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    Quote Originally Posted by chemicader View Post
    Ehm, Fallen of the Bastion :P I actually laughed when I saw that typo.

    Well done with the trailed anyways.
    I never thought of what my patch name should be, this was one of my quick random choices :P

    Thanks if you liked it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azshira View Post
    Way too quick leo ! damn u
    What can I say? I try to write down the idea's when I have them, so finalizing them generally doesn't take a lot of time. It's mostly just formatting.

    As a matter of fact, I'm considering whipping out one last smaller raid before MoP launches, though I haven't decided between two potential ideas yet. So that's mostly hypothetical at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by chemicader
    The Depths of Deepholm looks amazing, got to admit.
    Thanks for giving it a look through. :]. I took a peak through Corruption of Dalaran, I liked a lot of the concepts I saw. State of Antondias sounds like a really fun encounter, while Kalec sounds very engaging. A lot of insta-death mechanics in the heroic phase though.

    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil
    I have yet to read some of the other raids, the Depth's of Deepholm looks good so far as I've seen from the layout :P. Maybe I'll make a 3rd raid, but its only 2 weeks before MoP comes out. I may not have enough time to finish it, but I can always try.
    Thanks. Although now that I see you putting out a full-fledged Trailer Concept for the patch, methinks that I might make the Depth's one of its own in the near future... :]

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    Damn you both with complete raids, that's 3 for me to check when I somehow get time! Nice little trailer mcneil.
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    I might aswell do a third one before MoP, I have an idea already but I am not sure will I use it or not, because it loses some of the effect with the limitation of seven bosses.
    Great that you liked the Statue of Antonidas encounter, I just hope I did not make it impossible on heroic. And yes Kaleg's Phase 4 is designed to be on par with the hardest bosses in WoW, and there is no heroic mode for that encounter. Just that hard mode phase.

    And oh yes, one trailer coming up! (maybe)

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-11 at 08:46 PM ----------

    Patch trailer for the corruption of Dalaran.

    Blizzard Logo pops out and we zoom through the "o" and we get a view towards the original Dalaran in Alterac.

    Dalaran, the home of the strongest magi that ever lived on Azeroth...
    Once in the edge of destruction was teleported into Crystalsong Forest throught the effort of the strongest magi ever lived.

    Mages casting around Dalaran a massive teleportation spell

    Now a dark threat looms over it once again...

    Huge masses of black smoke expand from Dalaran

    The Old Gods and their minions are plotting to destroy this brilliant city...

    The view shifts into Underbelly where Darkspeaker R'Khem rallies masses of faceless ones

    They have corrupted the noble leaders of Dalaran, but this is not their true goal...

    Image shifts to Modera, Aethas and you are given a glimpse of Rhonin's resurrection.

    Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers turn against their families...

    You see the Portal Guardians slaying innocent people.

    One of the most powerful mage is struck by sorrow... Even though she does not know the true effect of the corruption...

    Image shifts to Jaina weeping and looking at Dalaran from a distance

    Jaina rallies Azeroth's heroes: " The aspect of Magic is nowhere to be found and I fear the worst. This era has been named the Age of Mortals by the aspects and we shall prove we are capable of defending our land and people, the time for valor is NOW!"

    You recognize many familiar faces in the crowd as the crowd hurrays to Jaina

    "The time is at hand to retake Dalaran, my home... We can not march in so I will enter it through magic, with the selected heroes of Azeroth"

    The speech is interrupted by Kalegcos flying out of the smoke and back inside

    "Kalegcos, no..." And you can see a tear drop from Jaina's saddened eyes.

    This ends the trailer and the patch name pops up : The Corruption of Dalaran
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    Nice little trailer Chemic
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    Glad you liked it

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    Great with a list of achievements some sound really interesting Leo, great bits of dialogue too Congratulations on getting 1st this time round. It was interesting that you must fight Therazane.

    I was always wanting to fight some of those mobs that just walked around Deepholm, looks like if this raid was made I could of!

    Diamat: Parasites, damn you parasites. Corruptors are a nice addition to hc also. Overall nice boss.
    Feldspar: reminds of of stone guard merely because of the petrification bar, the kiting would be brilliant seems like a lot of adds. More cloud ideas I see
    Aeosera: I did like fighting her as a daily, but having the jumping stones as a raid is pretty cool. The crumling and weight idea are brilliant along with the ascent and descent that she shatters, I really like this fight.
    The Stonetenders - This sounds like a really even more enduring and torture fight on hc.
    Garaborus - is very engaging and a battle for survival with the amount of shale destroyers potentially up, I really like the idea of needing to decide when to stop those hills but you have consquences for it, but you must at some point or there will be too many spiders. Don't eat me! I like the bits of avoiding added in p2.
    Boden - Will say one thing, leaping to avoid quake yay and then jumping onto him, sounds a little kind of Shadow of the Colossus feeling
    Therazane - Great an extra phase. Overall the fight delivers, it changes often and it's just different, I like the feel of it. Damn you Old Gods! It's good you used her guards that are near her actual throne. Damnit this would of been a highly enjoyable raid, wtb

    Just excellent overall Leo, I can't fault it

    I'll get around to reading other raids too.
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    The Raid Name: Battle of the Frozen Throne

    Location: Old Icecrown

    Area/Lore/Objective Text: Despite Murozond's defeat at the hands of the adventurers in the End Time, there appears to be an even greater power corrupting the timeline with the infinite dragonflight. Nobody, not even Nozdormu, has an idea of who it could be.

    During an investigating, a badly wounded infinite dragon shows up and crawls to Nozdormu's. He explains him that the vast majority of the battered infinite dragonflight has joined this new greater evil, and that a small rebelling team tried to escape in order to warn the others. But only he survived.

    The wounded infinite dragon also explains that their new master will be trying to stop Arthas to reach the Lich King during the Battle of the Frozen Throne, because their unknown master need Ner'Zhul for himself for reasons unknown to the crowd. They will find out that Ner'Zhul actually has far more power then anyone can ever imagine, and that the new infinite master is interested in taking it away from him. Thats why the new leader wants Arthas stopped, but Nozdormu cannot let it happen. He sends Chromie and the adventurers back in time to aid Arthas, so that he can become the Lich King after all.

    While in the raid, Chromie will disguise the players as Scourge warriors. Giving the players a more dark, Scourge-like armor. Glowing eyes, lighter skin and a deeper voice. A little similiar to how death knights are. Arthas will not discriminate, so every playable race will keep their form. Since Arthas has actually witnessed a pandaren relaxing area during Warcraft 3 (an easter egg), he is not suprised to see some pandaren in his forces.


    Boss 1: Neravant - A very powerfull revenant, guarding the first obelisk that the adventurers encounter. Neravant, like any other revenant, tries to keep everyone away from the Lich King and his artifacts, similiar like The Guardian did with guarding Frostmourne. Countless of Illidan's and Kael'thas' forces have tried to take the obelisk, but everyone fell to the might of Neravant.

    Boss 2: Lady Vash - Even in the darkest times, the naga sea witch Lady Vash stays loyal side by side to her master Illidan. Having stolen the Eye of Sargeras, slaughtered her former people the night elves, and taking the Black Citadel for Illidan. Now Illidan has need of her once again, to destroy the Frozen Throne once and for all.

    Boss 3: Ghi'daroth - A huge, monstrous abomination, created by the most devious naga ever existed. Ghi'daroth has lost its other 2 heads after a fight with Illidan, and the naga have stiched 2 entirely different heads together. With 3 unique heads, they have their own origin and aspect: Fire, water and poison. A dangerous combination for any enemy of this being, now it has been summoned to stop the adventurers by destroying the ship they are on.

    Boss 4: Salandria - Originally a cute, innocent blood elf child. Lady Salandria has grown with her only purpose, to have her own dragons. With the help of the new unknown evil, she was able to controll a large portion of the infinite dragonflight. However, this came with a price... the unknown evil was powerfull enough to actually create Salandria into an infinite dragon, allowing her to change forms.

    Boss 5: Kael'thas Sunstrider - After the death of his father king Anasterian Sunstrider, prince Kael'thas has led his people to a new destiny. And with the help of Illidan, his people will never grow hunger of magic again. Kael'thas finally sees an opportunity to whipe out the Scourge once and for all, and that is to destroy the Frozen Throne. With a change like this, he sees an even brighter future.

    Boss 6: Illidan Stormrage - After having granted a second change to serve his master, Kil'jaeden, Illidan will do whatever it takes to finish his work for good. Having established his base and army in Icecrown, Illidan seeks to open the gate to the Frozen Throne, in order to destroy the Lich King personally. But the Lich King will not allow itself to be taken that easy, as he recalled his champion Arthas to his aid.

    Heroic only Boss: The Lich King - With the kinetic powers he controlls, the Lich King has found out that a dark, unknown new enemy is coming for him. In addition, he finds out that his champion Arthas is planning to betray him, whiping out his very existance from the world. If that wasn't enough, he sees that Arthas' champions are hero's from the future, trying to set things right. But Ner'Zhul will try to create his own future... as he can create his original self back, without the help of Arthas to free him.

    Raid layout

    When you enter the raid, you will come out in the middle of Scourgeholme, the Scourge base in this mission. From here, you will escort Arthas to the first obelisk, while Anub'arak stays behind to build up a large undead force and defend the Scourge base. After all revenant thrash at the first obelisk is killed, Neravant will be ready to fight in front of the obelisk.

    After Neravants death, Anub'arak will show up with a large undead army. Arthas decides to move on to the second obelisk with only the undead army, while Anub'arak and the raid will go to Lady Vash's naga base to destroy it, and to finish off Vash herself. Anub'arak also explained to Arthas that his shades have discovered that the naga are coming to the shores in vast numbers, and it will be impossible to finish them off. As the Scourge army is not near as big enough, and Illidan's naga had plenty of time to build up his forces. Arthas decides to send some forces and his personal captain to prepare his ship, the ''Risen Glory'', in order to whipe out the naga with it.

    After you killed Lady Vash, Anub'arak will walk with the heroes to their ship the Risen Glory. Once aboard, the captain will set asail to the shores of Illidans base. From their, the players must use the cannons in order to kill all the naga forces on the shores, who were preparing to attack. The naga will also rush to the ship, but their cannon have the ability to kill all naga within a large radius to be instantly killed. After all the naga have been destroyed, there are still some left that will come aboard the ship. The players must kill all the incoming naga.

    After all the naga thrash is cleared, you can speak with the captain to go back on land. However, once you do that, the 3rd boss Ghi'daroth suddenly appears from the deeps in front of the ship. Illidan also appears on a large overlook of the shore, to taunt the players that they will meet their end with the hydra. Ghi'daroth will destroy the front of the ship, and from there the players have all the room to fight this boss.

    With Ghi'daroth dead, the ship now go back to land. From there, Arthas will be teleporting the adventurers back to the Scourge base, in order to defend it from the incoming blood elf and naga waves. On their journey to travel to Kael'thas' base, the raid suddenly gets attacked by the infinite dragonflight. The players must fight their way till the end, and then Salandria will apear before them as a boss.

    When you are done with Salandria, you must now clear the thrash packs from the blood elf base. Arthas, Anub'arak and the Scourge army will follow, and slay all remaining thrash packs that the players didn't kill. After all the thrash is killed, kael'thas will appear and ready to fight.

    After the blood elf base is destroyed, and Kael'thas is defeated, you must know storm to the 4th and final obelisk. From their, Arthas will be channeling the obelisk, and you must hold off waves of naga with the help of Anub'arak and the Scourge army. Illidan will also be there, but he will not be attackable. After the naga waves, Illidan storms in end slaughter the entire Scourge army, and grievously harm Anub'arak. Arthas finished taking the 4th obelisk, and threatens Illidan that he will pay for what he did to Anub'arak. Illidan will be running away, heading to the Throne Chamber. Arthas runs over to Anub'arak to see if he's fine, but Anub'arak told him to finish his mission, to head over to the Throne Chamber before Illidan does. Riding Invincible, he eventually caught up to Illidan before the gate.

    In front of the Throne Chamber, it will be here where you fight Illidan. When you defeated Illidan, Arthas will decide to leave him to die by the cold land itself. From here, Arthas walks on the stairway to the top of the Spire, with the players following him. Once they have reached the top, the following happens:

    Normal and LFR mode: The Lich King will be no fightable boss, and the exact same scene happens from WC3 where Arthas picks up Frostmourne, and breaks down the ice holding the Lich King. He picks up the helmet, places it on his head, and sits on the Throne. While picking up the helm, the entire cavern will collapse, leaving only the Frozen Throne as in the pictures below.

    Heroic mode: In heroic mode, the Lich King will be a fightable boss. With the unknown evil trying to absorb the powers of Ner'zhul, they both need to get rid of the adventurers, creating a 1 vs 1 vs 1 fight. After you killed Ner'zhul, his armor will be returning into the icecube, allowing the exact same scene as in normal mode to happen. Arthas will be uncunscious during the fight, and won't remember a thing untill he becomes the Lich King, absorbing Ner'zhul's memories.

    Boss abilities, quotes and raid progression

    When entering the raid, the players are standing in the middle of Scourgeholme. They must talk to Arthas in order to proceed, in which the following happens:

    Arthas: The time is now, Anub'arak. The Lich King awaits us within the Frozen Throne, we musn't let Illidan capture the obelisks before we do!

    Arthas notices his new champions

    Arthas: I don't remember see'ing the likes of you before... but I can see you'll be capable of aiding me to capture the first obelisk. Anub'arak, you must remain here to prepare for a major army, and to hold off all incoming attacks from our base. If we are to win this, we WILL need our base and forces.

    Anub'arak: As you wish, my king. The first obelisk should have no naga of blood elf presence yet, but there is no doubt that the revenant protector's are still holding the place. They are eager to let nobody open the way to the Frozen Throne.

    Arthas: No one will keep me away from reaching the Lich King. Champions, lets move out.

    Chromie whispers: You better follow him, make sure that he'll survive and that he accomplishes his missions on the way! We cannot allow anything to happen that could stop the young king, I'm sure that the Infinite dragonflight must have somehow empowered his mortal enemies.

    The players and Arthas eventually travel to Guardian's Stand, where they need to clear a total of 4 revenant groups. One of them patrols, and only contain 2 revenants. The 2 groups in front contain of 3 revenants, and the last one at the back with 4. The boss spawns when they are all dead.

    Arthas: Clear out this area before we attempt to take this obelisk for us.

    When the raid pulls Neravant, Arthas will be working on the obelisk during the fight.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________


    Area fought: Guardians Stand, the first Obelisk

    Neravants abilities

    - Touch of the Unliving: Applies a debuff to the player with the highest aggro. This debuff will increase your shadow damage taken by 100%. At the same time, Neravant's shadow damage done is increased by 50%.
    - Death's Judgement: A debuff that will be applied to 2 random players (4 in 25-man). When the debuff expires, everyone standing too close to the targeted player will receive an incredible amount of damage, likely killing them in the process. The player themself will not feel any harm.
    - Frost Nova: Blasts all players around a targeted enemy player with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement and attack rate.
    - Damnation: 2 random players (5 in 25-man) will be trapped inside an ice block, taking damage over time. The trapped player can still be healed, but the healing taken is reduced by 70%. The trapped player will receive more damage over time. The iceblock must be killed before it eventually kills the player.
    - World of the Death: At 66% and 33%, Neravant will sent the entire raid into his own world. In this dark place, They must survive against enemy forces long enough to return to the living world.
    - Helmet of Dark Souls heroic only: The revenant will use his helmet to charge the raid. The helmet will be flying to random directions, not following anyone. Whenever the helm touches someone, the helmet will be put on him. And the targeted player will serve Neravant for the rest of the fight.
    - Revenant's Mace heroic only: The revenant will allow his mace to roam freely to attack the raid. The mace will attack the player on second highest aggro, but will sometimes mark a random player and charge him. The mace moves slow, so the targeted player can kite him.
    - Enrage: After 10 minutes, the boss will enrage. Dealing 200% more damage.

    The following mobs will attack you in the World of the Death:

    Ice revenant: Uses a cone attack that deals frost damage to everyone in front of it
    Death revenant: Uses Death Pact to an ally with low hp, in order to restore his health. (pro-tip, kill this one first)
    Frost revenant: Uses frostbolts as a ranged attack, dealing damage and slows movement speed
    Water revenant: Uses Tidal Wave, damaging everyone who gets hit by the wave. Also does a knockback.
    Unholy revenant heroic mode only: The Unholy revenant will be only casting ''Lost Realm''. Lost Realm will use dark water to close in to the middle of the realm. Anyone standing in the dark water will receive a lot of damage every 3 seconds. Whenever this revenant shows up, you must kill it first to prevend whipe.

    Neravants quotes

    Intro: It is our sacred duty to prevend anyone from entering the Frozen Throne. None may follow the dark path that seperates the living from the death. Turn back now, or you will join the Realm of Death.
    Arthas: I'm afraid it is too late for me, guardian. Your kind has already tried to stop me once from saving my people, and it won't be any different now.
    Intro 2: Foolish human... You will see... only darkness
    Arthas: Champions, deal with this scrap of metal while I go ahead to channel the obelisk.

