View Poll Results: will you be getting googles 1gb inernet when they release it?

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  • Yes, 1gb will give me crazy fast downloads

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  • No, it will be full of problems and isnt worth the price

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    Google internet 1gbps speed

    will you be going for googles 1gb internet when they release it or will you be sticking with your current ISP

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    I might give it a try.

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    Will it come to Canada? ;>

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    Maybe... If they just could put some fiber cable in the ground where i live....

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    It will probably spread out, but right now its only in KC.

    It's 70/month so probably not in my current situation, because i don't live in KC and thats almost double what I'm paying now.
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    It's pretty hard to notice the difference between 100mpbs and 1gbps because most sites don't support anywhere near that speed.

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    It's still better then 5mbps shared among 5 people, and a monthly 120gb cap.

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    I'm paying $80 right now for just high speed internet alone with Comcast, definitely getting this once its available in my area.

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    Tell me! where am i!
    it seems worth the 70 a month but idk
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    I don't SEE anything wrong with it. But any awful ISP can proclaim themselves an amazing, high-speed internet provider.

    I pay for 16 mbps with Bell Canada and I get..

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    I pay $70 a month currently with my isp, just depends on if it ever comes to where I live.

    Get about 60mb/s down, and about 9mb/s up.

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    Gonna be a while before this is a thing in the Netherlands...
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    I'd definitely consider it if they came to my corner of Houston, if only to help promote the continued improvement of the US's fiber network and to spit in the eye of carriers that are thinking about doing stupid things like bandwidth capping and such.
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    The liklihood of this coming to my area is basically zero. I'd buy it if they brought it out here, though. Tired of Comcast raising their rates and not offering expanded services.

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    Most ppl dont even have 1gb ethernet cards
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    woaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its a great lik

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    Its very informative thanks

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    If it came to FL, possibly. I'm paying about $45/mo for a 10Mb/s speed through Century Link, an extra $25 for something 100x better sounds kinda worth it.

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    If they ever have it where I'm at, sure. For $70, that's more than awesome. Now Google will own the internet and how we access it!

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    seems awesome, but what do i DL that will make it feel much different then 10 or 100 Mbps?
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