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    Thumbs up [Megathread] Blacklight Retribution

    Didn't see one so i figured i would start one.
    For those of you already playing and are on the US servers looking for people to play with feel free to add me.
    IGN: Gorth

    For those who have not tried the game here is a link to the Blacklight Retribution Website
    The game is a free to play FPS with a nice twist with the game basically giving everyone a wallhack which makes the game nicely fast-paced.
    Check out my livestream and follow me on twitter.
    I Livestream and do giveaways.

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    I played this ages ago when it first entered Beta. I found it quite entertaining, but it does seem to be developing a lot of interest recently. I might have to give it another go.

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    I play it from time to time. It's a pretty solid game, I must say.

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    Necro'ing this to raise awareness of this game.

    Tried it yesterday for first time and my gawd it is great. Fast paced, very skill based, and with very reasonable pricing/unlock model. Basically you can unlock in-game weapons (tons of them) for real money, currency earned while playing or you can just rent them for small price. There are no hyper jumps and extreme speeds like in Tribes Ascend but gameplay is still really fast. Hyper Reality Visor lets you find action quickly and sneak upon campers. I also love how every weapon can be modified in a variety of ways - you can change muzzle, stock, barrel, amunition and scope and each piece has advantages as well as disadvantages.

    Try it out, it is F2P.

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    Definitly a solid game! Won a perm gun on the facebook page of GameCoach. Has a Redsand SMG in it.It's a pretty good start for anyone who wants to give it a go, since it has a good main and handgun and some extra perks. Step by step:

    1. Go to the GameCoach Facebook page
    2. Like the Facebookpage.
    3. Like the BLR post.
    4. Message/share the post to double your chances.

    Got the code within 2 hours, they give them out every friday.

    Have fun

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    I enjoy BLR as well, I got a bunch of free stuff from RaptR.

    Shooting is solid and no pay to win, my only issue is an apparent memory leak which occurs if I turn textures above medium.

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    personally i didnt like it when it got released on steam.. anything changed / added since then or is it still pretty much the same.
    Dictated but not read.

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