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    Quote Originally Posted by Cravendale View Post
    Mines a female tauren, probably the only one ive seen around too lol.
    I used to be a female tauren when I was horde :P

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    Human female Paladin. I just felt humans were the 'true' paladin.
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    Long beared "mighty" dwarf. I just love it.

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    Female human because male humans look so bad and the other races are terrible. Horde side I go with Blood Elf because I hate Taurens. I wish they would have made trolls the other paladin race for Horde.

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    Tauren male. Love their peaceful nature and it feels even better to be a sunwalker dishing out justice than a hippie protecting mother earth (though I still feel I do ;p)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyur View Post
    Human(Male) - hmm because they are the first paladins. I always like to pick race lorewise. But I prefer blood elves male pally over human because their animation pretty awesome.

    Paladin - Human (Tirion my favourite)
    Hunter - Dwarf with gun or Night Elves with bow
    Warlock -Orc (Guldan)
    Warrior - Orc best one (Grom Hellscream rocks)/ Tauren 2nd choice
    DK - well human because Arthas was human. (FYI -Arthas wasnt first death knight but still)
    Priest - Night elf -worshipper of Elune/Deaenei because of Velen
    Monk- Panda (Still love Chen )
    Druid - Meh Night elves
    Rouge - Night Elves
    Mage - Blood Elf/ Human
    Shaman - Only ORC
    Blood elfs-Hunters,Paladins,Mages >.>
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    Human, because of Every Man For Himself racial. And it's a female, why? Because I once had 2x human paladins, 1 female 1 male, but my female character was stronger. So I deleted my male char.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursed90 View Post
    Human, because of Every Man For Himself racial.

    I recently switched Horde - Alliance (female BE to female Human) and yes, this is amazing.
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    My pally is Human Female, because play with her since vanilla....

    Still love the lore behide them

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    I started as BE Male because when horde finally got paladins its all I could be.

    Then I went to Alliance as Space cow.

    Then back to Horde as a grass Cow.

    Currently Human Male in full T1 looks great.

    Contemplating going back to starter server as a Cow again on horde.

    Why because I enjoy the mix up it gives me, although I'll miss the free PvP trinket and rep gains. damn Humans

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    Blood Elf Female.

    Blood Elf because there were no tauren paladins. I also prefer Blood elf to tauren anyway. Blood Elfs also have this arrogance that I love. Also because of Arcane Torrent.
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