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    Mr.Olympia 2012

    So Mr.O starts Sept. 27.

    So whats your input, opinions, etcs.

    Quick list of "2012 Mr. Olympia Qualified"
    Lionel Beyeke
    Evan Centopani
    Jay Cutler
    Kai Greene
    Phil Heath
    Dexter Jackson
    Johnnie Jackson
    Michael Kefalianos
    Victor Martinez
    Cedric McMillan
    Juan Morel
    Essa Obiad
    Ronny Rockel
    Branch Warren
    Bill Wilmore
    Dennis Wolf

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    Well, I have a good feeling that someone from the USA is going to win. I mean judging by the sheer number of qualified USA Olympia's(10), along with the fact that its been 19 years since a non-american has won, then add that 3 past Mr. O's from the US are qualified...

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    I want Kai Greene but I have a filling Phil "THE GIFT" Heath is going to win. *rolls eyes*

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    Yeah I'm voting for Kai Greene to win as well but I'm guessing Phil will probably win but I'm happy with that, Phil is a champ.

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