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    Lightbulb [A] Minions of Mithril - 10M - EU-Silvermoon

    About Us

    Minions Of Mithril are a 10 man raiding guild found on Silvermoon EU with history dating back to the opening of the realm. With the start of a new expansion upon us the guild is looking for a few new members to assist with the push back to the top 10 man guild on the realm.

    Guild Achievements Include:

    * LK 25HC Kill - World 57
    * Tier 11 - 13/13HC (Realm First 10man)
    * Tier 12 - 7/7HC (Realm First 10man)
    * Tier 13 - 8/8HC

    Currently recruiting:

    * DPS Warrior or Shadow Priest HIGH PRIORITY !!
    * Elemental Shaman (Resto shaman offspec)
    * Mage or Warlock

    Guild ethos always values skill higher than gear when it comes to applications, possessing both however is a bonus!

    Our Raid schedule for MoP is:

    Thursday 20:00 till 23:30
    Sunday 20:00 till 23:30
    Monday 20:00 till 23:00

    Contact any of our members ingame and they will redirect you to the right person for recruitment info. or mail us at @ gmail dot com

    Guild Information

    * 10 man raiding guild
    * Established on the first day Silvermoon EU opened 11.02.2005. 7 and a half years ago and still going strong!
    * Achieved World 57 LK 25HC Kill on a 3 day schedule
    * Moving back from a 2 day raiding schedule in DS to 3 days in MoP
    * Aiming for realm first 10 man

    Reasons to Apply

    * Experienced stable and established guild who value progress in a good raiding environment
    * Low amount of time and pulls spent on learning bosses before first kills
    * Committed and flexible leadership who welcome input from all members
    * Light raiding schedule with a slighly later raid start time to suit those with work and families
    * Personalised guild tactics to suit the guild roster (no copy and paste tactics from youtube!)
    * All gem's, enchants and raiding mats covered by the guild bank
    * Skilled team aiming to regain top 10 man position on the realm with a 3 day schedule
    * Friendly social enviroment outside of raids with social pvp and arena players

    About Silvermoon

    Silvermoon is one of the most populated EU realms, with a significant Alliance bias. Opened in 2005 the realm is home to numerous raiding guilds.

    Realm Information

    * EU English speaking realm
    * PVE realm with a high Alliance population
    * Opened 11.02.2005
    * Stable realm with low latency

    Reasons to move to Silvermoon

    * Most progressed English speaking PvE EU realm
    * Highest population PvE EU realm
    * Strong and active Alliance faction
    * Competitive realm with 64 guilds having cleared 8/8HC and over 350 active guilds
    * Vibrant trade chat offering both successful current content pugs and older content on a daily basis
    * Extremely well stocked AH and strong realm economy
    * MoM are on Silvermoon!
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    Still looking for reinforcements

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    Few more needed !

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    Still looking..

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    Apply now, guarantee yourself a spot for MoP

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    Friendly bump from an old friend, Dolonar ze mage :P
    Good luck finding some people Lorune.

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    Bump, still looking for either a DPS Warrior or Shadow Priest plus a Boomkin, Elemental Shaman and Warlock or Mage. Any questions find us in game on Silvermoon EU.

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    Still looking for some dps and 1 resto shaman

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    Still looking for the same

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    Bump, recruitment needs updated in the original post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spherical Cow View Post
    Bump, recruitment needs updated in the original post.
    New blood still needed, we will let it flow freely !
    Basement dweller

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    Bump still need some.
    Basement dweller

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    Still looking for a few new people to join us in MoP and help regain realm top 10 man.

    Currently recruiting:

    * DPS Warrior or Shadow Priest
    * Mage or Warlock
    * Elemental Shaman with ability to play Restoration
    * Boomkin

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    Need one or two more to complete the roster, high priority on a DPS warrior or Shadow Priest and a Boomkin.

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    Dps warrior or Shadow priest really wanted (we have a someone that can play either SP or dps warrior, so its 1 spot left for this.)

    Boomkin spot aswell assuming your really good
    Basement dweller

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    Bump, recruitments needs still the same as stated above!

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    New talents out this week, still looking for a Crit Chicken and either a DPS Warrior or Shadow Priest.

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    Daily Bump! Looking for two more to join us in our MoP progression.

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    Up you go, still looking !
    Basement dweller

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    Daily bump, still looking for a few people.

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