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    The Tillers
    This patch finally added and unlocked the Tillers questline. First up, we have the introductory quests that demonstrate a few basic farming tasks, and tell you about Farmer Yoon's background. He is new to farming and wants to prove himself, so he needs your help!

    Level Name Objective Faction +Rep
    86A Helping HandDestroy 8 Unbudging Rocks.The Tillers 250
    86The Family FarmJoin Farmer Yoon.The Tillers 250
    86Learn and Grow II: Tilling and PlantingTill 2 plots of Untilled Soil to create Tilled Soil. Then, use the EZ-Gro Green Cabbage Seeds on 2 plots of Tilled Soil.The Tillers 250
    86Learn and Grow III: Tending CropsUse the Rusty Watering Can to water 2 Parched EZ-Gro Green Cabbages at Sunsong Ranch.The Tillers 250
    86Learn and Grow IV: HarvestingHarvest 2 EZ-Gro Green Cabbages from your field and bring them to Farmer Yoon in Sunsong Ranch.The Tillers 250
    86Learn and Grow V: Halfhill MarketInvestigate the Dark Soil underneath Farmer Yoon's house, then give a gift to Gina Mudclaw at the Halfhill Market.The Tillers + Gina Mudclaw 250
    86Learn and Grow I: SeedsSpeak with Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market and acquire a Packet of Green Cabbage Seeds.The Tillers 250
    86Learn and Grow VI: Gina's VotePlant and harvest 1 Scallion, then deliver 5 Scallions to Gina Mudclaw.

    Scallion Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Scallions.
    The Tillers + Gina Mudclaw 250

    Planting Seeds
    Now let's take a look at a few outcomes of planting seeds. After you get your plants to a growing state, you have to come back after the daily quest reset to gather your crop. If the mechanic for fixing a problem with your plant isn't obvious, you can check with Yoon and he will give you some instructions.

    Your First Vote
    As fun as watching questing is, let's take a quicker look at what happens after your first crops grow and you earn a vote!
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Gina Mudclaw says: Come walk with me, Chaud. I would like to pay Farmer Yoon a visit.
    Gina Mudclaw says: You know, you sure saved my hide with those scallions.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Cooks are always looking for fresh vegetables. Anything you grow on your farm, you can use for cooking or sell to other cooks.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Talk to any of the Ironpaws at the market if you want to improve your own cooking skill.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Hey Farmer Yoon!
    Farmer Yoon says: Hey Gina! Didn't expect a visit from you.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Listen, since you two did such a good turn by helping me out, I'm casting the first vote to help you join the Tillers.
    Gina Mudclaw says: There are four other votes you'll need to get, but that'll come in time.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Settle yourselves in and come by the market any day if you are looking for work.
    Gina Mudclaw says: Welcome to The Heartland!

    Further Votes
    After you have earned your first vote, you can check your relationship status with all of the Tillers at the Tiller's Shrine. Gina will tell you more about gifts that you can give to the other members to increase your Friendship level as well as where they are located. These gifts are BoP items that are found in piles of soil around the world.

    Level Name Objective Faction +Rep
    90Farmer Fung's Vote I: Yak AttackSpeak to Farmer Fung at The Heartland or the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers + Farmer Fung 250
    90Farmer Fung's Vote II: On the LooseReturn 5 Escaped Shagskins to Farmer Fung's yak pen at the very north end of the Verdant Belt.The Tillers + Farmer Fung 250
    90Farmer Fung's Vote III: Crazy For CabbagePlant and harvest 3 Green Cabbages, then deliver 15 Green Cabbages to Farmer Fung.

    Green Cabbage Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Green Cabbages.
    The Tillers + Farmer Fung 250
    90Nana's Vote I: Nana's Secret RecipeSpeak to Nana Mudclaw at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers 250
    90Nana's Vote II: The Sacred SpringsUse the Empty Pitcher at the Golden Falls to collect Thousand-Year Water.The Tillers 250
    90Nana's Vote III: Witchberry JulepPlant and harvest 3 Witchberries, then deliver 15 Witchberries to Nana Mudclaw.

