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    How do I use my racial skill?

    Hello, I bought this game yesterday so I'm new here.

    I have a level 3 norn thief and I have no idea of how to use my racial.

    From what I read they are considered utility skills and they are available when you make your character.

    So I hit H, skills and traits, slot skills. All my utility skills are gray.

    So ya, how do I use my racial?

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    Slot skills are unlocked with skill points. Once unlocked they can be slotted to the 6 [heal only] and 7-0 skills.


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    So, I can only use my racial at level 5?

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    Yes, they are not racial skills comparable to World of Warcraft, SWTOR or Rift if you happen to be making that logical assumption.
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    Ok I understood. Thank you very much.

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