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    Thumbs up New AoE II expansion December Events and Release!

    The unofficial new expansion of the classic RTS Age of Empires II will be released this month! In honour of this launch they have planned lots of shows to showcase this new FREE game.

    Now I've always loved AoE II and I must say that this expansion got my really excited. Are there any other AoE II fans out here? What do you think about the new expansion?

    P.S.: Check their site out to find out more about the events and the game!

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    This is pretty awesome, AoE II is a great ame and a new expansion is amazing.
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    I remember every day after school I would be so excited to get home and play this game. Good memories.

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    Been waiting for this for a while now, and christmas does seem like a nice time to release it :P

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    pfft as if you care..

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    lol is this serious? a expansion to AoE II??

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    Great stuff.

    I'm still playing AOE2 every now and then single player vs computer. A great RTS fix, and its always fun trying to get better and better.

    By now I've beated 2x computers on hardest, and did all maps 1v1 hardest :P The hardest map for me is stuff like Arabia. I should really once try play online, since I do watch quit abit off gameplays on youtube from real pro's who can both handle economy and attacking haha.

    Edit: Going to asume the exspansion witch I have been following casually, is online only.
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    Never heard of this.. still, gonna try it, spent quite some time in AoE years ago and might be worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightelfsb View Post
    Edit: Going to asume the exspansion witch I have been following casually, is online only.
    If you mean this Age of Forgotten empires, then: nope! It comes with a patcher, but you don't require an internet connection to be able to play. So only the benefits from a patcher (balance issues fixed in a second, new content updates, ...)!

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    Please don't post misleadingly just to advertise your own game.

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