    Witchberry Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Witchberries.
    The Tillers 250
    90Mung-Mung's Vote I: A Hozen's ProblemSpeak to Mung-Mung at Haohan Mudclaw's House in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers 250
    90Mung-Mung's Vote II: Rotten to the Core Collect 8 Partially Chewed Carrots.The Tillers 250
    90Mung-Mung's Vote III: The Great Carrot CaperPlant and harvest 2 Juicycrunch Carrots, then deliver 10 Juicycrunch Carrots to Mung-Mung.

    Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Juicycrunch Carrots.
    The Tillers 250
    90Haohan's Vote I: Bungalow Break-InSpeak to Haohan Mudclaw at The Heartland or at Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers + Haohan Mudclaw 250
    90Haohan's Vote II: The Real CulpritsInvestigate 8 Suspicious Footprints.The Tillers 250
    90Haohan's Vote III: Pure PoisonCollect 1 Bloodbloom, 1 Cave Lily, 1 Ghostcap, and 1 Violet Lichen.The Tillers 250
    90Haohan's Vote IV: Melons For FelonsPlant and harvest 4 Striped Melons, then deliver 20 Striped Melons to Farmer Yoon.

    Striped Melon Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Striped Melons.
    The Tillers 250
    90Haohan's Vote V: Chief Yip-YipKill Chief Yip-Yip at Kunzen Cave to the northwest.The Tillers 250

    Continued Expansion
    After your first success at growing something, Farmer Yoon isn't satisfied with his four small clumps of dirt, and has you ask Gai Lan for some help clearing out the weeds. There are a few more Growing the Farm quests that come after that, likely opening some more dirt plots for you to plant in.

    Level Name Objective Faction +Rep
    90Growing the Farm I: The WeedsSpeak to Gai Lan at The Heartland in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers 250
    90Growing the Farm I: A Little ProblemGather 6 Spideroot for Gai Lan.The Tillers 250
    90Growing the Farm II: The Broken WagonSpeak to Fish Fellreed at Cattail Lake or the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.The Tillers 250
    90Growing the Farm II: Knock on WoodCollect 100 Waxed Planks.The Tillers 250

    Jogu The Drunk
    We have talked about Jogu before, but this time you are introduced to him and help him out with a little bit of Apple Hooch! He is still more than happy to sell you a tip for 10 gold about tomorrow's crop, which likely will yield more than anything else you plant.

    Level Name Objective Faction +Rep
    90Weed War IISpeak to Gai Lan, then pick 100 Weeds on his farm. You can pick Weeds while mounted.Jogu the Drunk + The Tillers 250
    90A Gift For JoguObtain 8 of Yoon's Apples and 50 of Yoon's Craneberries, then bring them to Bobo Ironpaw to brew into Apple-Berry Hooch.Jogu the Drunk + The Tillers 250

    Daily Quests
    There are a number of daily quests that will reward general Tiller reputation, as well as friendship reputation with each of the Tiller NPCs. You can see all of the quests that reward Tiller's reputation on WoWDB!

