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    What will you do after WoW last expansion is released in 2014. ?

    Hello Guys

    First of all this is not a compare game thread i was (Quit 7 months ago) a wow player myself. Recently im been playing different games in which I have enjoyed specially because is something different. I myself was one of the top hunters raiders in my server finished and cleared Cata but after that there was really nothing much to do for me. I tried pvp got bored having to farm so much to buy pvp gear, some friend i don't even understand the fun on farming mats all day. Guess people really get very into the game sometimes may a little too much. Well the reason I wanted to try this post (This my first time). Is because i ask one of my friend a simple question. What would you do when wow ends, his reaction was so bad is like i cursed his mother. Is true that WoW is been with us a long time but as well we all know everything has an ending. At some point we have to reach the end of the story before it gets dull for everyone. Myself enjoyed WoLK more than Cata it had a more impact on the story and it fits for me i even considered that as the end of the wow story. If you play the Warcraft 3 you would know what I mean. I still played Cata wanted to play before i decide to look for something else it had its boring and also very fun moments.

    (Sorry for the format of the link i new to the forums so cant post images yet. Please copy paste to another browser windows to see the chart.)
    Link (Copy & Paste): ""

    This was release long time ago this was also where everyone found out about the new Blizzard project called Titan. This chart has been out long time ago so maybe still true or some dates have changed. Just consider this true for a bit and follow the discussion. If this is still true WoW will end with 5 expansions. If look at the charts the date for MoP is not exact but is close this would be considered the 4 expansion. That leaves the number 5 that considering the chart will be released end of 2013 with the release/announcement of the unknown game Titan.

    (Remember to this chart is outdated so this dates can be different in real life and we are just considering the chart still true for the discussion. They haven't been an update about this info to know if still valid, but true i dont see blizzard creating an expansion after lv 100.)

    Myself, i think that after MoP it will be a battle with the old Gods and Sangeras. Considering that WoW subscriber totals have been declining with every new MMO that comes up, still with 10m I'm still there pretty sure there will be players by the time the last expansion hits.

    Link (Copy & Paste) : ""
    From : MMOData

    So consider this reality for a bit and tell what would you do after you kill the last raid boss in the last content in the last expansion.

    Would just stay there and repeat stuff over and over ?
    Would you move on to better stuff or games ?
    Is it hard for you to believe a day without WoW ?

    Other interesting feedback....

    Whats the thing in wow you enjoyed the game ? (I mean the mechanics, not the social aspect)

    What things you seen in other game that can make WoW more enjoyable for you ? (I know there is always something you cannot play the game 5 years and not wish so that blizzard would add a feature you saw on another game.)

    If you decide to quit in the future or already did like me. What game your playing now ?

    This is not to offend or critic the game like i said i played and left but that's me not you. I'm very interested to read about your feedback.
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    Blizzard isn't just going to stop making WoW expansions without releasing something else to take its place. Either Titan will be a huge hit that gradually takes over WoW's player base, or it will fail and they'll keep WoW going until they have something new to take its place.

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    Probably not care cause the game will be 10 years old and all things come to an end. The servers will be up forever though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffter View Post
    Blizzard isn't just going to stop making WoW expansions without releasing something else to take its place. Either Titan will be a huge hit that gradually takes over WoW's player base, or it will fail and they'll keep WoW going until they have something new to take its place.
    Is true they can do that but if this happens i can consider this as a image impact for the company not able to create something to overpass their original creation. When the time comes we would know. I cant imagine someone playing a hunter at level 110 or something but is true what you say they can try at least but like everything they are always risks.

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    Crap like this makes me /facepalm, like irl

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    Blizz wont quit making expansions until wow quits making them money. Just because the projection you mention does not indicate expansions released beyond 2014 doesn't mean there won't be more. It is not unusual for business's to make projections in 5 year increments. And the leaked projection covers 5 years. Projections made after that one have not been leaked to the public.

    Personally, I quit then came back. During the 6 months I was gone, I discovered that I actually could live without wow and live without something to replace it with.
    It was only due to friends that I agreed to return at all.

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    I don't think wow is going to be having a "last" x-pack for a LONG time. Hell, look at Everquest: It's not even CLOSE to as popular as it was before, and it's still going. What are they up to now, like 14 x-packs?

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    I bet if you found a leaked product slate from 2005 Wrath of the Lich King would have been the last expansion.

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    First, that was the last planned expansion. But Blizz left the door wide open with comments like "100 is just a number." Obviously they will keep producing as long as WoW is profitable.

    Now anyway, for your point. When WoW sinks, I'll likely re-evaluate the market at that point. Because the only way for WoW to die is if one or more truly superior MMOs come out. And I"ll look at them, see if I like them. If not, then I"ll pull out of MMOs. But one thins is sure at this point. I'll be one of those players that goes down with my MMO. 2005-???
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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    Probably not care cause the game will be 10 years old and all things come to an end. The servers will be up forever though
    As long as its profitable, absolutely. EverQuest is still up and running and it game out in 1999.

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    I'm going to play WoW until the day I die. So much time invested, so many memories. Azeroth holds a special place in my heart <3

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    WOW has at least 20 years left. I will get back to you in 2032 and tell you what my plans are then.
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    That production slate doesn't mean WoW will "end" in 2014. Either give us a Blizzard employee on the record saying after MoP there is only 1 more x-pac or there is nothing to discuss.

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    Where do people get these ideas from? As long as wow keeps making money they are going to keep making xpacks.
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    The logic behind the OP's question is seriously questionable.

    I mean, I work in a Movie Theatre. I have a list, officially sent by our booking agent, that lists every movie coming out in the next approx 3 years along with their currently established release dates. There are no movies listed after April of 2015. By the OP's logic, I guess we should appreciate our gifts from hollywood while they last, since there will be no more Movies after spring 2015.

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    I'll find a GF :P
    Anyway last expansion wont be in 2014 lol.

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    I dont think that me or any of you will be still alive when the last wow expansion will be release.

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    This post isn't really constructive to the main topic, but hopefully helpful to the OP - it's a chart, not chard.. Although, rereading I noticed you got it correct once or twice, so I'm a little confused how this happened..

    Anyway, to keep it in line with the topic - I've already quit about 8 months ago, but I'm hoping Guild Wars 2 keeps me occupied from release until well after wow's final expansion (whenever that may be); uni is my primary focus now so a subscription based mmo just doesn't work for me.

    What I enjoyed the most: Leveling the different classes throughout the different zones. I absolutely loved raiding when I had the time for it, but it's just not something I could rationalise any more between study and a social life..

    Also, you said you're basing this discussion off of the chart, but you've listed 2 expansions? 90-95, and then 95-100? It's highly plausible of course, just wished to clarify that you're predicting 2 more expansions rather than 1 as the chart would suggest.

    If I were still playing wow come the final expansion, I might play for a week or 2 after downing the final boss, but I wouldn't feel compelled to re run the raids as it is normally. After you've downed the ultimate final boss, character progression would feel meaningless to me.

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    I'd love for them to make the game sandbox, boost our characters or nerf raid bosses so that they can be solo'd with normal being easy and heroic being a challenge. Would be nice to be able to farm raids for the drops I never got.

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    Continue playing GW2 like I've done for couple of years by then.
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