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    MogIt probably.
    Female human. It feels right. I do have a female belf too since Blood Knights are amazing.
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    Fem know why

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    Female Blood Elf. Something about the Holy Cow just doesn't do it for me and I'm not a big fan of the male Blood Elf model.

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    Female Blood elf, because males are basicly females with more muscle. and it was the only horde race available in wrath.

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    Blood elf paladins are partly a reason why I dont care about lore in this game anymore.... Only humans should be paladins, period. Draenei and Belf space ship story is nonsence, holy cows (tauren palies) are pure perversion...
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    Human Female, because human males look derpy and all armor is designed to look best on humans anyways.

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    Used to be a Human before I completely noobed up and lost all my gold so I couldn't learn new spells (this was back in classic). Started over in BC with a Blood Elf and have never looked back.

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    When I first made my paladin the choice between Dwarf and Human was pretty easy, so the first few years I was Male Human. Now I'm female Belf because Blood Elf is the only way to go for Holy horde side!

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    Lots of human pally love in here. Granted that's probably what I would do
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    Dwarf Male. My friend and I rolled Dwarf Pallies back in vanilla because we thought being human would be too boring. Now I love being a dwarf, the look, the lore. As my username says, "For Khaz Modan!"

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    Male Tauren. As Paladin is the only class where Tauren is an acceptable race even in regards to min-maxing. And I freaking love being playing a Tauren.

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    blood elf

    cuz alliance sucks and i dont like playing cow people

    too bad im human again cuz emfh is that retarded

    i was originally a human paladin in bc, but then i took the BC trial and went blood elf because they looked better/more believable as that "Knight" kind of character. Humans were just guys with tumors in their arms, crap faces, crap hair. I mean, even as most games standards go, Humans in this game are ugly as the motherfuck. Most Human males look like someone's grandpa if they were really buff or something.
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    Male Blood Elf. inb4 "lol blood elves r gay and u r gay" I had just bought The Burning crusade Expansion back in 2009 because I thought Outland looked so cool, and I wanted to progress further. I was tired of the current races, and since I was mainly a hordie I decided to go with a Blood Elf. Why a Paladin, though? I hadn't played one yet and thought they looked pretty cool
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    Yup, just race changed my paladin again. She's back to a female dwarf!

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    Tauren. I just thought Sunwalker seemed like a fun thing to be, plus it never made sense to me having the skinny little elf at the front tanking while the massive burly minotaur sat at the back healing and casting spells (my Horde Paladin is Prot).

    Went Draenei on the Alliance side. The female Draenei looks hot in plate :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Regen View Post
    Mine has always been a blood elf, since his creation, but I always switch between male and female.
    How can you tell the difference? *boom tish*

    Quote Originally Posted by i4ni View Post
    Female Blood Elf.... I actually think the armor looks the best on them. This is ofc just my opinion.
    Eh, the models with tiny shoulders make a lot of sets look kinda wrong.

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    Blood elf male. Want to be a weilder of the light? Fuck studying, just go kidnap and interdementional super being and rape it. What more do you need to say about blood knights? They are pretty hardcore and pretty fanatical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moogogaipan View Post
    Blood elf male. Want to be a weilder of a light? Fuck studying, just go kidnap and interdementional super being and rape it. Why more do you need to say about blood knights? They are pretty hardcore and pretty fanatical.
    I seriously hope you don't mean rape like I think you do. If you do, I will never look at blood elf paladins the same way again. lol

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    Female Blood Elf. Like people have said, the armor just looks nicer idk. Just my opinion

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    Human because they're the race that is most symbolically linked with paladins. Draenei aren't bad, but their animations are too prissy for a paladin, imo. They make better casters. The females, anyway, the males are just abominations that look awkward doing everthing. Dwarves are hideous, blood elves are parasites, tauren are just lol as paladins.
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    I haven't actually got a paladin at the moment, I imagine I will make it male draenei though. 1) I like them xD and 2) i think they look really good in tier 4 (Justicar gear) with the hammer of the naaru, the gear in the BC cinematic

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