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    about time cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woot now i dont have too check the forum everyday for the last 3 months waiting for a release date!!

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    I don't suppose the Quilien mount comes right away when you pre-sale purchase the digital deluxe edition? x) I'll still have to wait until it's actually playable to redeem it?

    Can anyone who already bought the DD edition confirm/deny? :3
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    Better September than December, I'd say.

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    A bit earlier than I expected, but it is still later than I would have like. It would have been nice if they could have launched sometime in June and given us the Summer to play. Oh well, back to trying to manage class time with the next expansion.

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    now the only question remains. When will the prepatch drop? Maybe Aug 28th?

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    OMG I was not preparred for this news today *faints*

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    why not just ask for monney and buy it urself?
    I will probably do that. Still the end result is the same: getting MoP ^^

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    Awesome news!

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    August 28th or so sounds about right, (yes, I do know what that date is, heh.) that gives them a month to test it on the ptr.

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    69€ for the CE Box?? Whats up with that. Cataclysm was only 40€ and the Contents are the Same ... thats stupid. :/

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    funny how its old news already before mmo champion posted it on front page bit slow

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    Already bought the Digital Deluxe

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    2 more month of DS :O

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    Wooooooooooooo Digital deluxe it is!

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    Can't wait !

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    Finally a release date - amazing stuff =)

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    Did anyone notice that for the first time prices arent the same for euros and dollars? It was about time. 40$ but 35 euros

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    So the prepatch is probably dropping at the end of August......well hopefully they use the last 1 1/2 Months there is plenty of work to do.

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    Can't wait 'till my shop will open CE pre-order quotas.

    Though I'm a little disappointed this time there's no TCG stuff in.

    Whatever, YES, I CAN'T WAIT.

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