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    It's first Daily Blink from main page I haven't laughed at.

    But gardening sounds fun.

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    These people who want all heroics nerfed so that they are easy as DS currently is.... What about the people who cannot join a raid as they don't like playing with other people? Shouldnt they get the chance to get all the heroic loot, mounts and achievements too?

    Blizzard should just send a full set of heroic gear, mounts and titles in the mailbox when you ding 85. Thats what blizzard's current game design will descend to eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterYi View Post
    Something that no-one has commented on :

    10 days after the release of MoP, we have Brewfest with updated loots (trinkets). Isn't it too early to get ourselves epic trinkets? Not that it will be hard to get early epic gear with LFR on starting raids but still... feels kinda weird to me.
    Their item level is below that of items found in Raid Finder and the trinkets themselves tend be pretty weak when compared to similar level trinkets. I'm not too fussed about it and am happy to finally get some useful stuff for a main character from seasonal bosses if I get unlucky with drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenden View Post
    The comic was kinda dumb. I get the joke, but comparing going to the moon and being upset at random nerfs are very different. Besides, it's the freaking moon.
    It would be funny if it was cut and dry even if the analogies were still biased. The moon is a good example, it is still the freaking moon. Neil Armstrong did not change that. But if they built an amusement park there are started bussing people there it is suddenly no longer a destination of a worthy endervor. It is then just a scenic view pull-off along the highway.

    It really does not matter what the destination is if the journey is not there. Never raided Cata before, joined LFR once, killed Deathwing in like 45 minutes. Very unrewarding experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurinax View Post
    Farmville? Really? This is why I don't play WoW anymore
    Actually it feels more like Harvest Moon then Farmville, its just another feature like everything else in the game you don't have to use this feature to enjoy the overall experience. I personally would rather do this then sit in a capital city looking at chat, but others might disagree.
    I don't really care if its like some other game or feature in another game if it makes someones experience more enjoyable then it does its job. Not everything in the game has to be for everyone.

    And more things to do is never a bad thing.
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    Haha @ the comic, hit the nail!

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    Comic is brilliant. Good work, DB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milton View Post
    I play PVE, I'm as casual as it gets, I raid Dragon Soul ONCE in a pug, got lucky and got two upgrades, after that I join LFR (the very next day) go strait into death wing fight, I killed him with that group, stayed on top of the healing charts AND (lucky again) 2 more upgrades including the healer mace..
    Deathwing is dead, I saved the world, there will be no next tier so I don't need better gear.... game over for me!

    ok I could go Normal, yes I could go HC, but what for? its the same scenario!
    And has for all that stuff you say we can go out and do, thats to do between one raid and the next, those were just fillers to what the game used to be all about, PVE.
    Really go and read the "we consume content too fast" topic, me and many other posters gave very good insight on what could be done to improve the game for everyone (yes everyone)
    It´s your decision to play it on easy/LFR.
    If you buy a singleplayer game with difficulty settings easy, normal and hard, do you play on easy and later complain that you beat it too fast ? Funnily thats what happened to Kingdoms or Amalur : Reckoning. Many people complained on its forums that the game is way to easy and later the devs noticed through their feedback tools that more than two thirds of the player played it on easy.

    If you want more of a challenge then play your raids in normal modes in the future. I really don´t see the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggie View Post
    Daily blink should do the same thing with "give meh epix" casuals instead.
    The last one did that.

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    If you buy a singleplayer game with difficulty settings
    not a single player game though, even though a lot of people seem to treat it as solo experience which is why they have the "i dont care what other people do and when they do it, you shouldn't either" mentality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frozenkex View Post
    And yet most people do care, so the question for you should be why. And maybe if you ever get in the shoes of those players you'll understand. Its human psychology, in game like that the ego, the epeen, the individuality matters to a lot of people, especially to those who spend more time in it. People who beat harder content pride themselves for the achievement, they have the gear that other people ,who don't put as much time and effort, don't. And then comes a day and that person who players 5 times less looks exactly same as you, it drains all that sense of accomplishment.
    No, let's be clear here, most people don't care that much, it's not human psychology so much as aberrant psychology that gets obsessed with other people's happiness erasing theirs. Blizzard used to cater to that, thankfully they don't now.

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    Brewfest is delayed one week

    "Hey guys,

    We are aware that many of you are concerned about not having enough time to level up and such, which is a concern we fully acknowledge, as we know that many of you would like to enjoy and experience the new areas and content at your own pace, and not feel like you have to rush through things and level up as fast as possible just to have a go at the Brewfest dungeon boss.

    Therefore, In order to make sure you guys have some more time to prepare for this year's Brewfest, we have pushed the whole event forward by just over a week, stopping short of overlapping with the Hallow’s End event."

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    No, let's be clear here, most people don't care that much, it's not human psychology so much as aberrant psychology that gets obsessed with other people's happiness erasing theirs. Blizzard used to cater to that, thankfully they don't now.
    Evidence? How is it "clear" what most people think? Yours is just one opinion and doesn't represent that of "most". And it has nothing to do with other people's happiness, those people don't care at all if youre happiest person on earth. They aren't happy when something of theirs is so significantly devalued, like imagine you had a diamond - awesome, not many people has a diamond its a valuable, precious thing. Next day it rains diamonds from the sky - now your diamond is worthless, you don't even want it anymore, you rather have a fake diamond since its more rare. Ofcourse any person who would probably never come close getting a diamond if there wasn't a diamond-rain are gonna be happy with it, thats also human psychology, if they had spent time and effort getting a diamond they would've had a different perspective.

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    Dear The Daily Blink,

    I love you.

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    Amazing, thank you.

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    If anyone's paying attention, TDB isn't about "hardcore raiders"; it's "hardcore raiders on the WoW forums" ... like, say, this one.
    I'd say that it's pretty much spot on based on some of the responses. Pretty funny.

    And, I might add, it's not about their complaints about the game design as much as it is about their comparing game design to real life.

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    Couldn't resist starting The Tillers dailies. I'm so weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurinax View Post
    Farmville? Really? This is why I don't play WoW anymore
    then why do you still come to this website?

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    The first Daily Blink I actually laughed at.

    That being said, I hope people realize these analogies are only for humour's sake, and don't actually make good analogies for the sake of the arguments going on.

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    I killed C'thun, Illidan, Lich King, and Deathwing.

    Now I'm going to farm veggies?

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    High 5 to The Daily Blink. They make over the top jokes and people are unhappy about it. That's the first sign some of you are taking this game way to serious. You can't handle a little ribbing and you're arguing the jokes don't make valid arguments\sense.

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