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    Deathknight Priest Warrior PVP in MOP

    Hello, not asking hey which is OP and all that BLAH cuz lets face it its, beta. But im am curious which classes with their new abilitys and talent trees they are working. I just got back into wow, and havent followed the beta to much. Basically which seem like they will be fun with their new talent trees, and at least compete.

    Classes im interested in is

    I know they are all different, but any info in reguards to PVP will be nice. TY in Advance MMO CHAMP

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    So far they all look to be quite strong in MoP - but everyone looks strong in the beta currently. If I had to recommend one though, Deathknight - currently OP - likely to get some nerfs - but because of their toolsets they will never be a bad call in pvp (kind of like mages and rogues).
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    spriest has insane damage and burst as well.
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