    Aggro: Countless of naga and elves fell before me... your fate won't be different.
    Special 1: We are no ordinary beings... we are death itself.
    Special 2: I hail from the Realm of Death
    Casting Death's Judgement: The judgement of the death is upon you.
    Casting Damnation: Embrace the cold dark that will take you.
    Casting World of the Death: Enter... my own world...
    Kill 1: Your foolishness brought you to your end.
    Kill 2: You should've never have come here
    Death: The Lich King... must not... be reached...

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    After Neravants death, Arthas will be done with channeling the obelisk. At that point, Anub'arak and a Scourge army are arriving to the area.

    Anub'arak: I see the domination of the first obelisk is a succes, impressive work. Now, three more obelisks are remaining, but I'm afraid that we're up against something worse.

    Arthas: What is it then, Anub'arak?

    Anub'arak: Our shades have reported that they have spotted a vast army of naga warriors on the shores of Illidan's base. There is no doubt that Illidan has created this army during his stay here, when we were in Azjol-Nerub. They won't hessitate to destroy all of our foces in the entire zone. With that done, we will lose our obelisk anyway.

    Arthas: Damnit! Our forces will never be able to defeat something that vast... unless...

    Arthas: ... The Risen Glory. One of the largest Scourge ships in our arsenal... we could use its firepower against those naga. I will send out the captain to prepare for a major attack on the shores. Anub'arak, I will need you and the heroes to destroy one of the naga bases where that naga sea witch is residing. With both our absences from the Scourge base, she could easily destroy it when we are away.

    Anub'arak: It shall be done, young prince. The heroes have proven themselves, that by defeating this powerfull revenant, they should be able to aid me in defeating the sea witch. We must place faith in them.

    Arthas: I will take the newly build Scourge forces to assault and take over the second obelisk while you deal with the naga. Once you are done with the naga, you must go to the Risen Glory at once, and see to it that the ship sets asail. Good luck Anub'arak, we might both need it.

    Anub'arak: Follow me, heroes. Speak to me when your group is ready to go.

    During the Arthas and Anub'arak RP, the players will be looting the boss anyway. After the RP, they can talk to Anub'arak to move on to the naga base. Arthas and the Scourge army will move in the opposite direction towards the second obelisk.

    Once the raid and Anub'arak have arrived outside the naga base, the following will happen:

    Anub'arak: We have arrived, just in time it seems. Let us cleanse this land from those filthy creatures.

    The raid must now clear a total of 4 groups. 3 groups have 4 naga mobs, while the 4th and last had 5 mobs. After those are cleared, Lady Vash will be yelling to the raid and send 4 additional naga waves. Anub'arak will be helping the raid, he has the exact same abilities as in WC3.

    Lady Vash: Oh, it appears we might have a little... insect plague over here. Slay them all, my mighty warriors of the depths!

    Anub'arak: Your tongue is as slimy as your skin is, foul naga bitch. I will enjoy ripping the very meat of your chest, and feed them to my beetle minions.

    Lady Vash: Aw, did I upset our little bug? Speaking of bugs, it'll be my pleasure to smack you like one.

    After the naga waves are defeated, Lady Vash will be arriving and ready to be pulled and fought. In this fight, Anub'arak will also help. And he'll do it gladly.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Lady Vash

    Area fought: Vash'arnah

    Lady Vash's abilities

    Phase 1: Classic warfare

    - Forked Lightning: Calls forth a cone of lightning to damage three players that are staying close at each other. Lady Vash will use this ability 3 times in a row, with each a 3 second delay. If the three players are no longer close to each other, Lady Vash will target 3 other players instead. This is important to do, or it could result in your and other players death. If none of the players are close to each other. the forked lightning will only target one player, but it will result in an instant death.
    - Frozen Arrows: Adds a cold effect to each attack, slowing a random players attacks and movement. Every attack from a Frozen Arrow will slow down the players attacks and movement by 15%, up to 5 stacks. In order to remove it, it can be dispelled.
    - Mana Shield: Creates a shield that absorbs damage by using the Sea Witch's mana. Blocks 100% of incoming damage. The shield will be turned off when she lost 5% of her mana, and by doing that you simply need to damage her. While Vash's Mana Shield is up, she will gain 5% extra damage every 5 seconds. After her shield is removed, her buff will remain for 20 seconds.
    - Tornado: Summons a fierce controllable Tornado that slows the players movement speed, randomly tosses the players into the air and damages their health. The Tornado does X amount of damage per second over time. Lasts 40 seconds. In heroic mode, the Tornado will also tear the ground apart where it walks over. If a player falls in the water, he will instantly die.
    - Immobilizing Arrow heroic only: Lady Vash shoots Anub'arak with an Immobilizing Arrow, reducing his damage done by 70%.

    Phase 2: Might of the sea starts at 50%

    In this phase, Lady Vash will still keep all of her phase 1 abilities. But with a few more abilities.

    - Deep Sea Pool: Lady Vash summons a pool of water into the field. From this pool, murlock mobs will come out one by one after 7 seconds. Attacking the raid. The only ability they have is Heroic Strike, dealing a moderate amount of extra damage. In heroic mode, a bigger and stronger variant of the murloc spawns instead. These murlocs use Mortal Strike instead of Heroic Strike, dealing more damage and reducing the targeted players healing received by 40%.
    - Underwater Strike: Lady Vash will dive into the frozen water below her, swimming at a fast rate below the players. Only her shadow can still be seen. At one point, Lady Vash will come under a player, preparing to strike him. The player has 5 seconds to move away, or Lady Vash will rush above and instantly kill the player.
    - Eye of the Sea heroic only: Lady Vash possesses all of Anub'araks beetles, fighting for her the rest of the fight.
    - Enrage: After 10 minutes, the boss will enrage. Dealing 200% more damage.

    Anub'araks abilities

    - Impale: Slams the ground with the Crypt Lord's massive claws, shooting spiked tendrils out in a straight line, dealing damage and thrusts a spike into Lady Vash's chest, immobilizing her for 7 seconds.
    - Spiked Carapace: The Crypt Lord forms barbed layers of chitinous armor that increases its defense and returns damage to Lady Vash.
    - Carrion Beetle: The Crypt Lord progenerates 1 Carrion Beetle from a fallen naga warrior to attack Lady Vash. Beetles are permanent but only 5 can exist.
    - Locust Swarm: Creates a swarm of angry locusts that bite and tear Lady Vash. As they chew the enemyflesh, they convert it into a substance that restores hit points to the Crypt Lord when they return.

    At 1% health, Lady Vash will stun everyone and make an escape undersea. Escaping her death.

    Lady Vash quotes

    Intro: Whatever happened to that king of yours? Is he still trying to take the obelisks for his own? It won't matter, lord Illidan has prepared an army strong enough to bring down the entire Throne to the bottom of the sea. A pity you won't live to see it happen.

    Aggro: I will not fail lord Illidan! Our mission will be completed!
    Special 1: Be prepared for the worst.
    Special 2: The power of both storm and sea is by my side.
    Casting Tornado: Behold, one of nature's greatest disaster, coming for you!
    Casting Deep Sea Pool: Minions, aid your emperess now!
    Casting Underwater Strike: I will hunt you down from below!
    Kill 1: You have failed your king!
    Kill 2: Illidan will be pleased!
    Defeated: No! I will not allow my demise to come this easily! ''Heroes'', the next time we meet, I will be waiting for you... in Outland.

    Anub'arak quotes

    Aggro: For the Frozen Throne!
    Special 1: Feast, my mighty locusts! Feast on her body!
    Special 2: You cannot win, naga!
    Death: We will return... for we are the mighty Scourge.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Lady Vash fled, and her naga base has been taken out. Vash is now too wounded to fight, as she has been damaged a lot by her enemies. The raid can now speak with Anub'arak to move on to the Risen Glory.

    Anub'arak: Excellent work, king Arthas will be proud of you. Now, our ship should be ready to take out the legions of naga. Lets move, hopefully Arthas will be there when we arrive.

    The adventurers and Anub'arak now make their way to the Risen Glory, where Arthas will be waiting.

    Anub'arak: You had succes with your tasks, I presume?

    Arthas: Better than expected. The second obelisk only had little naga and elven resistance to us, we had enough time and power left to take the third obelisk aswell. Still... it seems somewhat suspicious. Why would they want to allow us to take these obelisks that easy?

    Anub'arak: They are likely not aware that we know off their incoming naga attacks. Foolishly of them, once we have whiped them all out, there will be no way that they will succesfully reach the Throne.

    Arthas: Let us go aboard now.

    The ship lowers its ladder, and Arthas, Anub'arak and Varott make their way on the ship

    Arthas: Captain Varott, are all the neccesary recources on board now?

    Captain Varott: Yes, we have more then anough ammo to whipe out an entire land of giants.

    Arthas: Than their end will come soon enough now, lets ride.

    The Risen Glory is now sailing away, and its sailing in the middle of a quite large sea. The ship is moving where their cannons are aiming at the naga base at the other side of the shore

    Captain Varott: Enemy base in sight! Everyone in position! Prepare to use those cannons as we drive towards the enemy shore.

    The players can now use the cannons in order to blow away large troops of Illidan's naga. At the same time, the naga will also climb on board the ship, attacking the raid. Arthas and Anub'arak will be fighting them, but the players must help in order to kill them on time.

    Captain Varott: Load the cannons, blow them to shreds!

    Arthas: The naga are coming aboard... slay them all!

    After the players have killed enough naga, the ship will stand still. Illidan Stormrage now also shows up on a large overlook on his side of the shore, where the naga base is stationed.

    Illidan: Hello, Arthas.

    Arthas: You look... different, Illidan. I guess the Skull of Gul'dan agreed with you.

    Illidan: I should thank you for this gift, little human. If you didn't give me the tip on how to kill Tichondrius, I would've never tasted so much demonic power that I sought for so long...

    Arthas: It was a mistake of me to let you do my dirty work, but nonetheless, it is time to finish this work.

    Illidan: Oh... but I won't be fighting you, as of yet. As you see, my naga have been nice enough to bring a monster from the seas, with its purpose to utterly whipe out any Scourge that dare to oppose me.

    Illidan is now casting something, in order to rise Ghi'daroth from the deeps

    Illidan: Arise... mighty Ghi'daroth. Serve your master once more, and finish those who dare to interrupt Kil'jaedens command!

    Ghi'daroth now rises from the sea to the surface, destroying the front of the ship in order to try to sink it. The players now have enough room to fight the beast, and the battle will be started.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________


    Area fought: Shores of the Glacier

    Note: Ghi'daroth had 3 seperate heads, that have a shared health pool.

    Ghi'daroth's main head, aspect of water abilities

    - Evaporation: The main head spews water to a marked location, creating a water pool. If you touch the waterpool, you receive a moderate amount of damage over time. An exception is when someone is currently being burned, in which case the water pool can cool him off. If a poisoned player stand in the water, the water pool will now increase your damage as you stand in. In heroic mode, the pool grows bigger over time
    - Water Beam: The main head spews a Water Beam in a targeted area, damaging anyone who touches it. If a poisoned player gets hit, the breath will instead do no damage but increase your damage done by 15%. The Beam spewing lasts 20 seconds.
    - Water Bolt: The main head launches a Water Bolt to 2 random targets (4 in 25-man). If you get hit, you will receive quite some damage and be stunned for 6 seconds. You'll also get the ''Wet'' debuff, which means your attack and movement speed is reduced by 30%. In order to remove this, you must stand in a fire.
    - Immobilizing acid heroic only: Ghi'daroth spews Arthas and Anub'arak full with acid, immobilizing them for the rest of the fight. They can not fight and their abilities will not work.

    Ghi'daroth's right head, aspect of fire abilities

    - Blaze: The right head spews flame to a marked location, creating a fire. If you touch the fire, you receive quite an amount of damage over time. An exception is when someone is currently wet, in which case the fire can dry him. In heroic mode, the fire gets bigger over time
    - Tail Thump: The right head uses Ghi'dorath's tail smash in a random marked location. Everyone who gets touched by the tail will receive a tremendous amount of damage, knockbacked and stunned for 6 seconds. In heroic mode, the wooden ground of the ship will be broken away. Players can no longer use this piece of area, making the field smaller.
    - Fire Bolt: The right head launches a Fire Bolt to 2 random targets (4 in 25-man). If you get hit, you will receive some light damage and be stunned for 6 seconds. You'll also get the ''Burn'' debuff, which means you will receive large amount of damage over time. The damage taken will be increased in time. In order to remove this, you must stand in a water pool.

    Ghi'daroth's left head, aspect of nature abilities

    - Poisonous Cloud: The left head spews a Poisones Cloud into the area, moving to random locations. If you get touched by the cloud, you will receive damage over time and you get a debuff which increases your damage taken by nature attack by 50%. In heroic mode, the cloud gets bigger over time
    - Stare: The left head stares at a target, stunning him for 6 seconds and gives him a poison debuff. In order to remove the poison, he must either stand in the waterpool or be burned away by a player currently burning. If the player standed in the water pool, the water pool will now increase your damage as you stand in.
    - Venomous Plantation: The left head creates a venomous plant on the area. Whoever stands close to the plant will receive nature damage over time, the damage taken will be increased the longer you get touched. In order to remove this plant, you can only burn it away with a player currently being burned. In heroic mode, this will be a man-eating plant. The man-eating plant still has the exact same ability, but will have a poisonous ranged attack against the players.

    SHARED ABILITY: - Devour: A random head tries to fully devour a random player, dealing damage over time. In order to free the player, the raid must attack the head for a X amount of damage.

    Ghi'daroth's quotes: NOTE: Ghi'daroth can't speak, so all quotes during the fight will be done by Arthas and Illidan.

    Intro Illidan: You should've stayed underground, young one. Foolish of you to come here, in the middle of the sea, where my naga are at their strongest. Now, you will regret your decission to come here... be prepared for the worst.

    Aggro Illidan: Kill them all, my precious pet!
    Aggro Arthas: Bring that beast back to the sea where he belongs!
    Special Illidan: There is no way you can win this, death knight. Give up while you still can.
    Special Arthas: We can do this champions! Bring him down!
    Kill 1 Illidan: Ha! Your warriors are weak, Arthas.
    Kill 2 Illidan: Well done, my mighty creation!
    Kill 3 Arthas: Don't give up! Ressurect your ally if necessary.
    Ghi'daroth got killed Arthas: Excellent work, champions! Illidan, know this, that you should never mess with the Scourge. We are coming for you, and yes... we are PREPARED!
    Ghi'daroth got killed Illidan: This matters not, for I will destroy the Lich King regardless. Haven't you wondered why I allowed you to take the two obelisks so easy? Those naga armies weren't the reason... you'll find out...
    Whipe Arthas: No! We have failed... the Lich King...

    Arthas' abilities: NOTE: Anub'araks abilities are the exact same from the Lady Vash fight

    - Death Coil: A coil of death that can damage a living enemy or heal a friendly player.
    - Death Pact: Kills a target friendly unit, giving a percentage of its hit points to the Death Knight. This does not work on players
    - Unholy Aura: Increases the movement speed and life regeneration rate of nearby friendly units.
    - Animate Dead: Raises 2 skeleton units in an area to fight for the Death Knight. One skeleton is a warrior and the other a caster.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Having sailed back to the shores after Ghi'daroth's defeat, Arthas is now discussing with Anub'arak their next move.

    Arthas: That was quite a ride. But what could Illidan mean that he allowed us to take 2 easily taken obelisks? What is he planning?

    Anub'arak: Either Illidan became to overconfident, and he didn't want to look weak to us. However, I fear that his blood elf allies may have something up their sleeves.

    Arthas: That is true... I've only encountered some pathetic elven groups at the obelisks, I've expected more of them. Could they be.... oh no...

    Arthas: Our base... they must be preparing for a massive attack on our base! They know that if we lose our base, we can never have enough resources to fight our remaining enemies! It is a long trip back, but luckily I got a Scroll of Teleportation in cases like this. Heroes, be ready.

    Arthas is now using the Scroll of Teleportation to summon the entire raid and Anub'arak back to the Scourge base. From there, the raid and undead forces must hold 4 massive waves of blood elves and some naga. The waves consist of atleast 10 mobs, 7 of them are blood elves and 3 are naga. 3 blood elf warriors, 2 casters and a healer. The naga have 2 warriors and a caster

    Arthas: Come at my side, my loyal minions. I can see their incoming attacks approaching in the distant. Be ready.

    Both Illidan and Kael'thas stand at the end of the road, sending their waves to the Scourge base. They will not attack and cannot be attacked either. At this point, Arthas will start taunting at them

    Kael'thas: Its been a while, Arthas. I didn't expect you to make it this far, your more cunning than I thought... even without your Lich King.

    Arthas: Prince Kael'thas... ofcourse I could expect that you wouldn't dare to touch the Scourge alone without someone holding your hand. Speaking of holding hands, are you still upset that I took Jaina from you?

    Kael'thas: You foul mongrel! You've taken everything I ever cared off! Vengeance is all I've left!