    Level Name Objective Faction +Rep
    90Water, Water EverywhereSpeak with Wing Nga to borrow a kite, then throw water onto 35 Dusty Spots in the Heartland.Farmer Fung + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Chasing the ChickenPick up Hillpaw's Chickens until you find his Prize-Winning Chicken.Old Hillpaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Pest ProblemsSpeak with Wika-Wika, then stomp on 25 Black-Nose Marmots.Haohan Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Weed War IISpeak to Gai Lan, then pick 100 Weeds on his farm. You can pick Weeds while mounted.Jogu the Drunk + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Money MattersObtain Spicemaster Jin Jao's Payment, Trader Jambeezi's Payment, Innkeeper Lei Lan's Payment, and Lolo Lio's payment.Gina Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90They Don't Even Wear ThemObtain a Stolen Circlet, a Ransacked Ring, and a Burglarized Bracelet.Tina Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Not in Chee-Chee's BackyardKill 8 members of the Kunzen tribe in the Kunzen Village.Chee Chee + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90Where It CountsThrow 8 Kunzen Ritual Candles, kick 4 Blazing Embers, and slay 1 Kunzen Ritualist.Sho + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90The Kunzen Legend-ChiefObtain a Kunzen Legend-Book from a Kunzen Legend-Chief.Fish Fellreed + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90You Have to Burn the RopesBurn 6 Kunzen Ropes.Ella + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90The Lesser of Two EvilsSlay the Springtail Warren-Mother.The Tillers 250
    90Stealing is Bad... Re-Stealing is OKRe-steal 16 Stolen Vegetables.The Tillers 250
    90Stalling the RavageSlay 12 Kunzen Hozen.The Tillers 250
    90The Kunzen Hunter-ChiefSlay the Kunzen Hunter-Chief.The Tillers 250
    90Simian SabotageUse the Barrel of Fireworks near the Pile of Stolen Weapons, the Pile of Stolen Tools, the Pile of Stolen Beer, and the Pile of Stolen Grain.The Tillers 250
    90A Gift For TinaObtain an Uncut Chrysoberyl.Tina Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For Chee CheeObtain an Authentic Valley Stir Fry.Chee Chee + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For ShoObtain a bowl of Yu-Ping Soup.Sho + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For FishObtain a Yak Statuette from the inside of a Kunzen hozen hut.Fish Fellreed + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For EllaObtain Spicy Shrimp Dumplings.Ella + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For FungObtain a Bloody Plainshawk Leg from a Monstrous Plainshawk, and then bring it to Kol Ironpaw in the Halfhill Market.Farmer Fung + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For Old HillpawFind a Blue Freshwater Pearl.Old Hillpaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For HaohanObtain an Enormous Cattail Grouper Tooth.Haohan Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For JoguObtain 8 of Yoon's Apples and 50 of Yoon's Craneberries, then bring them to Bobo Ironpaw to brew into Apple-Berry Hooch.Jogu the Drunk + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90A Gift For GinaObtain a Goldenfire Orchid.Gina Mudclaw + The Tillers 250 + 250
    90The Cabbage TestPlant a Green Cabbage in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90That Dangling CarrotPlant a Juicycrunch Carrot in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greentill in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90Why Not Scallions?Plant a Scallion in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90A Pumpkin-y PerfumePlant a Mogu Pumpkin in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90Red Blossom Leeks, You Make the Croc-in' World Go DownPlant a Red Blossom Leek in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90The Pink Turnip ChallengePlant a Pink Turnip in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90The White Turnip TreatmentPlant a White Turnip in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90Squash Those Foul OdorsPlant a Jade Squash in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90It's Melon TimePlant a Striped Melon in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250
    90Which Berries? Witchberries.Plant Witchberries in Sunsong Ranch. You can purchase seeds from Merchant Greenfield in the Halfhill Market.The Tillers 250

    Further Friendship
    Each of the NPCs that you can become friends with have some quests that do not reward Tiller's rep, but will help you to become better friends faster. You can find the list of these quests on WoWDB. Upon becoming better friends with the NPCs, they will mail you drinks, seeds, and a few items like the Straw Hat and Red Cricket!

    After all this work, there are rewards for you! The seeds will grow into a plant that collects profession materials, something we can confirm after Revered is possible.

    Level Type Spec Slot Name Faction Required Rep Cost
    1ConsumablePandaren ScarecrowThe TillersRevered250
    1ConsumableSnakeroot SeedThe TillersRevered1
    1ConsumableEnigma SeedThe TillersRevered1
    1ConsumableMagebulb SeedThe TillersRevered 1
    1ConsumableWindshear Cactus SeedThe TillersRevered 1
    1ConsumableRaptorleaf SeedThe TillersRevered1
    1ConsumableSongbell SeedThe TillersRevered1
    1ConsumableSpring Blossom SaplingThe TillersRevered10
    1ConsumableWinter Blossom SaplingThe TillersExalted10
    1OtherGin-Ji Knife SetThe TillersExalted Free
    90MountReins of the Brown Riding GoatThe TillersExalted 500
    90MountReins of the Black Riding GoatThe TillersExalted 1500
    90MountReins of the White Riding GoatThe TillersExalted 3250
    90Cooking RecipeRecipe: Spicy SalmonThe TillersExalted ??
    90Cooking RecipeRecipe: Spicy Vegetable ChipsThe TillersExalted??
    1MiscellaneousTabardTillers TabardThe TillersExalted10

    Beta Class Balance Analysis
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Is it intended that secondary stats now have twice the itemization budget of primary stats in terms of gems
    Yes. With the possible exception of Spirit, there is little decision in choosing red gems in the live game. Secondary stats are often more interesting in general because there are break points, hard caps, and personal preferences. Any Agi user who eschews Agi is doing it wrong.

