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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    I used to be able to do that on Singed. I'm wicked out of practice now, but I would beat anyone who fought me as Singed, including his counters and other Singed players in Blind pick. I switched cause Darius's ult is way more satisfying and it's a lot easy to carry games.
    You can carry games even as Singed... God I remember getting two quadra kills in one game with him and multiple doubles and triples. He really is a fantastic and viable tank right now.
    Hey everyone

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    Generally I am very calm person but gosh... community in LoL is the worst one I've EVER seen. I've always been fighting to the end but now I found myself using /ff way too often. Just to leave game full of rage kids. I'm even leaving games now. I'm just sick of idiots after past week. I try not to be offensive to not get reported but it's getting harder and harder with every single game. Even on bots...

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