    Arthas: Vengeance led me to from the Alliance to the Scourge. What fate will bring your blood elves with your vengeance? Joining the Legion? (easter egg for future lore :P)

    After the four waves are defeated, Illidan, Kael and their remaining forces fall back.

    Illidan: You really are eager to protect your base, and your people. You must have been from the same kind before your corruption. Nonetheless, the combined forces of the blood elves and naga will continue to take the obelisks regardless. You may have had some luck before, but now things will get brutal for you.

    With the naga and blood elves now gone, Arthas and Anub'arak decide their next move

    Anub'arak: I'm afraid he's right, my king. Despite our efforts whiping out the majority of his forces on the shore, the remaining blood elveshave also managed to build up their own forces. With all the time they had, there's no doubt that their resistance is of a high possible level.

    Arthas: I've fought with those blood elves before, they are pathetic. We will rally a large undead army that our base created during our journeys, and destroy the blood elf base before taking the final obelisk! Once all the elves are whiped out, the final obelisk should no longer be impossible to take. Lets move out, there's a long journey ahead of us.

    Arthas, Anub'arak, the raid and a large Scourge army are now traveling straight to Kael's blood elf base, but as they are traveling, they suddenly come across some events...

    Chromie can be seen analizing the path with some tools, she doesn't notice Arthas

    Chromie: Yes... I knew I was right all along. I feel the Infinite dragonblight's presence nearby, the signals are stong!

    Arthas: What the...?

    Chromie turns her back, looking scared and runs away

    Chromie: Oh no! No no no, he musn't see me!

    Arthas: That was probably one of Bael'guns gnomes, but what would they do in this land? No matter, lets keep moving.

    Suddenly, the group comes across some Scourge forces they have never seen before, with a total of 10 mobs

    Necromancer: Ah, if it isn't our ''king''. We were expecting you.

    Arthas: Anub'arak, I don't remember you sending forces to this place.

    Anub'arak: They aren't my forces...

    Arthas: What? But then... who are they?

    The Scourge forces now transform into their infinite dragon form, one by one

    Infinite dragonflight: It is time for you to die, king Arthas.

    The entire group will be attacking the infinite dragonflight

    After the wave, the group travels further, but come across 4 more waves of infinite dragons. All the waves consist of 8 - 10 mobs, while the Scourge army has that number aswell, but with far less health and a moderate amount of damage done.

    Arthas: I have seen those dragons before... back in the culling of Stratholme. I always thought that they belonged to the Scourge, but I haven't seen any of them in my arsenal. Where do they come from?

    Anub'arak: Their is likely another force aware of our mission, but I have no idea who it could be. I feel that there is much more behind those dragons, because dragons in their nature don't come this organised. Whoever their leader is, they may prove to be a powerfull foe.

    Arthas: I don't have time for delays like these! Champions, press on! We cannot allow the blood elves to regroup to fast.

    After the 4 waves are cleared, Salandria appears in blood elf form

    Salandria: Ah... if it isn't the legendary Arthas Menethil. It is a ''pleasure'' to finally meet you, I always wanted to take revenge of the very same person that slaughtered our homeland, as a child.

    Arthas: That doesn't make sence... if you were their as a child... how do you grow up this fast?

    Salandria: Behold, Arthas, the magic of time traveling! Are you really that suprised? Look at those new Scourge heroes that are at your side, notice anything strange? I'll give you a hint, as a child they showed me wonderfull places all around Azeroth and Outland!

    Arthas gets in shock, looking shocked at the players

    Arthas: You are all time travelers??!! But how... you are all not even truely undead?! EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

    Salandria: I will keep your shocked self in place. With the power of time, I can freeze anyone of you... for an easy kill...

    Arthas, Anub'arak, the undead forces and the raid are now freezed. But Chromie shows up and only unfreezes the champions

    Chromie: You won't get away with this so easy! Champions, for the sake of Azeroth's future, put her down!

    Salandria: Hahahaha... a tiny gnome, trying to stop me? It matters not, your heroes will be whiped out of existance!

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________


    Area fought: Pathway of the Unliving

    Salandria's abilities

    Phase 1: A timing madness

    - Slow Strike: An attack that deals 120% weapon damage and slows the targets movement and attacking speed by 10%, stacking up 10 times.
    - Time Stop: The time of 2 players (5 in 25-man) will be stopped for 7 seconds. When a players time is stopped, they will get frozen and can not move or attack. Players being stunned are immune to all damage, and after the stun they are immune for another 5 seconds.
    - Time Travel (Explosive-filled Mechano Hog): Salandria travels forward in time, bringing something from the future in order to defeat the players. The Mechano Hog is a motorcycle that will be racing to random locations of the area. If you get touched by the motorcycle, it will be an instant death. After 40 seconds, the Mechano Hog will blow itself up with the explosives. Any player near the explosion will receive small damage and a knockback. In heroic mode, the Mechano Hog races even faster
    - Time Travel (Harpoon Gun): Salandria travels forward in time, bringing something from the future in order to defeat the player. Heat seeking explosive harpoons will be launched and keep following the player around. If a player gets hit by the explosive harpoons, they will gain heavy damage to everyone around the targeted player and a small knockback. In order to take out the explosive harpoons, you must either lure them to hit a rock or the Mechano Hog (if present).
    - Time Travel (Machine Gun): Salandria travels forward in time, bringing something from the future in order to defeat the player. The Machine Gun will be placed on the ground, being controlled by Salandria. Once activated, the machine gun will start shooting in circles, firing a tremendous amount of bullets at once. If the player gets hit in the rain of bullets, they will instantly die. The Machine Gun and the Mechano Hog CAN NOT be on the field at the same time. In heroic mode, 2 Machine Guns will be used, in which they will be shooting clockwise at the other side of each other

    Phase 2: Gift of the Unseen One starts at 50%

    In this phase, Salandria will reveal her true form that is a large, female infinite dragon. All of her abilities from phase 1 will drop, and gain a new set of abilities instead.

    - Timeless Breath: Deals damage in a 40-yard cone in front of Salandria. The damaged players will also receive a debuff where their movement speed is lowered by 30%.
    - Time Bomb: Salandria places a bomb that will detonate in 10 seconds (timer clearly shown on the bomb aswell). After the bomb explodes, it will cause a tremendous amount of damage in a large radius. In heroic mode, the amount of seconds is reduced to 6
    - Tail Sweep: People standing to close to Salandria's tail will be swept away, receiving a small amount of damage and a knockback.
    - Chronosphere: Salandria will teleport to a random location on the field, removing all threat.
    - Curse of the Infinite: Salandria puts the Curse of the Infinite on the entire raid. The curse will put every ability of the raid on cooldown, so the players must await their amount of seconds to use their abilities again.
    - Enrage: After 10 minutes, the boss will enrage. Dealing 200% more damage.

    Salandria quotes

    Aggro: At long last, a real fight!
    Special: Time is on my side, not yours!
    Special 2: So many wonders I've seen in the future... strange looking horses... tall buildings...
    Casting Time Travel (Explosive-filled Mechano Hog): Looks like in the future, people will actually use these hogs as fast riding bombs. ... I can't really tell if thats brilliant.
    Casting Time Travel (Harpoon Gun): A harpoon gun... with explosives on the harpoons?! It must've been a goblin that invented this...
    Casting Time Travel (Machine Gun): A wonderfull device, but yet again already exists in our time. Altrough this one is a lot more... deadlier.
    Kill 1: If only you could go back in time and... oh wait.
    Kill 2: Give Nozdormu my regards
    Death: My time... has come...

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    After Salandria's death, Arthas and the rest of the Scourge now unfreeze aswell. Chromie tries to erase all the memories Arthas had with her and the infinite dragonflight, but Anub'arak stops her by holding her prison in his claws.

    Anub'arak: Not so fast, tiny gnome. *Anub'arak holds Chromie in his claws*

    Chromie: Let me go! Please! I'm no enemy of you, I've only come to set things right!

    Arthas: Explain yourself, all of you.

    Chromie: This isn't something you should know, but a rare group of dragons is trying to avoid major events to happen in the future. That is why they tried to stop you in Stratholme, they knew you became the Lic.... I mean you became a death knight!

    Anub'arak: My lord, we may have to move on quickly if we are to put down the blood elves in time.

    Arthas: Your right, we're wasting time here. Listen to me, gnome. If it is true what your saying, then I suggest you keep these dragons at bay. As for the heroes... I'll keep my eye on all of you. You've all been a great help so far, I have no right to kill you... as of yet.

    Chromie: How nice of you! Oh, and you don't have to call me ''gnome'', my name is Chromie.

    Arthas: Whatever. Lets move on.

    After free'ing Chromie, the group have finally arrived the blood elf base. From there, a gauntlet starts and they must press on to the base far enough in order to stop incoming attacks. The entire Scourge army will be attacking the base, and its up to the heroes to kill the elite forces on their way to the end of the base. In a similiar style with the eagle boss in Zul'aman, or the second boss in Shattered Halls.

    Arthas: Finally we've reached their base! Warriors, level their structures to the ground! Let none survive!

    Anub'arak: You were right, Arthas. Those elves are easily beaten.

    Arthas: Yes, and I've considered to ressurect them into my own undead blood elf army. Ironically, Kael'thas' forces will be my very own guard, called the San'layn.

    After the gauntlet is completed, the heroes must take out a total of 3 blood elf thrash packs without the help of Arthas and the Scourge. They will be attacking the remaining blood elves instead that otherwise got skipped. The blood elf thrash consist of 2 groups with 5 mobs, and 1 group with 6. They can be CC'ed. After all the blood elves are dead, Kael'thas shows up.

    Kael'thas Sunstrider: I knew you would come, Arthas. It is time to to settle some personal business

    Arthas: I wonder how you even keep yourself calm, Kael'thas. Perhaps for not even being there during the destruction of Quel'thalas helped to ease your mood, or is it that you weren't there to see your poor father impaled?

    Kael'thas Sunstrider: You son of a... my father atleast died as a true warrior, defending his land! You killed your own father! Face it Arthas, there is no one left that truely cares you. You have no family, no love... you have no one to even talk to. Jaina would despise you, she would leave you in a second if she saw you like this.

    Arthas: Jaina... you won't say a bad thing about her... do you hear me?!

    Kael'thas Sunstrider: Why would it matter? She hates you, in fact, if I see her again... I might even try to hook up with her, just to see your life ruined, like mine has.

    Arthas: You are a dead man, Kael. Champions... lets end Kael's legacy in this very place.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Kael'thas Sunstrider

    Area fought: Sunfury Sanctum

    Kael'thas Sunstriders abilities

    Phase 1: Vengeance of the Sun King

    - Fireblast: Inflicts an enormous amount of Fire damage to an enemy. The Fireblast takes 15 seconds, and can only be stopped if the boss has been interrupted 5 times.
    - Flamestrike: Conjures a pillar of fire which damages the enemy in a target area over time. If the target leaves the pillar of fire and has been damaged, he will receive a debuff where he receives extra fire damage taken over time for 20 seconds. In heroic mode, the Flamestrike is a few yards bigger and the ice will melt on the ground, leaving only small flames in the process. Players will receive damage if they stand on the flame.
    - Banish: Turns 2 players (5 in 25-man) ethereal and slows its movement speed by 50% for 20 seconds. Ethereal players cannot attack, but they can cast spells and will take 66% more damage from Magic attacks and spells.
    - Siphon Mana: Transfers mana between the Blood Mage and a targeted player. Siphon Mana can push the Blood Mage's mana over its maximum value, though excess mana drains off rapidly if not used.
    - Phoenix: Summons a powerful Phoenix. The Phoenix burns with such intensity that it damages itself and nearby enemy players. When a Phoenix dies, it creates an egg that will hatch into a Phoenix. If the egg is destroyed, the Phoenix is gone aswell. In heroic mode, the egg itself is on fire, greatly damaging any player near the egg. In this case, ranged dps can still kill the egg.
    - Hunger for Magic heroic only: As long as Kael'thas has full mana, he will receive 50% extra damage and 25% extra attack and casting speed. This buff will be removed if he no longer has full mana. Kael'thas can lose mana by using his own abilities, but he gains mana back with Siphon Mana. Siphon Mana can only be interrupted by Anub'araks Impale. This ability only works in phase 1

    Phase 2: The faithfull pet starts at 60%

    In this phase, Kael'thas will summon his loyal pet Al'ar into the fight. Kael'thas will be riding Al'ar in the sky, and the players must focus on avoiding his attacks from above, and damage Al'ar enough to bring Kael'thas back to the ground. Arthas will call Sapphiron to his aid, fighting Kael'thas aswell from above. Anub'arak will now also use his wings to lowly fly in the area, in order to protect the players. Al'ar will be in the air for 60 seconds, than on land for 60 seconse, rinse and repeat. Al'ar must be brought down to 10%.

    - Fire Bomb (Flying only): Al'ar will launch Fire Bombs all over the area. After 5 seconds, they will all launch off at once and deal significant damage to everyone standing to close to the bombs.
    - Overheating Fire (Flying only): Al'ar will use an incredible amount of fire at once to burn the entire area, spouting our of his mouth and wings. If the players touch the fire, it will be an instant dead. In order to avoid getting hit, you must hide under Anub'araks shell who will be flying low in the area. Anub'araks shield has a 40 yard range.
    - Claw Swipe (Landed only): Swipe nearby enemies who also have the highest threat, inflicting moderate damage. The Claw will also leave a small fire debuff, where the players receive damage over time.
    - Flamethrower (Landed only): Al'ar will spew out fire in front of him for 10 seconds. After the time ran out, he will spew into other directions for another 10 seconds. He will spew a total of 3 times.

    Phase 3: The Power of the Sun still at 60%

    At this phase, Al'ar is too much damaged and had to fly away. Sapphiron chased after him, making sure he wouldn't return. Kael'thas will now uses his sword called Felo'melorn, and will now receive some new abilities, while maintaining his phase 1 abilities aswell.

    Enchantment of the Sin'dorei: Felo'melorn will grow in power while attacking the same player with the highest thread, with Kael'thas gaining 10% extra fire damage every 6 seconds. Stacks up 10 times. The stacks will be removed once the boss changes targets.
    Judgement of the Sun King: Kael'thas marks 2 targets (4 in 25-man) and places a glowing red circle under the players. After 5 seconds, the circle will instantly kill any player standing on the circle. In heroic mode, the Judgement of the Sun King will melt the ice on the ground, leaving only small flames in the process. Players will receive damage if they stand on the flame.
    Children of A'lar heroic only: Kael'thas will summon a total of 6 small phoenixes into the fight. Like the original phoenix, they will damage themselves and nearby players untill they turn into eggs. The Children of A'lar, however, will take 25 seconds to hatch from their eggs. Their eggs cannot be attacked.
    Imprisonment: Kael'thas will imprison Anub'arak in this phase, he will no longer be able to move, attack or cast abilities. In heroic mode, Anub'arak will be imprisoned in phase 1 aswell. He will only be free during phase 2
    Enrage: after 12 minutes, the boss will enrage. Dealing 200% extra damage and 100% extra casting speed. Can not enrage in phase 4.

    Phase 4: Prepare to be setted back starts at 20%

    In this phase, Arthas will enrage and will be tearing down Kael'thas himself. All of his abilities will be interrupted, and will be fighting sword to sword combat with Arthas. The players can decide to nuke him. If the players do not attack Kael'thas at all, it will take Arthas 2 full minutes to defeat Kael'thas. Arthas can not die, and Kael'thas cannot enrage. At 1% health, Kael'thas will be turning himself invincible and quickly teleports away, leavign a chest for the players to loot.

    Kael'thas' quotes

    Intro: Arthas Menethil. I would spit at the thought of your name in my mouth, but you aren't even worth that. You will be buried beneath this very ice I stand on.

    Aggro: For the Sin'dorei!
    Special: I'll burn you out of this world!
    Special 2: You stand no change against the blood elves!
    Summoning Phoenix: Arise from the ashes beyond, and burn them all!
    Kill 1: That was for Quel'thelas!
    Kill 2: You deserved it, undead filth.

    Phase 2 transition: Behold, Arthas. Born from the very hatcheries of the Realm of Fire, my loyal pet A'lar has come to my aid! There's no way you can win now.
    Sapphiron appears: You think that dragon can stand against my Phoenix? Allow me to teach you one basic thing you should know... fire destroys ice with ease.
    Special A'lar: Destroy them from above, Al'ar!
    Kill 1 A'lar: Well done!
    Kill 2 A'lar: We are invincible together!
    A'lar retreating: They are... stronger then we thought! Al'ar, return to Outland immediatly. I will deal with them myself!

    Phase 3 transition: Felo'melorn is stronger than ever - as am I. As are the sin'dorei. We are stronger for having been broken. Stronger and filled with purpose. And that purpose is to see you fall.

    Phase 4 transition: Jaina loathes you now, Arthas. You sicken and disgust her. Anything she felt for you has long since turned into hatred. She was a naive idiot, the thought of even choosing you over me... I hope she will die with the guild that brought you to your destiny.