    Let me throw some numbers at you
    Sadly those aren't the kind of numbers that support compelling arguments. Classes can be overpowered with only a few abilities or have dozens and still be underpowered. If there are situations where you feel helpless, let us know. If you disagree with a design direction, let us know that too (though this thread is not the right one for that).

    We understand not every player has the ability and/or inclination to come up with numbers such as healing per second or the effectiveness of cooldowns. But this one thread is for those who can. It has been enormously beneficial in helping us catch bugs or design problems as well as helping players calibrate their sims and spreadsheets. Please help us keep the signal to noise ratio strong.

    This point is directed the blues (and no one else)
    Sorry, these are public forums. We like and encourage players to talk to each other. The echo chamber effect is strong in our forums, so we think it's actually very healthy when players can disagree with you, provided they can do so in a constructive manner. If someone's just trolling you, ignore them and we'll take care of it. But someone disagreeing with you is not the same as trolling.

    Druid (Forums) / Monk (Forums)
    To provide an update on tanking mechanics, I want to comment on Mastery for Guardians and Brewmasters. This is somewhat of an over-generalization, but tanks typically care about 4 things when gearing in decreasing order of importance:
    1. Survive the maximum burst damage of the encounter (aka Effective Health)
    2. Minimize healing needed (aka Damage Reduction + Self Healing)
    3. Hold aggro on whatever you’re needed to hold aggro on (aka TPS)
    4. Maximize damage dealt (aka DPS)
    #4 is generally much less important than #1-3, and overlaps with #3 heavily when considering gear. And #3 is relatively easy these days anyway. So, usually it just comes down to #1 and #2.

    Stamina primarily helps with #1. Dodge primarily helps with #2. Most other stats help with resource generation, which typically translate into #2. Mastery for Guardians and Brewmasters is in the somewhat unusual place of helping with both #1 and #2 significantly.

    If you compare Mastery to Dodge for a Brewmaster, as a few theorycrafters here have done, you can see that, purely in terms of how much they reduce your damage taken, Dodge wins by a considerable margin. We balanced it that way, because we give value to how much it helps with #1 as well. Obviously, helping with #1 has some value, because you care about Stamina. We see Mastery for Guardians and Brewmasters as sort of a hybrid between Stamina and Avoidance, in terms of how it helps improve your character.

    It’s easy to objectively compare the value of two stats in terms of how much they help with #1, or how much they help with #2. But comparing some amount of help with #1 to some amount of help with #2 is much more complex and subjective. It’s an interesting choice that tanks have to make all the time, and one of the most successful choices in gearing that the game provides (Stamina vs. Avoidance being the primary way that choice is expressed). So, that means balancing a stat that provides a mix of both can be complex and subjective as well. After much deliberation, we’re going to try valuing the effective health benefits of Mastery for Brewmasters and Guardians significantly lower than the damage reduction benefits, and adjusting the Mastery conversion rates to reflect that.

    Hopefully this provides a bit of background and perspective about the complexities underlying even the simplest of changes: In the next build, you’ll find Mastery for Guardians providing 1.25% Armor per Mastery (up from 0.65%), and for Brewmasters providing 0.5% Stagger per Mastery (up from 0.3%).

    Hunter (Forums)
    While doing hunter ability testing I noticed that Wild Quiver looks to be doing only about half the damage of an autoshot (possibly a bit less). Historically Wild Quiver has been roughly the same damage as autoshot. Was this changed deliberately or is it a bug?
    Yes, Wild Quiver does 50% weapon damage now, but we’ve increased the proc rate substantially to compensate. Also, the next build you get should include a significant number of changes to hunter ability damage, so it’s probably best to wait until then for really detailed investigation of their damage formulae. Super brief and incomplete summary of changes include nearly doubling Wild Quiver’s proc chance; doubling the damage of the level 90 talents; buffing BM’s Mastery considerably; Master Marksman reduced to 3 stacks; doubling the damage of Black Arrow and Serpent Sting for Survival; significantly nerfing Beast Cleave; nearly halving the cost of Explosive Shot; buffing Aimed, Arcane, and Chimera Shot noticeably; nerfing Cobra shot noticeably; nearly doubling the damage of Kill Command; reducing the cost of Arcane Shot; nerfing Focus Fire and Frenzy somewhat… There have been a lot of changes to Hunter damage.

