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    FPS problem

    So i usually play LoL with around 45-60 fps but now the game goes at around 20-26 fps and my computer is not even heating up...anyone knows why?

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    I have pretty bad computer specs and im around 50-70fps at all times. The fps only drops to 26 or something when there are like 4 waves of creeps stacked up and I go to clear them. Do you have that kind of FPS all the time or just when the place is crowded for example in teamfights or when many creeps are around?

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    I always have around 45-60 fps during game fights/minions...but today i did a game and my fps was stuck on 26

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    Hmm I don't think FPS issues is caused by the game itself. Lower your video settings if you haven't? Or try doing a repair.

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    Can you be more specific about when your client is dropping in FPS?

    Though I would try to repair it first. Awhile ago I was having issues with random FPS drops (from a stable to 60 to roughly 2) so I uninstalled and reinstalled LoL. I didn't really think about repairing. Probably would have worked I just forgot about it.

    But, my client prior to uninstalling was ~1.5gigs. I reinstalled and it was 3gigs. idk how the game was running with half of the files, but the FPS drops stopped happening afterwards.

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    In some games my fps is 25 during all game and in others its at 60, i read on LoL forums that it happens after patches so i guess its just a bug, probably got repaired since the game runs smoothly now

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