    1% defeated: Curse you, Arthas!. And damn those heroes you brought with you! This will not matter, Illidan is already on his way to your Lich King. You will never get to see your lovely Jaina again, even if I have to kill her just to see you ruined! *Whispers* She hates you...

    Arthas quotes

    Intro: Enough talk, lets see what your capable of in a real fight.

    Special: Champions, watch for those fire pillars he creates on the ground!
    Kill 1: Pay better attention, heroes! Or it will cost you the head!
    Kill 2: You can do better then that, I know it!

    Phase 2 transition: Sapphiron, come to my aid! Together, we will bring down Kael'thas back to the ground.

    Phase 3: Excellent work, Sapphiron. Chase down that phoenix to make sure he won't come back! I will continue the fight with Kael'thas.

    Phase 4: You... you dare insult Jaina?! She is the most beautifull woman in Azeroth's existance, she cared for anyone... Jaina, my love...

    Arthas starts to be glowing, like how Frostmourne is glowing. His eyes turn reddish of anger, and lifts Frostmourne

    Enrage 2: Frostmourne... LETS END THIS!


    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    The entire blood elf base is destroyed, every single blood elf has been killed and raised, and Kael'thas fled back to Outland. Arthas broke down in anger at Kael'thas, and now slowly rests on his knees where they fought the prince. Arthas looks at his champions, angered.

    Anub'arak: My lord... are you alright?

    Arthas stands back up, looking towards the adventurers

    Arthas: Take off your disguise... TAKE IT OFF NOW!

    Arthas is now casting a spell to the entire raid, removing their disguises. The players are no longer disguised as Scourge warriors, but to their original self.

    Arthas: I don't know if I should trust you heroes. You have aided me the entire trip towards the final obelisk, but for what cause? Are you planning to overthrow me at the final obelisk? Was this one of your schemes all along?

    Arthas: Whatever your goals are, I'm keeping you on a short lease. Lets move out to the fourth and final obelisk. Once the obelisk is ours, we will reach the Lich King in time to save him. Lets move.

    Arthas, Anub'arak, the raid and Scourge army are now moving towards the final obelisk, the only obstacle left to reach the Lich King. Once they reached the obelisk, they see that several naga groups are protecting the obelisk. The players will have to take them down one by one.

    Arthas: It would be a pity to waste our Scourge forces on these. Champions, prove your loyalty int his mission and take them out.

    There's a total of 4 groups, 3 of them contain 3 mobs and the last one 4. There are 2 powerfull naga warriors, and one powerfull naga Siren. The last group has 2 powerfull warriors and 2 powerfull Sirens. After they are cleared, Arthas begins to take controll of the obelisk.

    When Arthas is channeling the obelisk, the group suddenly gets surrounded by naga in the distance. Illidan will show himself on an overlook.

    Illidan: I've got you right where I wanted you, Arthas. There's no way out

    Arthas: Damnit... I knew this was a trap! My loyal warriors, you must defend me while I focus on channeling this obelisk!

    Illidan: Don't even try now, you have already lost. Your warriors are weak, they don't stand a change against my elite guard.

    Illidan jumps down from the overlook, and charges the Scourge army. Completely destroying every one of them

    Anub'arak: I will handle Illidan, while you heroes can take down the naga. Do not let them reach our King!

    Illidan: This should be easy... come then, you pathetic excuse of a nerubian! Once I'm done with you, I will gladly throw your cadaver to the deeps of the Frozen Sea! Naga's, STRIKE!

    At this point, Anub'arak will be ''tanking'' Illidan for the rest of the waves. Illidan is untargetabble and cannot be attacked. The raid must hold off a total of 4 naga waves, that consist of the same mobs used before when clearing the area.

    After the waves are cleared, the following will happen:

    Arthas: Excellent work champions, I knew I could trust you! This obelisk is almost ours.

    Illidan: No... I will not fail my master... my task must be done!

    Illidan kicks Anub'arak a distance away, and prepares to charge Arthas

    Illidan: You will not reach the Lich King before I do, human! Behold!

    Anub'arak: No! Arthas, watch out!

    Illidan rushed Arthas at an isnane speed, but Anub'arak quickly blocks his way, holding Illidan in place

    Anub'arak: I will not let you hurt my King... my..... friend...

    Illidan: HA! You are even more pathetic than I thought! Watch now, as I will slice you open to your ''friends'' very eyes!

    Illidan is grievously wounding Anub'arak, slicing several times into his body, creating deep wounds. Parts of Anub'araks body start to fall off. Arthas is now ready with the obelisk, and will charge to aid Anub'arak

    Anub'arak: For the Lich King... for the.... Scourge... *falls to the ground*

    Arthas: Anub'arak... NO!!! You leave him be, you coward! It is me you want, come at me if you dare.

    Illidan: Puh, he is useless to me anyway. Your time might come, Arthas. But now, I must thank you for opening the way to the Lich King. Did you honestly think that it matters WHO opens the gates?

    Illidan: Hahahaha... this was all part of our plan all along, you fool. We allowed you to take those obelisks easily, so that we can focus on destroying your Scourge filth. While that may have failed, I still have a change to destroy the Lich King. Farewell.

    Illidan runs off, towards the Throne Chamber leading to the Frozen Throne. Arthas dismounts from Invincible, kneeling in front of Anub'arak to see he's alright

    Arthas: Anub'arak, please tell me your all right, I won't let you die out here now! Not after all we went trough!

    Anub'arak: Arthas... the Lich King was right... to choose you as his champion. You must press on to the Frozen Throne, stop Illidan... before he reaches the Throne before you do... I... I will be alright.

    Anub'arak now faints, collapsing on the floor. Arthas closes his eyes, and some undead units from the base will bring Anub'arak in safety.

    Arthas now climbs back on Invincibles back, ready to ride to the Throne Chamber.

    Arthas: Follow me, champions. With Invincibles speed, we should be able to catch up with Illidan. Destiny awaits...

    Arthas and the group ride to the gate, and they encounter Illidan just as they arrive.

    Arthas: The Frozen Throne is mine, demon. Step aside. Leave this world and never return. If you do, I'll be waiting.

    Illidan: I have sworn to destroy it, Arthas! It must be done!

    Arthas: Never!

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Illidan Stormrage

    Area Fought: Throne Chamber

    Illidan's abilities

    Phase 1 and 3: The Flames of Azzinoth Phase 3 starts at 50%

    - Mana Burn: Sends a bolt of negative energy that burns the mana of 3 players (8 in 25-man). Burned mana combusts, dealing damage to the target equal to the amount of mana burned. Mana Burn will burn 15% of the players mana. In heroic mode, Mana Burn will hit the entire raid, unless you don't have mana.
    - Immolation: Engulfs the Demon Hunter in flames, causing damage to nearby players.
    - Evasion: When used, it gives the Demon Hunter a chance to avoid attacks. A 30% chance that the player misses, lasts 15 sec.
    - Twin Blades of Azzinoth: Illidan flies in the sky and launches both his warglaives into the area. The Warglaives will attack the player with the highest thread, and they have several abilities of their own:
    - Ambush heroic only: Illidan will teleport behind a targeted random player, preparing to perform a devastating blow. If Illidans ambush succeeds, the player will receive an enormous amount of damage. The ambush can be avoided by running away in time.

    Warglaives of Azzinoth abilities:

    - Flame Blast (Warglaive ability): Frontal cone 15 yard AoE for X fire damage.
    - Blaze (Warglaive ability): AoE dealing X fire damage per second, centered on the ground at current target. Blaze always appears shortly after Flame Blast, and its location is decided at the instant the Flame Blast goes off.
    - Dual Fate heroic only: The Warglaives must now be killed shortly after each other, within 8 seconds. if a Warglaive longer than 8 minutes is defeated while the other Glaive is still alive, the defeated Warglaive comes back with 50% health.

    Phase 2 and 4: The Betrayer's Metamorphosis Phase 2 starts at 75%, phase 4 at 25%

    In this phase, Illidan will use his Metamorphosis, receiving new abilities while the previous abilities will be dropped. The previous abilities will return in phase 4, while the new ones will drop. Even if Illidan's Metamorphosis has ran out, he still uses these abilities till the phases switch.

    - Metamorphosis: Transforms the Demon Hunter into a powerful demon with a ranged attack and bonus damage. Lasts 75 seconds. In heroic mode, Metamorphosis lasts 90 seconds.
    - Shadow Blast: Illidan blasts the player with the highest threat with a moderate amount of shadow damage, and all nearby targets. After being blasted, you also gain a debuff that you receive 100% extra shadow damage taken. Lasts 45 seconds.
    - Meteor Blast: Illidan launches a meteor, targeting a random target. The target will receive a large amount of damage, and it will deal a tremendous amount of damage to nearby targets.
    - Shadow Demons: 4 Shadow Demons spawn at Illidans position, lasts 40 seconds. They target random raid members and paralyze (stun) them, then move slowly towards their targets, kill them when they're there, then target somebody else. In heroic mode, they will use Explosion once they reach 1% health. Dealing a lot of damage to all nearby players.
    - Demonic Leap: Illidan marks a location on the area, preparing to leap over there. Anyone getting damaged by Demonic Leap will receive incredible amount of damage, most likely an instant dead.
    - Corruption of the Skull heroic only: Illidan uses the Skull of Guldan to corrupt the ground he stands on, and the ground will be corrupted anywhere he walks. If standing on the same location, the corruption will grow bigger on the ground he stands. If a player touches the corruption, he will receive shadow damage over time, and a debuff that his damage done is reduced by 40%, and healing received reduced by 25%. The Corruption lasts for 50 seconds, and all the corruption on the ground will dissapear afterwards.

    Phase 5: A Symphony of Frost and Flame starts at 5%

    At 5%, Illidan will immobilize the entire raid and challenge Arthas to a 1 VS 1 fight. Illidan drinks a potion, healing him back to 100%. While Arthas and Illidan are fighting, a small cutscene will play where you can watch them fight with unique fighting scenes. Arthas will win by slicing Illidans chest open, and leaves him on the ground wounded at 1%.

    Illidans quotes

    Aggro: For my master, Kil'Jaeden!
    Special: Show me your power!
    Special 2: Give in to your fear!
    Special 3: I will forfill my Master's task!
    Using Warglaives: Surrender to the might of Azzinoth!
    Metamorphosis: Yes... I can feel it... so much POWER!
    Shadow Demons: Come, my minions! Show these heroes how weak they really are!
    Kill 1: That was easy
    Kill 2: Is this really all you can bring?
    Kill 3: Looks like you weren't prepared...

    Phase 5 transition: ENOUGH! Let this be our final battle, Arthas. Whoever wins now gets to enter the Frozen Throne, and takes the price...
    Illidan lost to Arthas: Aargh!! I... lost... collapses to the ground

    Arthas quotes

    Aggro: For the Lich King!
    Special: That was for Anub'arak!
    Special 2: Decay to my Unholy abilities!
    Watches Illidan Metamorphosis: It doesn't matter if your either elf or demon... you will lose regardless.

    Phase 5 transition: Very well then, Illidan. I've come to far to fall now, lets see what you've got.
    Victorious: I've done it... at long last, the Scourge is victorious!

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Arthas watches as Illidan lies on the ground, almost dead. Preparing to finish Illidan off his misery, he decides to leave him to die by the cold. Arthas looks to the opened gates, preparing to enter.

    Inside the Throne Chamber, Arthas and the adventurers start walking on the stairway of the Spire, to their destination on the top. While walking on the stairway, they hear whispers of Arthas' past.

    Uther: Have you lost your MIND Arthas?!

    Jaina: I'm sorry Arthas... I can't let you do this...

    Muradin: You lied to your men, and betrayed the mercenaries that fought for you! What happened to you, Arthas? Is vengeance all that matters to you?

    Terenas: What is this? What are you doing, my son?

    Arthas is ignoring all the whispers from the past, and has almost reached the peak. Suddenly, the ghost of his father Terenas appears before him.

    Terenas: Arthas... my son.

    Arthas pauses, looking at Terenas

    Terenas: After all the things you have done... the horrors you unleashed upon this world... it is still not too late

    Terenas: My son, I know you like no other could even know, not even the Lich King. I know that deep inside, behind Frostmourne's corruption, there is a man that wants to bring peace and harmony on this world. To care for his people and kingdom.

    Terenas: Remember, that whatever destiny lies for you at the peak, that you are a true king. You can do the best for this world, the boy I know will hold the Scourge from destroying this world...

    Terenas: Go now, my son. In time, all will know your deeds to this world. You can make a difference, Arthas. Choose the right way.

    Terenas dissapears, Arthas looks down for a second, thinking. Afterwards to he procceeds to the top. Eventually, he reaches the Lich King.

    *The following is heroic mode only! The normal version will come later on.*

    The ice that holds the Lich King suddenly seems to break off, and an orc body appears to be created.

    Lich King: Boy... I know what you are up to... and that this unknown evil is upon me...

    The roof suddenly breaks off, revealing two large blue eyes as seen in a picture below

    Lich King: I don't know what you want, but I will not allow myself to be taken this easily! Arthas, we will lead the Scourge together! But first, I will have to break your mind... and bend your will to my own!

    The Lich King is using an ability that causes Arthas to go paranoid. Arthas is kneeling, looking soullesly in front of him.

    Lich King: As for you... heroes of the future. Do not think I don't you! You have been sent to aid the boy to destroy me, but now this place will be your very tomb. Your souls, will languish here forever!

    Chromie suddenly appears, trying to help the players

    Chromie: This isn't how its supposed to be! Champions, we must return to our original time! There is no way we can take him!

    Chromie suddenly gets grabbed by an invincible force, hovering her higher into the sky

    Lich King: Foolish traveler... you will pay for sending these adventurers to this time! Now, watch, as your flesh decays from your very body. There will be nothing but wasteless dust left.

    Chromie: NNNNOOOOO!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!! Heroes... please, save yourself... future must be... saved.

    Chromie slowly turns into a skeleton, and then falls into a small pile of dust, which gets send away by the wind

    Suddenly, a large grey-whiteish orc starts appearing before the throne. He wears a skull-like mask, eyes appear red, and carries a large spiky chain around his hands. The armor inside the ice cube will appear on the orc body, now wearing the Plate of the Damned.

    Ner'Zhul: I have returned from the death! Kil'Jaeden, I hope your watching! First your puppet has failed to destroy me, and now your attempt to undo me has failed aswell! This world will fall to the might of the Scourge! And I... will dominate all things.

    Ner'Zhul: But first, I will have to deal with those pathetic time travelers. *Ner'Zhul looks up to the sky*. As for you, whoever you are that sended those dragons at us, you will know not to mess with the true Lich King!

    The Unknown Evil sounds exactly like the merged Lich King with Arthas and Ner'Zhul

    Unknown Evil: There is no place, for any of you. I have seen more than you, orc. My powers, matches those of the Titans... and other great beings. You are nothing.

    Ner'Zhul: Come then, all of you! Its been a while since I used my unholy chains to suffocate and bleed down any of my enemies.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Lich King

    Area fought: The Frozen Throne

    In this phase, only Ner'Zhul will be fighting, while the Unknown Evil will try to destroy both the players and Ner'Zhul. The Unknown evil cannot be attacked.

    - Suffocate: Ner'Zhul will grab the player with the highest threat on the neck with its spiked chains. While trying to suffocate, the player will receive large amount of damage over time, and blood will be leaking to the ground, creating a pool of blood. The Suffocating lasts 10 seconds. The targeted player will also receive a debuff that he's leaking blood, receiving 35% more damage taken.
    - Eternal Suffering: Ner'Zhul will target a random player and uses his chains as a lasso, in order to grab him by the neck. The targeted player will receive a moderate amount of damage, bleeding and will be knockbacked. The boss will pull the targeted player to him, and the targeted player will receive moderate amounts of damage over time. If the player reaches Ner'Zhul, he will be instantly killed. In order to free the player, you must pull a X amount of items on the robe. Every time a player pulls the rope, the player will receive a small amount of damage. The targeted player will leave a trail of blood.
    - Fear of Blood: The ability Suffocate and Eternal Suffering will bring some blood to the floor, this is where Fear of Blood comes to work. Whenever a player stands on their own blood, they will go in panic and they'll get feared for 7 seconds.
    - Death Shield: Ner'Zhul places a Death Shield on a random target. Nearby players will receive large amount of damage every 2 seconds if they are close to the targeted player. The targeted player will also receive 50% less healing and 40% movement speed reduced.
    - Fists of Death: Ner'Zhul starts to be punching a lot harder, dealing a large amount of damage to the player with the highest threat, and also slightly knockbacking him every punch. Fists of Death lasts 25 seconds.
    - Prisoner of the Throne: Ner'Zhul pulls a random targeted player into the ice of the Frozen Throne, where he was originally trapped. Once inside the ice prison, the player can only hold out for 20 seconds untill he finally died. In order to free the player, the raid must destroy the part of the ice he's trapped in.