    Shaman (Forums)
    My question is, how is this talent intended to work? How much is the heal supposed to be? 25% of base maximum (which would be 20% of new maximum)? 25% of new maximum? Are health percentages supposed to remain constant through its effect? Where does this 15% come from?
    We weren't able to reproduce the results you mention, but this is the intended functionality of Nature's Guardian: When it is triggered, 25% of your current maximum health is calculated. Your current and maximum health is then increased by this value. When it wears off, it reduces your current and max health by that value. It should never actually kill you, but it can reduce your current health to 1.

    Is it intended for Healing Stream and Healing Tide to not benefit from mastery on the first ticks or is it just a technical limitation from totems? If so does this mean that crit does not benefit on first tick either for HTT(Have yet to see it but didn't do extensive testing on it).
    Fixed for next build. It also dynamically adjusts with your mastery instead of snapshotting it.

    Speaking of ICDs and Enhancement, could you clarify how Windfury is working for MoP?

    Historically, Windfury has had a 3 second ICD between procs with a shared lockout between hands. It would also proc from white hits along with Stormstrike and Lava Lash. So my questions are this:

    1) Is the 3 second ICD still the plan for MoP. I just did some initial testing against a training dummy, and that still seems to be the case.
    2) Is the ICD still supposed to be shared between both hands for MoP?
    3) Is this ICD a fixed 3 second ICD for MoP, or is it effected by Haste at all?
    4) Is Windfury supposed to proc from Stormstrike and Lava Lash? From my testing, I didn't see a single proc when just isolating Stormstrike and Lava Lash attacks. On Live, I'm seeing both yellow attacks proc Windfury. I'm assuming this is just a bug, but I want to confirm if this is by design for MoP

    Windfury should be mostly the same as on live. 1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Fixed. 4) White attacks and Wind Lash only. Other than adding Wind Lash to being able to proc it, it doesn’t look like it’s changed in quite a while; are you sure that yellow attacks trigger it on live? (Easy way to test just yellow attacks: Turn 90degrees away from a target dummy. White attacks won’t hit, but yellow attacks can, at exactly 90degrees).

    - Do you meet #1?
    - If yes, then any further value in this category is 0.
    - If no, then get more stuff that increases your #1 value (primarily Stamina).

    It’s not that simple though. Meeting #1 is somewhat binary, like you describe, somewhat not. If you beat an encounter without dying, obviously you had enough effective health. But more effective health would still be useful; it’s definitely not without value. Healers can use slower, more efficient heals on you if you have more of a health cushion. You can tank more mobs at a time. You also may have gotten lucky with avoidance, and never took a special attack and an undodged auto attack at the same time, or perhaps never got 5 undodged hits in a row. Every pull is different. There are definitely diminishing returns on the value of more effective health, but it doesn’t instantly diminish to 0 at some magical ‘enough’ point.

    Warlock (Forums)
    I was looking at the warlock changes in the upcoming beta build and noticed a few things. Why are you nerfing affliction so much? I agree it needed a nerf, but so much that it will go below the other 2 specs by a large amount?

    Not to mention destroying a glyph and adding a new ability that kills clipping. People will just ignore the glyph and Pandemic and just refresh dots right after they fall off to do max dps. Clipping with or without the glyph is useless now, but with the glyph it's like nerfing yourself. Drain Soul is barley better than MG under 20% today, now with it getting a HUGE nerf it will be completely useless as an execute.

    We encourage you to try out the changes and see what has changed rather than relying on information that has been datamined. To help further explain, we’ll briefly summarize what has changed with Affliction damage.

    We noticed (thanks to the community interaction in this thread) that the Everlasting Affliction glyph was providing a huge DPS increase, but as we’ve said, we don’t want huge DPS increases to come from glyphs. Instead of simply nerfing the glyph, we baked the benefits that the glyph provided into the entire class via Pandemic, a level 90 passive ability, and changed the glyph to something completely different. We also changed the design of Malefic Grasp to, hopefully, make the ability more reliable and simple; our intention was not to nerf it. It’s important to note that we reduced the base period of Unstable Affliction and Corruption from 3 seconds to 2 seconds, so both Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul should give you the same additional DoT damage now as they did before.

