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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    High 5 to The Daily Blink. They make over the top jokes and people are unhappy about it. That's the first sign some of you are taking this game way to serious. You can't handle a little ribbing and you're arguing the jokes don't make valid arguments\sense.
    Most of these jokes apply to people in general. I've heard people complain over a 3p rise in the price of something

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    If they remove the icd from windfury, that might get me back to playing wow. The whole fing enhancement shaman build sucks! Let me ping off a totem then wait for five stacks to use my special. Who thinks of this fing crap?!

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    So yeah, some 'hardcore' raiders can be myopic dicks on the forums sometimes. Didn't your mother ever tell you two wrongs don't make a right?

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    Softball questions.

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    All this bickering about hardcores and did everyone miss the best quest inuendo ever?!?!?! Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote ....
    VI:Gina...Vagina one Okay, continue the bickers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurinax View Post
    Farmville? Really? This is why I don't play WoW anymore
    Farmville? The whole faction is a copy from Harvest Moon. If you haven't played it (yet), check it out on Youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ijuki View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurinax View Post
    Farmville? Really? This is why I don't play WoW anymore
    Farmville? The whole faction is a copy from Harvest Moon. If you haven't played it (yet), check it out on Youtube.
    Speaking of which, WoW Insider had a nice article regarding the comparisons being made. I recommend reading it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    It´s your decision to play it on easy/LFR.
    If you buy a singleplayer game with difficulty settings easy, normal and hard, do you play on easy and later complain that you beat it too fast ? Funnily thats what happened to Kingdoms or Amalur : Reckoning. Many people complained on its forums that the game is way to easy and later the devs noticed through their feedback tools that more than two thirds of the player played it on easy.

    If you want more of a challenge then play your raids in normal modes in the future. I really don´t see the problem.
    then don't nerf Normal and HC after a couple of months.. get my point now?

    -LFR should take players into a game arranged Normal mode PUG... then, after some time, those nerfs could be applied onto LFR only, so any player could see the content (a side effect would be raids organized by lower end guilds have meaning again). But that nerf should take quite a few time to get out, like right before the next content patch or expansion, or gradually on a boss basis (were if you kill a nerfed boss you get nerfed loot from him). That way If I chose to run Normal modes with my guild, I wouldn't feel like I was missing anything.. Have you ever tried to explain the raid leader that you haven't done that boss on LFR cause you chose to play normal only? Any tactics given start like "ok this is like the LFR mode but with this and that change"; this and the fact that you are 'forced' by the other raid members to farm LFR gear to go into Normal modes makes your argument fail.. I don't want to go into the same instance twice even if the difficulty get higher, I want to chose my difficulty and not be forced to run it the easy way go the way I want the second time around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephre View Post
    Am I the only one who's eyebrow got raised after seeing that knife from the tillers which " minces " humanoids D:
    Yeah I really disliked this, really bad taste. Very low move from Blizzard and quite shocking for a teen rated game.
    Plus it certainly won't help the public's perception on video games

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    Tiller's Faction is the BEST Faction! Harvest Moon here i come!

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