    Unknown Evil abilities

    - Ring of Defile: The Unknown Evil places a Ring of Defile debuff to a random targeted player. After 5 seconds, a ring will appear under the targeted player. If the players touch the ring, they will be knockbacked out of the Frozen Throne and will instantly die. If Ner'Zhul touches it, he will receive a large amount of damage and be stunned for 6 seconds.
    - The End of Time: The Unknown Evil grants every raid member with a debuff. For every player standing near enough to Ner'Zhul, the boss will receive 1% extra damage taken for every nearby player. The targeted players will also receive quite a large of damage, but it can be split if they stack up enough. If they do not stack enough, it could result in an instant death. The debuff lasts for 8 seconds.

    Phase 1.5 and 2.5: He who controlls the past controlls the future starts at 70%, phase 2.5 starts at 40%

    In this phase, all players will be sucked into a memory of Arthas. In there, they must either fight with Uther, Muradin, Jaina or Antonidas. If they do not kill the boss in the memory within 45 seconds, the raid will whipe.

    Uther's abilities

    - Unholy Light: Uther will use the Unholy Light to damage random players, dealing a large amount of damage and a debuff. The targeted player will receive 50% more holy damage.
    - Divine Shield: Shields Uther for 50% less damage taken, and receives 100% more holy damage done. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Jaina's abilities

    - Blizzard: Calls down waves of freezing ice shards that damage players in a target area.
    - Water Elemental: Summons a Water Elemental to attack the Archmage's enemies. The Water Elemental deals ranged damage and has a Bash, sometimes stunning a player for 3 seconds.

    Muradins abilities

    - Storm Bolt: A magical hammer that is thrown at a targeted player, causing damage and stunning the target for 5 seconds.
    - Thunder Clap: Slams the ground, damaging nearby players. Damaged players are also slowed for 40% movement speed reduced.

    Antonidas' abilities

    - Burning Blast: Deals a large amount of fire damage to a targeted player, and turning him into a Living Bomb. After 6 seconds the Bomb debuff is over and damages every nearby player for a large amount of damage.
    - Fire Wall: Antonidas summons a Fire Wall that completely covers the entire area, except for 2 medium sized parts. Every player touched by the Fire Wall will receive large amount of fire damage over time, likely killing him.

    Phase 2: Wrath of the Elder Shaman still at 70%

    In this phase, Ner'Zhul will keep his phase 1 abilities, and the Unknown Evil's abilities will drop. Ner'Zul wil also gain a few abilities, which are:

    - Domination: Ner'Zhul places the Helm of Domination to a random target. If the random target wears the helmet, he will receive 100% more armor and health, and will attack the raid. Lasts 20 seconds, afterwards the Helmet will seek for another host, and it takes 10 seconds to controll the player. Cannot be targeted on tanks.
    - Elemental of Blood: Ner'Zhul will create an Elemental of Blood with the blood on the floor, created by the players. The blood will be removed in the process. The Elemental of Blood will do a ranged attack to random players. If the Elemental attacks a player who lost the blood before, he will turn sick and deal 20% less damage, and all ability cooldowns will be doubled. Lasts for 15 seconds.

    Phase 3: A new destiny still at 40%

    In this phase, you will see Ner'Zhul still busy to pull the Unknown Evil to the area. A large, lich-like face starts to appear in the sky. Eventually, a large Lich shade appears on the area. Ner'Zhul grabs into the shades, but witnesses an incredible amount of horrors, eventually he panics. Ner'Zhul falls down to his knee's in the middle of the area, no longer be able to fight. The Unknown Evil is now attackable, and must be brought down to 60%. The abilities he uses will also hurt Ner'Zhul, bringing him down to 1%. The fight ends once Ner'Zhuls health is down to 1%, which can be done by either using the Unknown Evil's abilities against him, or to bring down the Unknown Evil to 60%.

    Unknown Evil's abilities

    - Forsaken Soul: The Unknown Evil summons a soul into the fight, that follows a random targeted player. If the soul touches the player, the player will serve the Unknown Evil for the rest of the fight. In order to remove the soul, they must lure it to Ner'Zhul. Ner'Zhul will receive 5% of his amount of health reduced for every Forsaken Soul that touches him.
    - Spark of Insanity: The Unknown Evil throws a Spark into the air, thrusting it to a random targeted player. If the player gets touched, he will receive a large amount of damage, close to killing him. If the targeted plated allows the spark to hit Ner'Zhul, he will receive 5% of his amount of health reduced for every Insanity Spark he touches.
    - Curse of Binding: The Unknown Evil binds two players with the same debuff. The further the 2 players are away from each other, the more damage they receive over time. In order to remove the debuff, they must stand close enough to each other to allow it to explode. The players will not receive damage by the explosion, but Ner'Zhul will if he stands close enough to the binded players. Ner'Zhul will lose 5% of his total health in the process.

    If the Unknown Evil is brought down to 60%, he will place himself inside Ner'Zhul and brings his health down to 1%. The fight is now over, and Ner'Zhuls spirit gets sended back into the ice. From here, Arthas wakes up and procceeds to kill the Lich King.

    *The following now happens in normal mode aswell, this is where normal mode continue'ed before the boss fight*

    Ner'Zhul: Return... the blade... complete the circle... release me from this prison!

    Arthas raises his blade, and smashes it into the ice. The Helm of Domination falls on the ground, with the rest of the Plate of the Damned. Arthas puts on the helmet and the rest of the Plate. In the meantime, the Throne Chamber starts to collapse.

    Arthas: Now... we... are one!

    Ner'Zhuls quotes

    Aggro: You will regret facing me!
    Special: In Rulkans name, you will die!
    Special 2: The powers I posses goes beyond imagening!
    Special 3: Can you see me, whoever is up there? I AM INVINCIBLE!
    Casting Death Shield: Even your closest friends will be your undoing!
    Casting Eternal Suffering: Bleed down, like the dog you are.
    Casting Prisoner of the Throne: Now you will witness... how its like to be trapped in the cold Hell.
    Kill 1: You are lost forever!
    Kill 2: Your time has ended, and so has the future.
    Kill 3: I won't save anything for you, up there.

    Phase 1.5 and 2.5 transition: The young prince and I will be one being... witness the cause of his demise, created by his beloved one!
    Players return from Arthas' memory: A broken spirit... even before I corrupted him. You will see, friends are worthless!

    Phase 2 transition: I have far more power than you can imagine, allow me to show you!
    Casting Curse of Binding: You ever wanted to become the Lich King yourself? THAN BE ONE!
    Casting Elemental of Blood: Your very blood will be turned against you...

    Phase 3 transition: Yes... yes! I've almost done it, you will be brought down to my very might, and none will ever stand in my way! I can see you, dark being, you will be mine!
    Ner'Zhul grabs the Shade: At last... now show me what you really are! Show me what secrets you hold for me.
    Ner'Zhul brought down to 1%: I will take my place... as it is for the best...

    Unknown Evil's quotes

    Special: There can only be one king, and it shall never be you.
    Special 2: I've witnessed so much of Azeroth's future... the wonders...
    Casting Ring of Defile: You will face your death, created by my favorite ability from the past...
    Casting End of Time: Either you all go down together... or use it for something better.
    Players get sucked into Arthas' memory: You adventurers cannot escape me, I will bring you down.

    Arthas' memory: Uther quotes

    Arthas and Uther stand near Andorhal, preparing to fight each other. They have the same conversation as in WC3. The unknown Evil watches them from above with his blue glowing eyes.

    Uther: Your father ruled this land for more than seventy years... and you have grounded it into dust in only a mater of days.
    Arthas: Very depressive, Uther. Give me the Urn, and I will guarantee you a quick death.
    Uther: That Urn holds your fathers ashes, Arthas! What, you just want to piss on them one last time, before you left his kingdom to dust?!
    Arthas: Hahaha... I didn't know what it held, not does it matter. I've come to take whats rightfully mine.
    Uther: Then you will have to grab it from my cold death fingers
    Unknown Evil: Abandoned by his own mentor, Arthas proved himself by defeating him, he is more than ready for any challenge.

    Arthas' memory: Jaina quotes

    Arthas and Jaina are outside in the forest, having a picknick. The unknown Evil watches them from above with his blue glowing eyes.

    Jaina: Its a beautifull day for a picknick isn't it?
    Arthas: Yes, it is. I'm glad I finally got you over to have some spare time outside, I'm suprised you haven't gone crazy yet by reading all those books.
    Jaina: You won't get crazy if you like doing what your doing, I could probably tell the same if I were to swing my mace all day.
    Arthas: Most likely, I'm just glad to get a little rest of it. Uther is a great mentor, but its like he has never rested in his life.
    Arthas: Jaina... there is something I'd like to say to you...
    Jaina: What is it, then?
    Arthas: Don't deny me, Jaina. Please, don't ever deny me. I never want to have the thought of standing all alone against something.
    Jaina: Don't you worry, I won't ever deny you.
    Unknown Evil: A foolish promise, one she couldn't hold. Arthas slowly went into madness the more he was abandoned alone.

    Arthas' memory: Muradin quotes

    A child Arthas and adult Muradin are inside Capital City, practicing how to fight with a wooden sword. The unknown Evil watches them from above with his blue glowing eyes.

    Muradin: Whoa, lad. That was quite the swing you got there! Ya think you can do better?
    Arthas: I have to, if I'm ever going to kill one of those filthy orcs.
    Muradin: You will get plenty of practice by tha paladin, Uther, once you get older. He will teach you the way of the holy spirit, and I'm confident that he will make you one of the finest paladins ever existed. But first, you need to learn how to fight with a weapon.
    Arthas decides to fight better, rushing Muradin and ''impaling'' him with a wooden sword
    Muradin: Now, thats more like it! But you got to keep your anger in place, for someday it could be your undoing.
    Arthas: Yes, I see. I promise I won't forget that.
    Unknown Evil: The young prince knew all to well how to fight with a sword. Frostmourne was his ultimate addition to his skills, that led to so many deaths.

    Arthas' memory: Khadgars quotes

    Arthas and Khadgar are in a large room of Dalaran, after Khadgar has invited Arthas to come over. The unknown Evil watches them from above with his blue glowing eyes.

    Khadgar: I don't like how you are trying to disturb my best student, Jaina, during her studies. You better leave her alone.
    Arthas: You are completely tiring her all out with your endless studies. She is still young, you should allow her to spend more free time outside of Dalaran!
    Khadgar: You don't know whats best, boy. Jaina's interests lies with her studies, while yours lies in hammering the orcs. If I ever see you again in this kingdom, I'm afraid I will have to dismiss you out of the city untill Jaina is done with her studies.
    Arthas: You can't threaten a prince like that! If you ever do that again, you might get buried under your own building. If Jaina ever wants some free time, you WILL give her that! For now, this conversation is over!
    Khadgar: So be it, young prince...
    Unknown Evil: And so it has, the next time Arthas came to Dalaran, he slaughtered the archmage. And razed down the city with his Scourge army.


    Arthas has now put on the helmet, and his very spirit suddenly gets placed in a dark place. Arthas lies on the floor, with the entire area completely dark.

    Terenas: Arthas, I knew you would take the right decission.

    Arthas looks up to Terenas

    Terenas: By taking the Lich King's place, you are now able to hold the Scourge for a long time. If Ner'Zhul was still in charge, he would've destroyed Azeroth without a doubt. Including Jaina...

    Terenas: But now, you can finally make the difference. Redeem yourself, my boy, and rise as the king that this world needs!

    Terenas now dissapears, and the screen gets lighted up. The area now changes into a dining room, with a large table. Matthias Lehner and Ner'Zhul stand a few yards away from Arthas, on the opposite directions.

    Ner'Zhul: Your transformation is almost complete. Now to finish this off, you must destroy what remains of your humanity. Kill the boy.

    Matthias Lehner: Don't do it, Arthas! There's still hope for all of us! The Lich King you have created is a seperate evil being, you need me to keep a controll over him!

    Arthas looks to both Ner'Zhul and Mathhias, he stands up, and grabs Frostmourne. He decides to impale Matthias.

    Ner'Zhul: Yes! I knew you would make this choice. For so long you have wrestled with the last dregs of goodness, of humanity in you, but no longer. The boy held you back, and now you are free. We are one, Arthas. Together, we are the Lich King. No more Ner'zhul, no more Arthas—only this one glorious being. With my knowledge, we can—

    Arthas suddenly impales Ner'Zhul aswell

    Arthas: No we. No one tells me what to do. I've got everything I need from you—now the power is mine and mine alone. Now there is only I. I am the Lich King. And I am ready.

    Ner'Zhul looks shocked, as he falls down to the ground, killed. Arthas sits on the dining table, alone. The camera suddenly zooms out of the eyes of the Lich King (Arthas), as the camera further zooms out to get a complete view of the Spire.


    The Frozen Throne, as seen when you defeated the Lich King

    The ''unknown evil'' during the Lich King fight

    Ner'Zhul, as seen in World of Warcraft. Keep him mind that, unlike in this picture, Ner'Zhul is now grey-whiteish, instead of green. He also carried chains around his hands with spikes on them, and wears a spiked chain which he uses like a lasso.

    Arthas climbing the stairway to the Frozen Throne. In the raid, the adventurers walk with him to the top aswell

    Arthas fighting Illidan

    Warcraft 3 layout of the Battle of the Frozen Throne (picture is too large, click the link to see it)


    Scourgeholme: Before the Scourge was about to reach the Frozen Throne, they first needed to establish a base in order to build up their forces against Illidan. This area was formely a naga base, led by Lady Vash. But her base got overrun by the mighty Scourge warriors. A large portion of undead structures now stand: crypt, slaughterhouse, graveyard, necropolis, ziggurats and more. Blight covers the entire area, giving an increased health regenerartion to every undead being. Scourgeholme also had their own vendors.

    Guardians Stand, the first Obelisk: In this area, a large group of revenants guard the first obelisk from intruders. Neravant also resides here, protecting the obelisk from the adventurers. This area has unique nerubian-like tilesets, filled with nerubian statues, webs, walls and doodadds. This area has an unique ghost-like atmosphere, where you get the feeling the place is haunted.

    Vash'arnah: This is the naga base that belongs to Lady Vash. In this base, the naga were trying to fight against the Scourge base, and to capture the first obelisk, which both tasks failed. With the Scourge holding the naga back and capturing the first obelisk, they will seek to destroy the base to get rid of Lady Vash and her forces. Lady Vash herzelf is the ruler of this base, as the name suggests. The base itself stands on a pool, that reaches the ankles of normal human beings. Being conformidable for the naga themselves.

    Shores of the Glacier: In these waters, the Scourge ship Risen Glory will set asail to whipe out Illidans naga forces. These waters are cold, deep and entirely dark from below. Legends say that there are creatures beneath these waters, that sometimes briefly rise from the waters (this actually happens, watch the animation of the login screen in WC3: The Frozen Throne). It is not possible for the adventurers to swim these waters, as the players character immediatly back away when they realise how cold the waters are.

    Pathway of the Unliving: This is the route between the Scourge base and the blood elf base. As the Scourge travel to Kael'thas' base, they suddenly get attacked by the Infinite Dragonblight, led by Salandria. On the pathway itself, you have a very long distance of snow to see. In a similiar way that you stand in Dragonblight, where you only see snow. The Frozen Throne can still be seen in the distance, in its cave. Enclosing mountains can be seen to the left and right, facing the road.

    Sunfury Sanctum: This is the largest blood elf base that Kael had in Icecrown. From this base of operations, he commanded the blood elves to take over the obelisks with countless of attempts, nut Anub'araks forces hold them off long enough. The base consist of any kind of blood elf structure, with even a few human structures. The base is filled with blood elf warriors, rogues, mages, warlocks, priests and such. Kael'thas himself is stationed in this base, ready to fight the Scourge any time on every day.

    Throne's Vigil, the fourth obelisk: This is the final obelisk that Arthas needs to capture in order to enter the Throme Chamber. The architecture, flora and atmosphere is very similiar to that of Guardians Stand, the first obelisk. The area is covered with spider webs, nerubian statues, a ghost-like atmosphere and an unique nerubian tileset. Illidans naga maintain this area by the time Arthas and the Scourge show up.

    Throne Chamber: After all four obelisks have been activated, the way to the Frozen Throne is opened. The Throne Chamber is the area just outside the gate, and the very cave where the Spire is located. This is where Illidan Stormrage will be fought, and the victor gets to complete their mission. The outside area is covered with snow, the zone is similiar to that of the rest of the snowy Icecrown. The cave has a very unique atmosphere, with small green smoke flying around, the sound of spirits can be heard if you listen closely.

    The Frozen Throne: This is last area in the raid, and is located at the very top of the Spire that you can reach by walking all the way upstairs. It here here where the Lich King, Ner'Zhul, is stationed. The Frozen Throne can also be seen in the Warcraft 3 clip where Arthas walks upon Ner'Zhul, destroying him. The atmosphere is still the same as in the clip. The Throne is inside a large cavern, it has a dark and spooky atmosphere, and the whispers of the Lich King can be softly heard.


