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    I must admit I'm having a hard time deciding if i should upgrade or not. On 1 hand I really dislike the Metro look (but could probably get used to i guess) on the other it seems it does do things as well as Win7 and in some cases even better.

    So I guess it comes down to the fact whatever I can live with Metro or not, still undecided.

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    Does 8 have an option to make it less annoying looking and more like 7?
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    Does 8 have an option to make it less annoying looking and more like 7?
    Yup, its called Windows 7.
    W8 is built on W7. If you don't like the fluff, don't use W8.
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    Gotta admit that I was skeptical and a bit angry with W8, but I've got the Pro version through my university and I've been using it the whole day now and I'm liking it. It's not that much different really.
    The only thing I really think it's lacking is a good intro tutorial after the installation to teach how to reach the simple stuff like shut down, Computer, change some settings, that kind of stuff. I got through that alright, but my mom who was trying it as well, didn't do so well.

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    P.S. Finally Win8 Professional x64 is available on Dreamspark for Students and Teachers. I was starting to worry I'd have to pay for it!
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