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    it is ignoring the newest stat; baseline resilience isn't on gear/gems/enchants so it's more of an asspull than a stat itself and might not account a reduction to healing absorb (it is a fairly new addition and so is base res), that could be giving the feeling of 'not enough'.
    6 applications versus 17 applications isn't a "feeling" it is empirical data.

    It isn't a new stat, it's resil given to players. All character sheets have "resilience" on live. The only difference now is that without PVP gear on it's 40% instead of 0. There's not really anyway for it to "ignore" baseline resil while still being affected by pvp gear resil.

    The problem is it's not SCALING to resil like it does now.

    I'm not in beta
    Makes sense.

    Edit: Further testing shows you to be right, I was looking at it as if Blizzard had better programmers but they don't, so atm only necro isn't being affected by baseline resil.

    Anyway... >.>
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