    Powned!: Release all players from Damnation without letting them in the ice blocks for longer then 8 seconds.
    Death is dead: Kill an Ice, Frost and Water revenant at the same time in 3 seconds of each other in the Realm of Death.
    Fish Stick: Allow Anub'arak to impale Lady Vash with his Impale ability, making her literally a ''fish on a stick''.
    I love this ride: Defeat Lady Vash with while atleast 6 players (14 in 25-man) have been in the Tornado atleast once.
    Take a napkin: Defeat Ghi'daroth while having turned atleast 3 water pools into poison, having cooled off 3 times in the water pool, and having burned down 3 venomous plants.
    My body is ready: Defeat Ghi'daroth while having atleast been wet, burned and poisoned once
    Clear the area: Defeat Salandria while having destroyed atleast 5 rocks with the explosive harpoons.
    Killed you in time: Defeat Salandria in less then 6 minutes
    A dozen omelet eggs: Defeat Kael'thas Sunstrider while having destroyed atleast 6 eggs during the fight
    He's all yours: Allow Arthas to deal the final blow to Kael'thas, defeating him in the process.
    We prefer the hard way: Defeat Illidan while bringing him down during his Metamorphosis from 75% to atleast 55%
    No time to Glaive: Defeat Illidan without having killed any of Illidans Warglaives.
    So many memories: Witness all 4 of Arthas' memories atleast one. This counts for every fight.
    I don't have to kill you: Defeat the Lich King by using the Unknown Evil's abilities to bring him down to 1%
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    Epic idea McNeil, ICC from scourge perspective with a twist. I am still thinking of my new one since I scrapped the original idea with it having a shitload of work compared to the result. (A horde vs alliance raid which starts from the other end for the other one. So if you would meet Sylvanas at the first boss as a Horde, Alliance would defeat Sylvanas as the final boss.)
    I was thinking about the infinite flight but McNeil beat me to it before I was able to come up with anything cool.
    Oh well, still thinking. I wish more people would participate and put the effort McNeil and Leohkiin put into their raids, they are a real joy to read. Shame there is not an option for amateur programmers to create their own raid in WoW, even if it would be just to be shared with friends.

    The few options I am thinking about are a legion raid, but it is a little overused and not the slightest creative... Also a naga raid, but I personally do not like underwater things. One of the things I scrapped was also a raid containing WoW classes, but it might have ended up quite boring.
    Oh well, maybe I can come up with something cool with the infinite dragonflight.
    Also, one of the problems in creating raids is the limitation of using existing characters. It is understandable as the characters are more familiar and they do not go over the top, but it also has a major drawback. Most of the bad guys worth using are dead, or not connected in any way. (Love what McNeil did with the Scarlet raid in relation to this) What I have used mainly is corrupting the heroes, but it really can not continue forever. Oh well, I got an idea while thinking about this, maybe I am able to expand on it.

    Ugh, no idea where Ghi'Rhoda comes from, but my guess would be infinite dragonflight, shame I am usually quite good with this stuff.

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    Huzzah, 1st Place! My life is complete! [Well, maybe not.] I'm glad everyone liked it. :]

    This will not be an end to my raids, however. I am not yet satisfied! MORE WILL COME!

    Can you find out where the name ''Ghi'rhoda'' actually came from?
    King Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster! [From Godzilla!]

    Also, one of the problems in creating raids is the limitation of using existing characters. It is understandable as the characters are more familiar and they do not go over the top, but it also has a major drawback. Most of the bad guys worth using are dead, or not connected in any way. (Love what McNeil did with the Scarlet raid in relation to this) What I have used mainly is corrupting the heroes, but it really can not continue forever. Oh well, I got an idea while thinking about this, maybe I am able to expand on it.
    I believe we are allowed some lee-way in naming the random mooks/bosses, as if you look at Ragnarocket's raid The Abyssal Maw [Which is awesome, imo.] all of the bosses are, to my knowledge, original characters. [Besides Neptulon/Azshara.] This makes me think that as long as it is a familiar setting/lore, and as long as the bosses are believable or known archetypes/creatures that exist in game, we can basically create our own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chemicader View Post
    Ugh, no idea where Ghi'Rhoda comes from, but my guess would be infinite dragonflight, shame I am usually quite good with this stuff.
    I renamed Ghi'rhoda now, I found out its name came too close to a real life state :P. Not sure if I keep the new name, its all still a work in process

    As for where the name came from, it comes from the name ''King Chidorah''. Its a 3 headed fragon with Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra as enemies.

    Ghi'daroth, however, is not a dragon. I guess I can already spoil that it'll be an interesting kind of hydra...

    Quote Originally Posted by Leohkiin View Post
    King Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster! [From Godzilla!].
    Beat me to it, nicely seen :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leohkiin View Post
    I believe we are allowed some lee-way in naming the random mooks/bosses, as if you look at Ragnarocket's raid The Abyssal Maw [Which is awesome, imo.] all of the bosses are, to my knowledge, original characters. [Besides Neptulon/Azshara.] This makes me think that as long as it is a familiar setting/lore, and as long as the bosses are believable or known archetypes/creatures that exist in game, we can basically create our own.
    Yup I allow that. Original names etc are fine, also as long as the creature/race is known in the world, you can create your own. If you wish to make a complete different monster, run it by me, I'm sure you'll find some sort of creature within WoW that you can bass the model off ie. King Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster could possibly be a Hydra, but you can add to that, a super-sized Hydra and colour it etc as you wish. If you think the average reader does not know a race/creature then just put it in brackets (remember the race of bird men in TBC?) People will instantly have a connection.

    With the raid itself you can do anything you wish as long as the location is within the confines of what is available in WoW history. I think you have a lot of lee-way, what I do not want is a completely random creature no one ever heard of in a new dimension no one heard of, it's just not believable to be in WoW. I hope that answers it Any questions just ask.

    You can also add anything you want to your idea to spice it up: pictures, describing the scenery, areas, strategy expected, achievements, loot, dialogue, patch information about the new raid/instance, a trailer etc. There's so much you can add, it's your choice. You could always just write 6-7 bosses, only their names like my example and go ahead with that, but there won't be a leaderboard spot
    "You face not the Mod Hammer alone, but the infractions I command."

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    So... is a hydra with the bottom of a kraken acceptable :P?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azshira View Post
    Yup I allow that. Original names etc are fine, also as long as the creature/race is known in the world, you can create your own. If you wish to make a complete different monster, run it by me, I'm sure you'll find some sort of creature within WoW that you can bass the model off ie. King Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster could possibly be a Hydra, but you can add to that, a super-sized Hydra and colour it etc as you wish. If you think the average reader does not know a race/creature then just put it in brackets (remember the race of bird men in TBC?) People will instantly have a connection.
    Cool. With that said, expect my next raid within the next week or so. Not complete, but at least the concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    So... is a hydra with the bottom of a kraken acceptable :P?
    I don't think so xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leohkiin View Post
    Cool. With that said, expect my next raid within the next week or so. Not complete, but at least the concept.
    Omg xD And just so you guys know, when MoP comes out I'll be 100% focused on leveling, gearing and professions, getting into raids asap due to my guilds demands :P So don't throw big things at me and expect quick replies lol I'm sure we'll all be focused on MoP.
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    Aight starting a new one so it will be finished before MoP, although the concept is not yet fleshed out but it seems interesting so I might just give it a shot.

    War of Dreams

    War of Dreams is focused on the new coming of the Nightmare in the emerald dream, the raid will partially be inside the dream and Azeroth. You will meet nature attuned beings in their corrupt form and of course a few bad guys.

    Bosses: The Ancient Protectors , Remulos, Cenarius ,Zaetar , Eranikus, Dream of Fandral and Xavius

    The raid start's with Ysera, Naralex, Malfurion ,Hamuul, Cenarius and Eranikus being gathered with the heroes in front of a new Emerald Dream portal in Mount Hyjal, the forest which used to be the Inferno before Aessina's magic took place.

    Ysera:We are gathered here heroes, because of the recent happenings in Azeroth. We have not seen any indication that it is the work of the Nightmare, except that there are cases of people suddenly falling asleep, and not waking up. Similar to the cases when the Nightmare emerged onto Azeroth.

    Malfurion:But Ysera, the Rift of Aln has changed... I find these news very dire. There is darkness ahead, I am sure of it.

    Eranikus:We are here to investigate the possibility, but how could the Nightmare work so subletly, without us - the guardians of the Emerald Dream - not being aware of it. I have personally investigated the Rift of Aln, but I found nothing out of ordinary, the Nightmare seems to be perfectly sealed still inside.

    Hamuul:But Malfurion is the one most connected to the Nightmare... I trust him, and unless the entity behind this is fooling Malfurion to look for the source of these happening from the wrong direction, I fear he is correct.

    Ysera: There is truth in your words Hamuul, but my flight is more attuned to the Dream than a mortal can ever be. My consort has already taken a look at the Rift. We are here only to ensure that the Nightmare is not able to lull us into false safety.

    Cenarius: I find this very odd... The only thing that spring's into my mind is the Nightmare, but I am worried about your words Ysera, what if this is a trap? What if you are right and the Nightmare is just hiding itself.

    Naralexx: I suspect we are able to find it out ourselves soon enough. The heroes of Azeroth will also join us on this quest, because they are not attuned into the Dream by any way, so the nightmare should not be able to corrupt their senses.

    Eranikus: A waste of time...

    Ysera: Let us begin, we are required to attune the portal to accept these mortals into my realm. Mortals, we are not able to sense anything in the real world, and if anything is to happen you are to protect us and yourselves.

    They all form a circle and start casting. The portal's green hue intensifies very very slowly. Suddenly treants start coming through it to Azeroth, attacking you. After you have killed enough of them the Ancient Protectors emerge. They are clearly hostile towards you.

    the Ancient Protectors

    Description: The Ancient Protectors, the Prime Ancient of Lore and the Prime Ancient of War. The defenders of the Dream are fooled into thinking you are foes attempting to defile the Dream. You are saddened to kill them, but you have no options with the others trapped in their spell for the moment. These two revered creatures deem you as a threat to the Dream, but you are not sure what is causing their hostility against you. There is no clear indication of the corruption, but their actions do not make sense.

    Summary:In the Ancient Protectors encounter you are able to pick which one you will kill first. They both have their own abilities, Ancient of Lore's abilities being related to add control and Ancient of War's into Marrowgar's Bonespike-like abilities, in addition to the requirement of more healing throughput. You will be able to pick which one you will kill, which means that what set of abilities will remain in phase 2. Also the location of where you kill the first one is critical because of Overgrowth. In phase 2 the remaining one will also gain a a new set of abilities. This boss is designed to be quite easy, similar to the difficulty level of first bosses in general. In this raid there is no heroic mode, only triggerable hard modes. For this encounter the triggerable hardmode is to first bring them both under 20% without killing them. They will heal full and they will both gain phase 2 abilities. They now must be killed within 10 seconds of each other, or the other one will berserk. They also gain more health and more damage when healed to full health.

    Phase 1: The ancients do not share health, but instead when you kill one of them, the other one is healed full and gain's extra abilities. (Killing one begin's phase 2.)

    Ancient of War: Tankable. Physical damage on the tank.

    Roots of the Dream: Roots three random players. These must be freed by killing the roots. Also deal's moderate nature damage onto the rooted targets. Cast every 25 seconds.

    Thorns of the Dream: Casts a swirling tornado of thorns onto one players. Deals no damage to that player, but instead anybody around him. Lasts 15 seconds per player, a new one cast few seconds after the old one expires, assuming there is no other ability which takes a higher priority.

    Grip of the Dream: Summons a living tree onto a random spot. The tree will grip 3 players to it, preferring the player with Thorns of the Dream. The players will become rooted until the tree is killed. Cast every 40 seconds, with the exception of not being able to cast it for 5 seconds after casting Roots of the Dream.

    Ancient of Lore: Tankable. Inflicts nature damage to the tank.

    Summon Treants: Summons 4 treants. Fixate onto a player and deal moderate damage. Gain 1% increased damage done per melee swing. Cast every 45 seconds.

    Growth: Cast on one of the treants. This treant will deal 100% more damage, but becomes snareable. Cast 3 seconds after casting Summon Treants.

    Healing Earth: Summons a circle of healing. This circle will heal 1% of your maximun health per second. Affects also players in addition to treants and the Ancients.

    Phase 2: When one of the Ancients fall, the other one will receive full health. The ancient alive will keep his old spells, but will gain several new ones listed below.

    Seed of Life: Will attach a Seed of Life onto the back of one the player's. This player can not move, but everyone near him will be drained health, which the Ancient will receive with a rate of 5% per 3 seconds. Cast every 30 seconds, lasts 10 seconds.

    Overgrowth: As phase 2 begins, Overgrowth will start expanding from the corpse of the dead ancient, dealing high nature damage for everyone standing in it. ( Like a green defile, expanding from the corpse slowly)

    Root Impale: A root will jump out of the ground, dealing moderate damage for one player and knocking him in the air. The root stays there for 20 seconds blocking line of sight and Overgrowth. Cast every 17 seconds.


    Aggro: Ancient of War: Mortals have no right to enter the Dream. We shall stop you here!
    Ancient of Lore:Look my brother, Ysera is held captive and she is unwillingly letting the mortals inside.
    Ancient of War:We must stop them here, or the Dream might fall.

    Kill Player: Ancient of War: I have seen so many mortals fall. You are just a leaf in the forest.
    Ancient of Lore: The defenders of the Dream will crush you, and turn you into earth again.

    Enter phase 2: The living Ancient: No.. Another great guardian falls, our ranks are running too thin already. You shall not get away with this. Feel my wrath!

    Die: No... Ysera, I have failed you...


    After this encounter Ysera and the rest will be awaken.

    Ysera: What happened here? Why do the ancients lie dead... Mortals, were you attacked?

    Eranikus: I see no signs of corruption on their corpses, and no traces of foul presences. The mortals killed them for no reason. Die traitors!

    Eranikus begins casting Wrath of the Green Dragonflight, until Ysera interrupts him.

    Ysera:Calm down my consort, these are the noblest mortals on Azeroth, they would not do such deeds.

    At this point someone in your group will randomly /s: " They attacked us and left no alternative, we regret what we have done, but it was inevitable."

    Cenarius:The Ancients made a grave mistake. I mourn for their deaths, but if what the mortals have told us is true they brought this on themselves and the mortals shall not be punished for their acts.

    Malfurion: I would assume this is a more subtle Nightmare corruption, or perhaps the Nightmare fooled them to think that the mortals were attempting to invade the Dream, we might never know.

    Ysera: Whatever was behind this tragedy, we will destroy it and avenge them. Now we shall enter the Dream, and find out if this was the making of the Nightmare.

    Eranikus: Mortals, I will be watching you.

    They walk inside the portal, and you follow.

    Inside the dream everything has a green hue. You are in Hyjal, so the difference is not enormous, except for more trees and no buildings or shrines of the Ancients.

    A tall antlered figure, bearing high resemblance to Cenarius is waiting for you on the other side.

    Malfurion:Thank you for your help during this time Remulos.

    Remulos: I am quite certain the Nightmare is not running free in the Dream, but I am concerned about the events on Azeroth.

    Ysera: I am afraid you are wrong Remulos. The Ancients attacked our fellow mortals, who have come to help us.

    Remulos: What? What happened to them?

    Ysera:The mortals protected us as they were told...

    Eranikus: The Ancients lie dead on Azeroth, we were not given a chance to correct them. I blame these mortals for it and I despise them for what they have done!

    Ysera: My love, calm down. We need to keep our head now. We are to split and the other group shall look for signs of the corruption through attunement to the Dream, and the mortals are to be guided to the Rift of Aln. We fear the worst.

    Eranikus: What? You are planning on letting the mortals roam free in the Dream?

    Cenarius: Remulos and I shall accompany the mortals.

    Eranikus: I will switch places with you Cenarius, I want to guard their actions myself.

    Malfurion: Wise plan. Mortals, meet us in the Eye of Ysera after you have seen the Rift of Aln.

    Hamuul: What about the portal? We can not left it unguarded.

    Naralex: I will guard it.

    Cenarius:I will stay also. Eranikus with Remulos should be enough to guide them.

    The druids shapeshift into birds and fly away, accompanied by Ysera and Naralex and Cenarius walk out of the portal.

    Eranikus: I will fly ahead, and make sure the way is clear.

    Eranikus flies off.

    Remulos: Very well, we shall start the journey mortals. Rift of Aln is located at what you call the Maelstrom and we have a long journey there. We shall move to the border of Hyjal, where you will be accompanied with Ysera's flight. I shall accompany you later.

    You are able to mount and run to the edge of Hyjal to where Sulfuron keep is located on Azeroth. You will find huge masses of wisps and Ysera's dragons lay dead. The area is like a huge hole, every plant is dead around it.

    Corrupt dryads and keepers attack you, and upon defeating them Remulos' true intentions are revealed.

    Remulos: You are fools mortals. The dream is not a place for your kind. I shall kill you for defiling my home with your filthy presence.


    Description: Remulos, one of the founding members of the Cenarion Circle attacks you. This is the second attack against your group by a supposedly friendly entity. This time the corruption is visible, but you can not clearly connect it to the Nightmare, but you start doubting if Malfurion's words were true.

