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    How good do the 1hers have to be to consider dw'ing as blood?

    I'm occasionally running my 85 dk through dungeons for rep. I am not leveling him (any exp gains are incidental); I'm just doing the daily dungeon to get Tiller rep so I can farm motes of harmony without having to get to 90.

    That said, I want a quick queue so I queue as a tank. Up to this point, I've just been using a 372 2her: Faded Forest Battlemace

    However, I've acquired two of these: Dubious Handaxe

    Also, when I ding 86, I have access to two of these: Yaungol Fire Carrier

    My question is this, at what point do higher ilvl one handers become more valuable than a 2her? The only two issues I see are 1) 1hers typically having lower damage, so your heart and death strikes suffering, and 2) increased miss chance and offhand damage penalty.

    At least in the case of the Fire Carrier, wouldn't number 1 actually favor dual wielding (since the 1her's damage is higher)? Also, with number 2, aren't those penalties just there to offset the otherwise clear gain of dual wielding (i.e., autoattacking with 2 400 ilvl one handers should result in roughly the same white dps as autoattacking with 1 400ilvl 2her)?

    What I read about blood boil procs is that they are virtually equalized (though it's possible that the 2her is a steadier option).

    Anyway, this obv isn't srs bzns. It's just a leveling dungeon which are not really known for being much of a challenge. I'd just like to be able to contribute the most dps without being a liability.

    TL;DR-How much better do the 1hers have to be for dual-wielding as blood to overtake using a 2her regarding damage? Is there any survivability loss?

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    DW blood is one of our forbidden topics. Please use the thread which you can find links to here


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