    One other clarification about the warlock changes: Drain Soul still deals double damage under 20%. It being missing from the new tooltip is just a tooltip error and has been corrected for the next build.

    Now onto what some others have brought up. Does the MG/DS under 20% effect count as the dots themselves ticking? Considering how that would nerf shard regen if not, I personally believe it does. Since I can't test it yet, some clarification would be wonderful.
    Yes. In all ways, the additional ticks of the DoTs provided by MG/DS should function as additional ticks of the respective DoTs. For example, the extra Corruption ticks that occur (for 50% damage) from MG are able to proc Nightfall. This means that you’re actually getting *more* Corruption ticks than before, so we reduced the proc chance per tick of Nightfall to compensate; you should get the same number of Nightfall procs per time as before.

    The Malefic Grasp mechanic change should not be a nerf at all. However, the 25% nerf to most Affliction-specific abilities should amount to a ~20% (very ballpark number, don’t hold us to that number if you model it as 21.8% or something) nerf. This is indeed a rather extreme amount, because they really were that extremely overpowered. We had been balancing them previously based on not having that glyph (and so when I said that we were seeing Affliction only a little ahead of Destruction, that was based on Affliction not having that glyph).

    My personal testing on target dummies and every sim i've seen is now hoping Affliction at the bottom of the warlock heap
    Any sources for this so we have something to actually go on? As we said above, Affliction damage was too high. Not every damage adjustment needs to be greeted with sky is falling rhetoric or the discussion quickly loses its benefit.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Rogue (Forums)
    New Level 75 Talent
    The perception was that Deadly Brew was essentially a mandatory PvP talent, which runs against our overall goal of creating choices, while at the same time being highly situational in endgame PvE.

    When the new build hits the servers, take a look at the new set bonuses on the Mists PvP sets. We've added new bonuses alongside the existing ones in most cases, and for Rogues, that's where Deadly Brew has gone.

    Oh okay that makes sense, but that still begs the question why remove that from PvE rogues? That entire tier has literally no options for me. The talent it self is extremely situational, however I can see its uses on boss adds that need to be burned. If you don't want to make mandatory talents why is prep still an option? Any word on how sap, blind, and gouge benefit from this talent?
    A couple of points here: First off, regarding the functionality of Prey on the Weak, the primary benefit is going to come on Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. Blind, Sap, and Gouge are included as a minor ancillary benefit -- there may be situations where you use an Incapacitate to pool energy and prepare a burst, and a bit of increased damage on your opening attack (or a teammate's Chaos Bolt...) would be helpful.

    Second, regarding the usefulness of the tier as a whole in PvE, what you really are questioning is its usefulness in raiding. Any of the talents in that row are going to be quite impactful in scenarios, dungeons (and if you scoff at the idea of using any sort of crowd control in dungeons, check out our Challenge Modes), outdoor solo gameplay, etc. So let's be clear about that. But the criticism regarding raiding is a fair one.

    The majority of our raid bosses do not involve enemies that can be stunned or incapacitated, and I'm not going to try to argue to the contrary. And ideally, a talent tier like the Rogue level 75 would be universally appealing, and present compelling choices, to all types of players who do all types of content. Here are three possible approaches to solving that problem:

    • Add a clearly raid-useful talent to the tier in place of Deadly Brew; something that increases your DPS, or gives you more movement or survivability. The problem? Every raiding rogue will take that talent, and ignore the other two.
    • Redesign the whole tier, moving away from a control theme entirely. The problem here is that we'd essentially be abandoning the design space of ever having talents that improve or rely upon crowd control effects.
    • Attempt to incorporate more opportunities for crowd-control effects and short-duration effects like Stuns and Incapacitates to shine in our raid encounters. In general, the most interesting raid encounters are the ones that involve movement, control, coordination, and aren't just a matter of making your DPS number as big as possible. We're not there yet, but I think we'd like to be.
    (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Brewfest in Mists of Pandaria
    Brewfest will be updated for Mists of Pandaria. This means that you will have approximately 10 days after the release of Mists of Pandaria to reach level 89 in order to queue for the Brewfest dungeon boss. Luckily though, a lot of the content does not have a level requirement so you will still be able to participate in a lot of the fun even if you are not level 89.

