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    Is ranked worth the headache?

    OK, so after finally getting confident enough at 4/5 roles I decided to do my placement matches for ranked

    1st game, we had a player call top, then choose annie who buys nothing but dorans blades and tries to melee everything in the jungle

    2nd game we had our bottom lane leave before minion spawn leaving me as the jungler in a 2v1 bottom vs zil and Corki needless to say we lost

    3rd game AP/AD and Top all left, sona and I let the enemies take nexus at 7 min

    4th game a scion who called jungle, refused to buy items and would only kill something with smite, eg he only killed a wolf every 90 seconds never ganked and purposefully engaged in team fights solo, or showed up late to feed. The whole time he also called us a large number of racist comments, and repeatedly asked the other team to report us.

    5th game, AFK AD carry leaving a janna solo bot, and when the enemy ez got his ult he was able to get a free kill every time it was up by firing it at our spawn since it one shot Trist. Ez was 49/0/3.... once he found out he could kill Trist every min he was able to complete his build at 25 min...

    So basically is trying ranked worth this, does it get better once you do 10 placement matches? Granted at this rate I will prob be like 200 rated...
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    The best advice I can give you is find 4 friends and use skype or whatever to talk. It will save you a huge amount of time and stress.

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    I was gonna try that but everyone I know IRL already plays ranked so I would be placed against 1600+ players if I que with them.

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    Wow, those experiences sounds horrendous.

    As Han said, your best bet is to play with people you know from gaming or irl with Skype group call, makes everything so easier and much more enjoyable. Even if you are placed against 1600+ players, it's not a bad thing to jump in at the deep end in your case. You'll probably learn things a lot faster and pick up tips.

    Good luck

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    I have never seen a string of games that bad. My advice, wait till season three.

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    Yeah I was thinking about waiting till S3... gonna take your advice and do so. Thank you.

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    i started ranked a few months ago, and do it now and again when i feel like it. So far ive had 5 games, all wins and 3 of which i chose support. And according to LoL im 1.4k elo. Am i just lucky? I mean, i read threads of people going weeks with constant trolls games and i know 5's a small samples but they wasn't consecutive and ive yet to see someone deliberately throw a game. Even with my 1500 normal games played i can count of my hand how many people deliberately trolled.

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    Imo all moba games were meant to be played with voip and premade group. Its a teamgame and you need to have good communication. Writing in chat just isnt enough for serious play.

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    My advice would be to find friends who play LoL on a similar skill level. Then you can use voice communication. Skype is free and allows for decent quality conference calls. Voice communication will also give you an edge over solo queue as you won't waste time typing anything. You can also tell each other what you're going to do, where you're going to do it and when. Unless you have the patience of a saint, I'd advise against ever doing solo queue ranked. At least duo queue with someone you know as support and AD bot.

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    I actually don't play rankeds much, I know many terrible players who just play rankeds, going for quantity over quality/skill, which makes me sad.

    Overall, get a friend, to pair on lane (ad carry/support, top/jungle or mid/jungle) so you can work together and communicate with each other.
    Communicate. Don't feed. And hope that your team does the same.
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