    Summary: Phase one is an add control fight, where the adds share health and you are required to kill them to start phase 2.
    Phase 2 involves Remulos knocking the raid back, and creating a deadly maze around him which you must complete before Hurricane's damage increases too much. Phase 2 also involves some basic awareness and coordination mechanics, and a short burn phase at the end. This boss requires one tank.

    Phase one: Phase one is an add control phase. He will summon each of the three adds and be immune to damage himself. He will only be using one ability in this phase which is explained later. The adds share health and phase 2 will begin after all are defeated.

    Corrupt Dream Dryad: She is untankable, but interruptable. Will keep on casting Wrath and Healing Touch and Rejuvenation until killed. Wrath deals moderate damage onto a random target, and Healing Touch will heal 10% of the target's health. She will only cast Healing Touch and Rejuvenation on the other adds, not Remulos. Rejuvenation works like the druid spell, healing 2% health per 3 sec, lasting 15 seconds. Rejuvenation is dispellable.

    Constricting Vines: Shoots constricting vines onto an enemy target. Deals high nature damage per 2 seconds.
    This ability is stopped by taking a wisp on top of the target of this ability. Used every 20 secs.

    Poisonous Aura: Deals nature damage to every target around her per second. Damage multiplying by 1000% per player
    in range.

    Corrupt Dream Keeper: Untankable, but snareable. Fixates onto one target.

    Charge of the Keeper: Charges at his target stunning him for 4 seconds and dealing high physical damage. If someone is
    between him and his target, the charge will hit the target in between. Being hit by the Charge will leave a debuff lasting 45
    seconds increasing physical damage taken by 100%. Used every 30 seconds.

    Corrupt Wisp: Tankable, pulses high AoE damage.

    Supernova Decoy: Every 15 sec will leave a decoy behind it. After 5 seconds the Decoy explodes dealing massive
    damage to anyone in range.

    Pure Nature: Every 50 seconds he will use Pure Nature, creating an expanding spot on the ground. Since you are not native to Emerald Dream, you are able to stop this ability from expanding by making 5 members of the raid stand on it. Deals moderate nature damage. These puddles persist through the encounter.

    Phase 2: In phase 2 Remulos will attack you himself.

    Dreamwind: Knocks all players back 40 yards.

    Maze of Thorns: Creates a maze of thorns. An actual maze around him. Touching the thorns will kill you. Immune to all damage until 8 players reach him. During immune he will cast Hurricane. Cast at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% of his health.

    Hurricane: Deals AoE damage to everyone withing 100 yards. Ticks every 3 seconds, each tick increasing damage by 20%
    Starts at low damage.

    Thornstrike: Rips his current target dealing 2x his normal damage.

    Storm of Thorns: Channeled, 5 sec duration. Cast every 50 sec. Deals massive AoE damage to everyone in range.

    Curse of Roots: Roots start chasing one random target. If someone hits them they will be rooted for 2 seconds and take high nature damage. They first spawn right behind their target. Lasts for 12 seconds. Cast every 24 seconds.

    Nature's Judgment: Targeted at one player. After 5 seconds the Judgment will hit, dealing damage worth 4 player's health split among everyone within 5 yards of the target. Cast every 20 seconds.

    Curse of Thorns: Inflicts 3 players with Curse of Thorns, lasting for 15 seconds. They deal high damage everyone around them. Cast every 25 seconds.

    At 10% of his health he will start channeling Hurricane which lasts until he is killed. All other abilities are deactivated.

    Quotes: Aggro: You have brought the corruption with you and I shall end it!

    Corrupt Dream Dryad dies: Sister! You will pay for this interlopers!

    Corrupt Dream Keeper dies: Brother! I will avenge you!

    Corrupt Wisp dies: The corruption is so intense in you... I am ashamed for no noticing right away.

    Kill Player P1: Good my brethren! Cleanse the corruption!

    Phase 2 begins: You will beg for your life murderers!

    Dies: No.. The.. Corruption.. Must be stopped...


    Shortly after this encounter corrupt member's of the green flight will start flying to you and must be killed.
    After them Eranikus arrives:

    Eranikus: What have you done traitors? Killed members of my flight and Remulos? Now I shall avenge my comrades!

    An uncorrupt member of the green dragonflight, Itharius arrives. Itharius is also a brother to Eranikus

    Itharius: Quickly heroes, Eranikus is blindfolded to see the corruption in Remulos, leap on my back and I will fly you to Ysera.

    You leap onto his back and start flying towards Eye of Ysera. Eranikus flies after you.

    Itharius: No... I can sense it now.. Eranikus is also afflicted by the nightmare! We must defeat him.

    A short trash follows now, where you shoot Corrupt Emerald Drakes while flying on Itharius' back.

    You already see the golden domes of Eye of Ysera, but suddenly Eranikus catches up and grabs Itharius making you crash and knocking Itharius unconcious. The area you are in is just plain grassy area.

    Eranikus: Now mortals, you shall pay for what you have done to the Ancients and Remulos.



    Description: The maddened and corrupted consort of Ysera, Eranikus strikes at you. His brother by blood - Itharius is the only chance for you to win this fight. Some of your group's members might recall now, that Eranikus was killed during the first fight against the Nightmare.

    Phase 1: In phase one you fight Eranikus on the ground. Tail swipe is also strong in this one. Also Wing swipe exists. You must fully heal Itharius to begin phase 2. He is lying in the edge of the area which is surrounded by emerald tinted flames after you pull Eranikus. Healers are able to heal Itharius.

    Corrupting Breath: Frontal cone attack dealing some magic damage, and inflicting a debuff which reduces healing taken by 50% for 20 seconds. Cast every 20 seconds.

    Emerald Destruction: Every 5 seconds, a green meteor will fall from the sky. There is a shadow to see where it will land.

    Emerald Vortex: Eranikus summons an Emerald Vortex in the location of a random player, lifting the player and everybody near him into the air dealing moderate damage and interrupting all spells cast every 1 second. Cast every 20 seconds. Instead of landing the player gains a buff: "Emerald Infusion"

    Emerald Infusion: If you run to Itharius, he will be healed for 3% of his health.

    Summon Emerald Whelp: Eranikus spawns 20 Emerald Whelps, which will move to Itharius and start damaging him rapidly. They must be AoE'd down.

    Emerald Blast: Eranikus will cast this to a random player. Dealing 90% of his health. He will not be able to die withing 8 seconds and after that will receive full health, unless healed for 20k during that time, which will trigger a debuff "Emerald Corruption" Cast every 10 sec.

    Emerald Corruption: Triggered by healing a target with Emerald Blast debuff. Deals 10% health every 2 seconds for 16 seconds.

    Emerald Portal: At times Itharius will yell: "They are attacking me on Azeroth" In a half awake state. He will spawn an Emerald Portal which you must enter and kill an Corrupt Emerald Drake in Azeroth. (You may notice you are in Stonetalon Mountains)
    2 people are required or your damage will not be enough to kill the add.

    Dream Regeneration: Eranikus will regen 5% of his health every second, but 20% of the damage done to him will also heal Itharius.

    Phase 2: Itharius takes flight, and half of you will go to Azeroth to fly on him there. Eranikus will follow him. There are slightly different tactics, but both are focused on keeping Itharius alive from Eranikus' attacks. Also Eranikus will knock you off from Itharius' back and you must fly back again, before the tank on Eranikus will die.

    Tanks will be able to jump onto Eranikus. They will take more damage there, but unless the tank is on there, Eranikus is unhittable.

    Nightmare Aura: Eranikus will emit a nightmare aura dealing damage all the time. Increasing by 10% per 10% health lost.

    Nightmare Assaulters: Corrupt Emerald Drakes called Nightmare Assaulters will attack in the Emerald Dream side. Melee must jump onto them and kill them before they reach Itharius, or Itharius will suffer 25% of his health as damage.

    Emerald Drake: On Azeroth side uncorrupt Emerald Drakes will come to assist you. Melee are able to jump on one of them, and he must block projectile Eranikus shoots or Itharius will suffer 10% of his health as damage. For every Nightmare Blast taken, you will receive a stack of a debuff. The only effect the debuff has, is that the 6th stack will kill the player riding the drake.

    Nightmare Blast: The projectile the drake must block. It is spawned from the Emerald Dream, and can come from any direction. Cast every 5 seconds.

    Emerald Touch: Every 45 sec, he will cast Emerald Touch and knock all players from Itharius' back. The only one staying on is the tank on Eranikus who will still receive damage. Emerald flight will assist you and catch you, but you must be really fast flying back on top of Eranikus.

    Emerald Lasher: Eranikus will summon an Emerald Lasher onto Itharius' back. It will cleave everybody in front of him as long as it is alive, dealing moderate damage. It must be killed fast and is summoned every 36 seconds.


    Aggro: "My own brother... To be betrayed like this..."

    Itharius getting healed to 50%: "Pathetic insects, you require his end to even stand against me!"

    Itharius gains full health: (Itharius): "Heroes, we shall defeat him in air. (Sheds a tear) I was always better at flying than him..."

    Summon add: "The loyal guardians of the Dream shall deal with you!"

    Kill player: " A rightful death... I do not mourn you."


    After defeating him, you will get a cutscene where Eranikus chrashes through one of the domes and that is where Ysera's team is gathered. During the cutscene Eranikus' body also turns into shadows.
    After the cutscene this conversation will follow:

    Naralex: What happened to you? And where is Remulos.

    Itharius: Remulos and Eranikus were corrupt. To be precise, Eranikus even being alive was a trick of the Nightmare. Does anybody of you recall Eranikus dying during the last battle against the Nightmare? After regaining my consciousness I was able to remember... Let me show you.

    Itharius casts something and all the others look like they get a sudden revelation

    Ysera: The nightmare has won the first round, by making us blind to our enemies, and I suspect they did the same thing to the Ancient Protectors to think of us as the enemy. Cenarius and Naralex have accompanied us in here, some of my flight are guarding the portals.

    Malfurion: I was afraid of something like this... Now we must locate the source of this.

    Hamuul: I suggest on Rift of Aln, that is where the corruption was sealed, even if we do not find it there, we might find a clue about the location of the source of this new corruption.

    Cenarius: I mourn for Remulos... I shall stay behind and guard the Eye, and give Remulos a rightful burial.

    Ysera: But we are going to need a safer transportation since the Nightmare knows that we are coming.

    Malfurion: Should we move through Azeroth? I think we are capable of moving the mortals back to the dream.

    Ysera: So be it.

    Ysera creates an portal and you all jump through it.

    You do not recognize the place on Azeroth, but it is quite the opposite than the difference usually between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream. This time it was the Dream with buildings and Azeroth without.

    Ysera: We all can fit on Itharius' and my wings.

    You all jump on their wings and start moving towards the Maelstrom.

    Malfurion: I sense trouble ahead, and a familiar presence I can not recognize.

    You arrive at the Maelstrom. Seeing a lone night elf floating above the Maelstrom itself.

    Malfurion: Fandral! How is this possible?

    Fandral: My master's powers know no limits, I do not live...

    Fandral: ...I am just a bad dream.

    Fandral laughs. His laughter seems dark and cold.

    Hamuul: What do we do now?

    Ysera: We must kill him, and find any clues about his master.

    Fandral: Don't take me so lightly, former Aspect of the Dream.

    Ysera, Malfurion, Naralex, Hamuul and Itharius scream in pain and are forced back to the dream. Rest of you land on one of the platforms next to the Maelstrom.

    Fandral: Now mortals... You are the key to vanquish my master, so I shall stop you here!

    Dream of Fandral

    Summary: Half of the raid is afflicted with Nightmareform, and half Dreamform. Dreamform negates Nightmareform's effects.
    Every 30 seconds Fandral will shapeshift.

    Dreamform: Ysera is trying to help you from the Dream. Half of the players gain Dreamform, which negates the effect of Nightmareform from the nearest player.

    Nightmareform: Fandral will cast Nightmareform onto 5 players. If a player with Dreamform is not standing next to a player with Nightmareform, the whole raid will suffer moderate shadow damage. The players with Dreamform and Nightmareform are switched every 20 seconds.

    Shapeshift: Serpent : Fandral will turn to a Serpent for 25 seconds. He gains a set of abilities during this time described below.

    Poisonous Bite: Inflicts a stacking DoT on his current target. Tank switch mechanic.

    Tail Swirl: Will knock back anybody standing behind him and deal moderate damage every 5 seconds.

    Poison Spit: Fandral will start casting poison spit forcing players to avoid it or suffer very high nature damage. It is a frontal cone beam, and during this time Fandral will spin around slowly, randomly changing direction. Cast once during the shapeshift.

    Mindnumbing Acid: Mind controls one player for the duration of the phase. Dream- and Nightmareforms still apply.

    Shapeshift: Stormcrow: Fandral changes into a Stormcrow, and starts flying.

    Flight: Naralex grants you the powers to fly from the dream. You are able to fly and cast while moving.

    Dreamholes: As a side effect of Naralex's magic, there are holes in the fabric of Azeroth, which will teleport you into dream if you hit them. You will die because Ysera is not helping you to get trough.

    Eye of the Storm: Fandral will raise a storm, which will kill all players hit by it. To avoid it you need to be in the Eye of the Storm, near Fandral. Lasts 25 seconds. Dream- and Nightmareform still apply.

    Shapeshift: Nightmarish Treant: He will turn into a treant for 25 seconds. Gaining a new set of abilities.

    Lifebloom: Must be interrupted, 3 second cast. Cast 3 times during the shapeshift.

    Typhoon: 4 second cast, will knock you off the platform if you are still standing at where he is looking.

    Summon Nightmare Treants: Will summon 3 Nightmare treants which must be picked up. When this phase ends, they will deactivate and explode after 3 seconds, killing anyone in range.

    Phase 2: At 35% phase 2 begins. A mass of tentacles rise from the sea. These tentacles of N'Zoth will start channeling Nightmarish Empower onto Fandral, who will transform into a satyrlike creature.

    Nightmare Lash: Will deal high damage to 2 random players every 5 seconds.

    Engulfing Shadows: He will summon a black smoke into the raid. It will start moving slowly around the platform in a random pattern. Will silence and deal moderate damage if you stand inside it. And block line of sight.

    Nightmare Massacre: 4 second cast. All players not inside Engulfing Shadows will die when the cast is complete. Cast every 30 to 45 seconds.

    Nightmare Satyr: He will summon 3 Nightmare Satyrs which will start channeling Mind Sear to the raid members. The ones with Mind Sear should stay away from others since it deals high damage to them. They must be killed or you will die when you need to stack into Engulfing Shadows. Cast 15 to 25 seconds prior to Nightmare Massacre.

    Rising Nightmare: A wave of nighmare will emerge in a circular shape from the ground. It will move slowly towards the edges.
    It will move for 3 seconds, and burrow for 2 seconds in turns. 2 of these waves exist always.


    Serpent form: "Cower mortalsss... I am not to be trifled with..."

    Stormcrow form: " The skies so bright... Same can not be said about your future."

    Treant form: " I shall embrace my former druidic powers to defeat you... Although, the calling of the Nightmare is strong."

    Tentacles rise: "Master! I require aid to defeat these champions of the Light. Grant me your gift and I shall be grateful for the rest of my existance."

    Kill: " Sweet dreams..."

    Die: "How is this possible... Not again, no! " (Fandral dissolves into shadows)


    As you kill Fandral, N'Zoth's tentacles will destroy the platform you are standing on. You fall down into the sea, but just in time. Ysera and the rest will summon you into Emerald Dream. You now see the Rift of Aln. It is a swirling vortex of darkness, because of the nightmare seeping though. You can see the Nightmare assaulting Ysera and the rest, and that they are blocked by a thick black wall which is located opposite to the Rift, as if something is trying to block them right next to the Rift.

    Ysera: We managed it... Just in time. It was a carefully laid trap.

    Malfurion: Our powers are drained by this spell, we wont last long against the Nightmare. And I can sense this is nowhere near over, an old evil has the control over these events...

    Naralexx : Zaetar created this wall to keep us trapped in here until we die... He also has blocked our path back to Azeroth.

    Hamuul: I am saddened about this. The great keepers fallen victim to this corruption.. First Remulos and now Zaetar.

    Zaetar yells from the other side: Come mortals, and I shall squash you like the insects you are.

    Itharius: Heroes, you must pass the wall and kill Zaetar, it is the only way we might still have a chance. You are not native to the Dream, so the Nightmare can't block your path.

    You walk through the wall, and notice you are standing in a black bubble of sorts.

    Zaetar: You fall to a trap after another, how shameless of you. Pray for your gods, since this will be your end.

    Naralexx: Heroes, hope of the Dream and Azeroth lies with you.


    Summary: The black bubble you are standing inside will be very important in this fight, as you will need to use it for line of sight blocking and it will change form and move. Zaetar is a one phase fight with a tight enrage timer.

    Nightmare Bubble: Going to through it will block line of sight from Zaetar, but you will take damage per second when passing through, and on the other side. Every 20 seconds one of these abilities will occur:

    Nightmare Bubble: Minimize: The bubble will lose 50% of its size for 10 seconds.