    Will be Brewfest's part before 25 september be for 85; and then change for 90 levels when 25 september hits? We will not rule out the possibility of this changing, but currently the level requirements will remain the same through the entirety of the event. So you will not be able to access Coren Direbrew until Mists of Pandaria has been released. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Pet Battle Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Question about early NPC Trainer battles
    The first Trainer battle on the horde side is against a trainer who has a level 5 team (Dagara the fierce). Meanwhile on the alliance side, the first trainer battle is against a trainer with level 2 pets (Julia).
    This was just a bug. The trainer levels will be mirrored on both sides in the next build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Need More Level 22 Pets
    There are a lot of 23 -24 level pets in cataclysm and Pandaria, and plenty of level 21 pets in Sholazar Basin. The only zones that have level 22 pets seem to be Icecrown and Stormpeaks, but there are very few to battle. Adding more pets to those zones, and/or making Mount Hyjal level 22 would help fill the gap.
    We are making adjustments to the leveling flow that you should see in the next build. Should alleviate this problem. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    UI Improvements
    I just started testing pets, but one thing I noticed is that its pretty frustrating not to be able to select a pet to view their stats from the slot they occupy.
    We intend to make the entire battle slot clickable to show the pet details. Should see it in a future build. (Official Forums)

    PvP Vulnerability
    The fact that players are vulnerable to PvP attacks while in a pet battle is intentional. However, a couple features that go along with this are not implemented yet.

    First off, the exact pet you were fighting when you were broke out of pet battle will be respawned. Same quality, stats and skin color. Second, you will get a 3s damage shield that absorbs 50% of incoming damage to help negate the fact that you need time to recover after exiting the pet battle interface. Both of these will be in for the next build.

    We feel its very important to keep the PvP aspect of the game intact and if you choose to play on a PvP server, you will certainly be fighting for those rare spawns. (This rule effects PVE servers as well but only in contested areas.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Eternal Striders not in Pet Journal
    The Eternal Striders in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms are able to be battled, and they are able to be trapped, but they do not show up in the pet journal at all.
    It's a bug and its fixed in the next build. Thanks for the report. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Why restrict Argent Squires?
    I like how we can battle with Balloons but not Squires.
    Balloons, Kites, Argent Squire/Gruntlings and Guild Pages/Heralds will not be able to pet battle. This may change with time, but this is the current plan. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Lack of Stable Masters in Pandaria
    I have been all around looking for a Stable Master who can help my poor babies in Pandaria, Alas there is but one and he is VoEB
    Most of these were bugged and have been fixed for the next build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Questions about Pets I already have.
    If I have three of the same pets that I bought or traded for before MoP and they are not WILD Pets, would I be able to learn all three in my pet book, just like if I caught three wild pets of the same kind, or is the 3 pets maximum reserved only only for the wild pets?
    Yes, you will be able to have 3 of almost every pet. Certain pets are unique since they are attached to a Wow license, granted from an achievement or earned from TCG codes. (Official Forums)

    Pet Battle Zone Change
    did a find pet battle in ruins of lorderon, fought, found myself in front of Stormwind being killed.
    We randomize your fight location to mix it up. It's no different than queuing for a random BG/Dungeon. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Strand Crab Doesn't Count on Achievement
    Caught a Strand Crab and it seems to not check off on the Eastern Kingdom Safari achiev. Is there something I did wrong?
    Just a bug, thanks for the report. We will get it fixed up. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Triangles in Front of Names
    So when I roll over the paw icons in my minimap, and it shows what the animal/pet/whatever is, occasionally there is one that has a triangle/arrow in front of its name pointing either up or down.
    That indicates if the pet is above (like up on a hill) or below (in a cave) you. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Raid Testing Schedule - July 30-31
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    After the weekend, we will be testing a number of raid encounters, including 25-player encounters. The testing schedule for remaining Normal modes will be somewhat accelerated, since the encounters are already familiar to many testers and we are just verifying functionality and tuning.

    Each encounter should be available at approximately the listed times below for all Beta Test Realms, regardless of suggested geographical region.

