it once was.

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    Very bad choices for the poll.
    I do not think WoW is going on and on and on forever, but it's not going to end any time soon.

    I had a almost half a year break from wow and came back about 1-2 weeks ago. Guess I will take a short break again before MoP will be released, but I won't quit it permanently.

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    With that attitude I'm glad you left.
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    Nothing lasts forever, as they say.
    The problem is that nothing can really replace it either.

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