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  • Yes, Christian Bale should visit dressed as Batman.

    34 11.56%
  • Yes, Christian Bale should visit, but as himself.

    96 32.65%
  • It's best if he didn't visit at all.

    164 55.78%
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    I think it would be "a nice gesture" on his part, and it would be really good PR for the film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermore View Post
    What uh... why? He's an actor, not goddamn Batman.
    This is so dumb it actually made my brain hurt.

    Also, this ^

    Why is this dumb? If your brain hurt I don't understand why.

    Many people are probably fans of Christian and I don't think it would be bad if he visited as himself.

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    He should not visit.
    Also why was there kids watching that film at midnight in the first place?

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    Well, it would most certainly be a nice gesture -- like Florena said, if he showed up as himself instead of in-character (unless there were a significant number of children present). However, I certainly wouldn't feel right pressuring him to do it, either.

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    If I was shot, the last thing I'd want is some celebrity coming to bother me for good PR.

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    Why? He ain't Batman, he is just an actor.

    I don't really get how people belive they are going to get better cause some "star" dropsin on them, "how are you? I see you have been shot, gee I bet that hurts like a mofo!". Wouldn't make me hurt less just cause some actor dressed up like Batman came around to visit me in the hospital. I would much rather the doctor came in and told me everything was going to be alright cause atleast that person would know what the heck he was talking about, unless ofcause he came in and lied to me cause im about to die.
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    I don't think he should visit. Instead, it would probably thrill the kids (and their families and friends) more if their hospitalization and medical bills were all paid for (not to mention being far more practical), and they receive a nice little get better message/gift signed off by the cast. The reddit thread brought up a good point that it might be traumatizing for the kids to see Batman in his full get-up walking around the wards, and in any case, what can he say to them?

    Crack idea:

    If Christian Bale were to be involved as Batman in any way, they should film a new short sequence with Batman swooping down on the 'gunman' (another actor) and laying the smack down on him.

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    No, not dressed as Batman, as a kid a visit from Batman after getting shot while going to see Batman would be the last thing I would want to see (maybe not the total last but near the end). If he visited as Christian Bale it would be a nice gesture, but not in a bat suit, and honestly it would be best if he just wrote a statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I liked the idea someone put up where he should visit the prison where the shooter is held while dressed as batman. Beat the crap out of him.
    That's the best idea I heard.

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    I just read this right now, and I haven't read any comments, but I think it's an overall bad idea. It makes the whole thing a show, which it needs very much not to be. It's tragic and the issues surrounding mental health need to be studied.

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    I think it would be a bad idea. These people just had a major negative event after watching him. Lets give them some time to not think about the batman for awhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I liked the idea someone put up where he should visit the prison where the shooter is held while dressed as batman. Beat the crap out of him.
    Hell no, it might have been the Jokers plan all along, and before you know it the guards start exploding and Batman saves the wrong guy who gets half his face burned off.

    Now that wouldn't be cool at all.

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    i think it would nice of him to visit these people in hospital, but i wouldn't say turning up in his batman suit would be a good idea.

    i dont think he should be forced to do it by any means, but it would be nice of him if he did it of his own accord.
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    It would be a cool thing to do for the kids, but on the other hand you can't demand Christian Bale to do your every command or think less of him if he says no.
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    No he shouldn't. I bet he wont and then people start calling him heartless...

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    It's one of those things if he just showed of his own accord to offer his condolences and sympathies we would all go "Shucks, he aint such a bad guy after all", but a gesture like this really only has meaning when it comes from the person and not public pressure. I'm sure Bale has at least some sympathies for the victims, and has his own reasons for not wanting to visit them ranging from can't be bothered to not wanting to intrude on their recovery and no matter what reason he has starting some internet pressure to obligate him to change his mind, no matter how pure the intention, is misguided. We can only show our own personal sympathies and not ask someone to do that for us no matter the nature of their public profile.

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    If he visited in civilian clothes, that would be outstanding. I would love to see this, as it would bring about a little more positivity. But then again, with all the reporters.. it would be ridiculous. If they could pull it off, where he just went in, and everyone stayed away.. Then yes.

    Otherwise, I imagine it might be best (if they plan on doing this) that they wait for a few weeks.

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    Yes indeed I just heard this.

    Batman star Christian Bale visits with Colorado shooting victims

    The Associated Press

    AURORA, Colo. — Batman star Christian Bale is in Colorado visiting victims of the shooting at a theater showing "The Dark Knight Rises."

    A Warner Bros. spokeswoman told The Denver Post on Tuesday that Bale is representing himself, not the movie studio.

    Carey Rottman, one of the 58 people injured in Friday's shooting, posted two photos of himself with Bale on his Facebook page. Hospital staff also posted a Facebook photo of Bale with some staff members.

    There's been an online campaign urging Bale to visit the victims of the shooting, which also killed 12 people.

    Some of the survivors also have received hospital visits from President Barack Obama and members of the Denver Broncos.

    Read more here:

    I suppose it doesn't matter now. The point is moot. He is visting the victims but obviously not dressed as batman. See it wasn't as far fetched as people thought.

    Read more:

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    He really doesn't have to at all. But it is nice that he is doing so.

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    I think it's a pretty pathetic attempt in trying to guilt a celebrity into doing something.

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