    Nightmare Bubble: Clone: The bubble will duplicate, the second one being inside the first one and having holes.
    The bubble will start getting smaller until it reaches Zaetar and vanishes.

    Nightmare Bubble: Move: The bubble will start moving, not being able to pass Zaetar, but moving so that you are forced
    to move unless you want to hit its edge.

    Nightmare Corrupters: Adds which spawn once every 10 seconds, unkillable except they die if they hit the bubble. Tankable.

    Gaze of the Keeper: Zaetar will target one player and start channeling, making him loose 15% of his health every 1 second. This ability is cancelled if the player targeted will cross the bubble. Cast every 10 seconds.

    Nightmarish Starfall: Moderate AoE damage throughout the fight.

    Sweeping Winds: Will knock one player out of the bubble. Cast every 30 sec.

    Overwhelming Nightmare: Most of the area is covered by black ooze, which must be avoided.

    Bestial Insticts: When a melee player visits outside the bubble, Hamuul will grant this buff increasing damage done by 10% for 1 minute, but also grants a debuff which prevents this from triggering for 2 minutes, encouraging players to take turns to visit out of the bubble.

    Soothing Nature: When a healer visits outside the bubble, Naralexx will grant this buff increasing healing done by 15% for 1 minute, but also grants a debuff which prevents this from triggering for 2 minutes, encouraging players to take turns to visit out of the bubble.

    Lunar Attunement: When a caster visits outside the bubble, Malfurion will grant this buff increasing damage done by 10% for 1 minute, but also grants a debuff which prevents this from triggering for 2 minutes, encouraging players to take turns to visit out of the bubble.

    Gift of the Green Flight: When a tank visits outside the bubble, Itharius will grant this buff decreasing damage taken by 20% for 30 seconds but also grants a debuff which prevents this from triggering for 1 minute, encouraging players to take turns to visit out of the bubble.

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    Hoggers Palace

    This raid occurs as the final raid in the final expansion of WoW. (Presumed to be at level 100.)

    Located just outside of Stormwind at the very spot you THOUGHT you killed Hogger now lays a gigantic castle. Inside is Hogger and all of his minions.

    Imagine that is looks sort of like this (Pic was a bit big, it's some Gilneas castle screenshot)
    Except more menacing and imagine the top was not pointy but instead a flat surface to battle on much like Vs. Lich King in ICC.

    You enter, and it's much like ICC, only less dark, and Gnolls everywhere instead of undead.

    There are about 50 floors. (Roughly the same size as the floors in ICC)

    Every 10 floors there is a boss, for a total of 5 bosses, the 5th culminating in an epic battle with none other than Hogger himself.

    For those many bossless floors there are alot of trash, and even confusing puzzles and environmental obstacles to get past and things like that. At the end of every trash floor there is a chest with about a 10% chance of a single piece of epic loot, but always Valor tokens for everyone inside said chest.

    Boss #1.
    The Gnoll Security Force.
    This is a boss fight involving 10 Gnoll bodyguards, they are all about twice the size of the usual gnolls you see in the game. The fights mechanics are alot like the faction champs in ToC.

    The Gnoll Military
    This boss fight involes walking into a room of heavily armed Gnolls. There are approximately 100 Silver difficulty mobs in this room all at once that your group must face and defeat. 10 of which are healers so it's going to be rough. If that wasn't enough... once you have killed 90 of them an alarm goes off and more start pouring in. 100 more of these enemies pour into the room every 2 minutes for the next 18 minutes. (Total of 1,000 enemies) However, after you have killed 900 of 1000 the final set of 100 are Gold difficulty enemies with fancy military titles like Sergeant, Lieutenant, Colonel, etc. So it gets harder. So you literally have to defeat the entire Military of Hogger.

    Don't ask. Somehow Hogger actually has Ktulu as a minion. This fights mechanics would resemble the fight with Deathwing mixed with the Lord Marrowgar. He's in the middle of some water. On the 30th floor. Doesn't have to make sense. It would basically be the Deathwing fight but with Marrowgars Spikes & Fire also added into the mix to make it a little bit worse.

    The Devil
    Again, don't ask but somehow Hogger even has The Devil working for him and not the other way around. This is because you have NO IDEA how truly evil & sinister Hogger really is. The Devil would have 666,666,666,666,666 HP. He would have an aura that deals fire damage equal to about 5% of the average characters health every 5 seconds. In addition to doing normal huge boss damage.

    The key to this boss is that for every Paladin and Priest in your group he gets debuffed.
    For every Paladin and/or Priest in your group he :
    Takes 5% more damage, Deals 5% Less Damage (25 Man Mode)
    Takes 10% more damage, Deals 10% Less Damage (10 Man Mode)

    In addition, he has the ability to mind control Death Knights and Warlocks. Every 2 minutes he mind controls up to 1 (or 3 in 25 man mode) there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. They will attack your own group randomly for 30 seconds. Including that he can and damn well WILL make them summon Army Of The Dead, Dreadguards, etc and pull out all the stops on your own groups sorry asses.

    Additionally, if you do not defeat him in 10 minutes his enrage mechanic is that the entire room turns pretty dark and then ALL of the ground lights on fire. It starts mild and gets worse. At 1st the fire will deal about 1% health per 5 seconds, every 5 second interval it goes up another 1% max hp as damage per 5 seconds. The fire visibly grows stronger, higher, and more powerful at each interval boost. Once you are taking 10% Max HP DP5S demons start pouring into the room and randomly attacking the group. Starting with 1 demon, the next tick 2, the next tick 3, the next tick 4, and so on.

    Basically, if you don't beat him in about 12 minutes the entire room will be on fire and filled with about 82 demons and your group will be absolutely demolished.

    Hogger <Evil Incarnate>
    Hogger has 666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 HP, he is approximately 200 Feet Tall now (Nobody really knows why)

    There is no enrage timer, it is a Tank & Spank fight. The only issue is his obscene HP. Your group will have to chug coffee, and place buckets beneath themselves to use as toilets before pulling him.

    This fight will take between 12 and 20 hours, depending on how strong your dps are. As previously noted you fight him on the top of his castle just like Lich King.

    When you get him to 1% he seemingly does enrage, viciously mauling your entire group in a matter of seconds. However, much like in the battle with Lich King. It is not over, no. Jesus Christ himself comes down from the sky and ressurects your party, then he proceeds to take the spot of your main tank and lead you to victory. (Considering Hoggers insane HP, this last 1% will still be a few minutes)

    After Hogger is defeated, Jesus Raptures your group into Heaven with him. Azeroth-Heaven is like a special main city for the elite players who have pulled off this victory. You can come and go from Heaven to and from Azeroth any time you like.

    It should be noted that Hoggers loot table includes full gear sets condensed into 1 item (you right click to open and are rewarded with the full set) of the best looking, strongest gear conceivable. As well as the greatest weapons and trinkets conceivable.

    The gear is ilvl 1,000. The armor sets have insane set bonuses and about 5 red gem sockets per piece. The weapons have insane special abilities and 5 red gem sockets as well. The trinkets even have 5 red sockets and the craziest, best effects ever. They all come pre-enchanted and gems with better than BiS enchants and gems. Bestowed upon you by Jesus during the post-kill cutscene. About 5X as good as otherwise BiS Gems and Enchants. This gear also, despite already being more powerful than otherwise BiS PVE gear, is also superior to BiS PVP gear. It has enough resillience on it to ammount to 99% damage reduction and 99% damage boost to other players. (On top of it's already insane stats)

    If you wear this gear anywhere else in the game you are SO POWERFUL it's unreal. You could solo any other raid. In PVP you could win Alterac Valley even if you had to do 1 on 40 (Provided the other 40 do not have this gear) Your character would have approx 10 million HP and approx 1 million Attack/Spellpower in this gear.

    Additionally Hogger drops 10,000,000 Gold (or 25,000,000 Gold in 25 Man)

    Since it's the final boss of the final raid, it's perfectly fitting that the loot is game breaking, because the game's over.

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    How long is the Hogger fight? 100 hours of constant dps? WTB the gold, but damn gold cap... Also 1000 adds as a fight, damn :P
    "You face not the Mod Hammer alone, but the infractions I command."

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    Siege of Stratholme

    The death knight Aurius Rivendare is the final bastion of the Scourge within the Eastern Plaguelands. Come adventurers, hear the call of the Argent Crusade to clear out this blight from our lands. We promise not to hold a tournament this time.

    Boss 1: Ramstein the Gorger (Gear Check)

    - Hateful Strike: Strikes second highest player on threat with a strong melee attack. 5 second cooldown

    - Blood Boil: Inflicts a 10 second dot on all players in melee range. Causes x amount of initial damage with each cast. Moderate damage; 15 second cooldown

    - Enrage: At 25% hp, attack speed is increased by 100%, reduces the cooldown to hateful strike by 2 seconds, blood boil by 5 seconds.

    - Berserk: After 5 minutes, Ramstien the Gorger increases damage and attack speed by 500%, cooldown on blood boil and hateful strike reduced to 0 seconds.


    - Spawn at 30 second intervals.

    - When killed provide [Slimy Speed] a 50% haste buff for 15 seconds to all players within 5 yards.

    Boss 2: Hearthsinger Forresten

    3 phases; swapped at every 33% of his hp.

    All phases:

    - Death's Dagger: Cast on a player's location. If hit by the area of effect, the target loses 90% of current hp. 1.5 second cast time

    1. Sorrow Phase

    - Heartbroken Aura: Increases Hearthsinger Forresten's melee damage by 50%, empowers him with sorrowful strikes. Causes moderate amount of damage to all players within 100 yards every 5 seconds.

    - Sorrowful Strikes: Stacks a damage over time on the current target, causing x damage over 20 seconds. (Tank swap mechanic)

    - Sad Song: Targets a player and makes them weep uncontrollably. Affects any person within 10 yards of the target. 15 second cooldown

    2. Vengeful Phase

    - Vengeful Aura: Increases Hearthsinger Forresten's melee attack speed by 50%, empowers him with vengeful strikes. Causes all damage dealt to be split with random player.

    - Vengeful Strikes: Splits damage evenly between the main target and the nearest player.

    - Vengeful Song: Inspires random player to action, causing him or her to lose control and attack friends in a [Vengeful Haze]. 15 second cooldown

    - Vengeful Haze: Player is immune to crowd control and roots, damage done is increased by 20%. Player is still affected by slows and snares.

    3. Remorseful Phase

    - Remorseful Aura: Increases Hearthsinger Forresten's casting speed by 100%, empowers him with remorseful strikes. Causes a stacking debuff [Doubt] to stack on players, reducing health by 5% per stack. [Doubt] lasts 15 seconds.

    - Remorseful Strikes: Reduces current target's health by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacking debuff.

    - Remorse Song: Causes the target to contemplate their actions, causing 20% of their health in damage every second for five seconds and stunning the target.

    Boss 3: The Gatekeepers

    1. Baroness Anastari

    - Dominate Mind: Takes control of a random player's mind, causing them to attack their allies. Lasts until the player's health is reduced by 50%.

    - Banshee Wail: Causes high amount of damage to random target. 1.5 second cast time. Interruptable

    - Intangible: Disappears from sight, becoming untargetable and unseeable. Lasts 5 seconds.

    - Banshee Curse: Stacking debuff on current target, reduces health by 5% per stack. 5 second cooldown

    2. Maleki the Palid

    - Frostbolt Volley: Causes x amount of damage to every player within 100 yards. 1.5 second cast time.

    - Mana Bomb: Maleki the Palid channels arcane energy for 2 seconds, causing an arcane explosion for high damage. 15 second cooldown. Interruptable.

    - Frost Blast: Encases all targets within 15 yards of Maleki the Palid in ice tombs, causing 50% of their health in damage over 5 seconds and then breaking. 15 second cooldown

    - Blink: Maleki moves to a random player's location.

    3. Nerub'enkan

    - Webby Hands: Encases current target in web over time, stunning them at 10 stacks for 2 minutes.

    - Web Grip: Grips random target to its location, encasing it in [Webby Tomb]

    - Webby Tomb: Encases the target in a webby tomb with x health.

    - Summon Skittering Minions: Summons a wave of bugs to attack the raid.

    - Skittering Minion: Low amount of health, can be slowed.

    Boss 4: Magistrate Barthilas

    - Slaughterhouse Chutes: Placed on six sides of the room, spawn point for weak abominations.

    - Angry Punt: Punt current target for 60 yards, causing the target's movement speed and health to be reduced by 90% for 15 seconds. Increases Magistrate Barthilas' movement speed by 50%. 20 second cooldown.

    - Backhand: Cleaves an arc around Magistrate Barthilas, causing high damage to everyone within 40 yards.

    - Summon Abomination: Calls an weak abomination from the Slaughterhouse Chutes. 5 second cooldown

    - Abomination Detonation: Explodes all dead abominations within 100 yards, causing a low amount of damage to anyone within 25 yards of the corpse. Damage stacks higher the when the corpses are closer together.

    Weak Abomination

    - Slimy Roll: Abomination rolls out of the shute in a random direction, completely immune to damage for 3 seconds.

    - Bile Spew: Spews an cone of bile on the target causing moderate damage.

    - Chain Grip: Pulls random player to the abomination.

    - Gooey Remains: Abomination's corpse persists after death.

    - Fixate: Abomination fixates on random target, following it until the abomination dies.

    Boss 5: Aurius Rivendare

    Phase 1: Skeletal Steed 100% Health

    - Skeletal Steed: Aurius Rivendare flies over the raid, leaving trails of fire across the room as he engages Argent Crusaders (10 and 25) in the sky.

    - Fiery Trail: Burns for a moderate amount of fire damage. Persists for for phase 1.

    - Argent Steed: Spawned after Aurius Rivendare kills the Crusaders. Can be mounted by players. Allows flight and the ability to cast while moving.

    - Burning Rush: Aurius Rivendare rushes a random target, causing moderate fire damage to any player in his path.

    - Swift Kick: Aurius Rivendare's steed kicks a random player within 5 yards, knocking them back 5 yards and stunning them.

    - Fiery Breath: Aurius Rivendare's steed breaths a gout of flame, turning in a circle around the room.

    Phase 2: Ground Phase 70% health

    - Unholy Aura: Causes small amount of damage every 2 seconds for anyone within 100 yards.

    - Mass Deathgrip: Deathgrips all players to Aurius Rivendare.

    - Empower: Increased the damage of unholy aura by 50%, and reduces the time between ticks by 1 second for 5 seconds. 30 second cooldown, cast immediately after mass death grip.

    - Necrotic Touch: Causes a stacking debuff on the current target for 15 seconds that absorbs 5% of the target's maximum health per stack in healing.

    - Drain Soul: Drains the soul of a random target, healing Aurius Rivendare for 2% of his health per second. Channeled; interruptable

    - Shadow Cleave: Aurius Rivendare strikes the ground, leaving a trail of unholy magic across the room. Any player caught within the effect will receive a high amount of damage. Effect persists until the third phase. 1.5 second cast time. 10 second cooldown.

    Phase 3: Army of the Dead 30% health (Burn Phase)

    - Empowered Unholy Aura: Causes a moderate amount of damage to all targets within 100 yards every second.

    - Army of the Dead: Aurius Rivendare Summons all of his remaining minions in Stratholme. 4 minute channel, more variety in minions spawn as time increases, continuous spawns.

    - Minions:

    Cadavers: Low damage

    Geists: Moderate damage. After 20 seconds

    Gargoyles: Moderately high damage after 30 seconds

    Wights: High damage after 40 seconds

    Abominations: Extremely high damage after 50 seconds

    Boss 6 (Heroic only): Timmy the Cruel

    - Diseased Touch Stacking debuff on current target. Lasts 15 seconds

    Phase 1

    - Gnaw: Timmy the Cruel jumps at a random target, causing a high amount of damage.

    - Falling Apart: As Timmy the Cruel loses more health, his body falls to the floor.

    - Just a Flesh Wound: With each body part that Timmy the Cruel loses, his damage increases by 20%.

    Phase 2

    - Surprise: Timmy the Cruel's body parts take on a life of their own, attack random players.

    Timmy's Legs x 2

    - Kick: Timmy's leg jumps to the nearest target, interrupting its casting.

    - Knee: Timmy's leg knees the target, stunning it for 3 seconds.

    Timmy's Arms x 2

    - Whirlwind: Timmy's arms cleave the air around them, doing a high amount of damage to anyone within 10 yards.

    - Fling: Timmy's arms grab hold of a player, flinging him against the wall and causing a high amount of damage.

    Timmy's Head

    - Bite: Timmy's head bites the target, causing a moderate amount of damage and inflicting [Mouth Disease]

    - Mouth Disease: Causes a moderate amount of damage over time to the target. 15 second duration

    Phase 3

    - Recombine: Timmy the Cruel reassembles himself.

    - Frenzy: Timmy the Cruel enrages, increasing attack speed and damage by 50%.

    - Gnaw: Timmy the Cruel jumps at a random target, causing a high amount of damage.

    - Falling Apart: As Timmy the Cruel loses more health, his body falls to the floor.
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