Hey guys i posted an earlier post about some transmog sets i wanted to share and mentioned i was setting up a new facebook page dedicated to transmog sets well good news its up and running and atm has 1 warlock set, 2 warrior sets, 2 plate wearer sets and 2 cloth wearer sets overtime as i come up with new sets i will add them to page and also if u join and have sets u wanna share you are welcome to do so also if you are looking for something in particular and its not up there let me know and i'll put it together for you and add it and thanks to the black market auction house some items and armour once removed are coming back so i can included some of these items

the facebook page is called The Transmog Parlour ( same as title haha )

so feel free to have a look, join up if you want and even share your ideas or find something new for yourself to chase