    Monday, July 30th
    Blade Lord Ta'yak (Heart of Fear) - 10 Player Heroic
    10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST)

    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (Mogu'shan Vaults) - 10 Player Normal
    16:00 PDT (19:00 EDT, 01:00 CEST)

    Tuesday, July 31st
    Stone Guard (Mogu'shan Vaults) - 25 Player Normal
    10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST)

    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok (Heart of Fear) - 25 Player Normal
    12:00 PDT (15:00 EDT, 21:00 CEST)

    Protectors of the Endless (Terrace of Endless Spring) - 25 Player Normal
    13:30 PDT (16:30 EDT, 22:30 CEST)

    Feng the Accursed (Mogu'shan Vaults) - 25 Player Normal
    15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 24:00 CEST)

    Blade Lord Ta'yak (Heart of Fear) - 25 Player Normal
    16:30 PDT (19:30 EDT, 01:30 CEST)

    Tsulong (Terrace of Endless Spring) - 25 Player Normal
    18:00 PDT (21:00 EDT, 03:00 CEST)

    As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a beta environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session or cancel it entirely, due to bugs, builds, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback.

    I updated the schedule slightly to space the encounters out a bit more evenly.

    Our testing times are not designed to be universally convenient -- some times will be ideal for some time zones, and terrible for others, and we try to spread that out. We're not expecting people to log on at 3am local time to test a raid for an hour (though we understand that some will do so), but at the same time, a large number of North American players miss a majority of the boss times because they occur during work hours during the week, and nearly all the times are poor for Oceanic players.

    The earlier times are meant to be more convenient for EU players, and the later times in each session are more convenient for NA players, while still fitting within a standard work day for the designers who need to observe their encounters for feedback and tuning purposes.

    25-Heroic testing will look more like the 10-Heroic scheduling you've seen in recent weeks.

    Weekend Sale – 25% Off Race Change
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Get ready for a new look. Through this weekend, and for a limited time only, you can change your World of Warcraft character’s race for 25% off the regular price!

    To get started, simply click here. Alternatively, you can log in to your account at, select your World of Warcraft account, and then click “Race Change” at the bottom of the page.

    Don’t delay -- this offer ends Monday, July 30 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

    The Daily Blink - Forum Raiders in Real Life
    The Daily Blink paints a picture of how some members of WoW live their real life!

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    I want Goat Mounts please <3

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    I love what Blizzard has done with the new factions. Instead of just being a "rep grind" they have made them more interesting. Good stuff

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    lol at daily blink. so true

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    Daily Blink making a sound point today. Good stuff.

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    That Daily Blink was hilarious!

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    This Daily Blink was pure genius.

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    This is an unfair strip. Even for a guy who raids casually, I find this bitter. They do have a point, they put more hours into the game, they work harder to master their class, they work harder to pave the way so to speak, and all they get is bitter mockery. I mean we're all using their tacts and theory-crafting and walkthroughs anyway. Then what is it exactly that we're so judgy all of a sudden?

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    lol daily blink is so right it hurts to laugh

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    I still won't be doing daily quests no matter how much they try, i hate doing them so much, but it's good they're making them better.

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    How witty of Daily Blink...

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    The Daily Blink was perfect, loved it xDDDDDD

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    An update on and if we can expect to test out the Jade Forest as Alliance soon =(? - Drivin' me crazy not being able to go back to Jade Forest 'cause of the first quest being bugged. Loved that zone.

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    Those profession mat seeds are very interesting

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    The comic was kinda dumb. I get the joke, but comparing going to the moon and being upset at random nerfs are very different. Besides, it's the freaking moon.

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    TDB knocked it out of the park today.

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    Om my god, how am I supposed to level my 12 alts when there is soooo much to do on my main! I love it, but hate it at the same time

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    Perfect daily blink. I hope you know who you are that they holding a mirror at. Plus Tiller sounds a fun waste of time. Funnily no haters have picked up on that yet. It is so...un-WoW, isn't it?

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    I want Goat Mounts please <3
    GOAT! Now I only need a baby goat pet and I'll die happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenden View Post
    The comic was kinda dumb. I get the joke, but comparing going to the moon and being upset at random nerfs are very different. Besides, it's the freaking moon.
    You are right. According to the forums, ppl take nerfs in a virtual game WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY more seriously....

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