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    Ok, so I'm 125/128. Honestly I was fearing it will be far worse. Looking at the last two days where I lost two 4v5 games which we should won have if we had 5 players, it makes me a little sad. Oh well. Can't complain.
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    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
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    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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    You should report the trolls at every chance, they do it because they think they wont ever get penalized(which is completely untrue, people are penalized for those behaviors). I find it highly improbable that you have a 10% win rate because the other team is just as likely to have trolls as your team.
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    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
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    If you want to be disgusted, next time you kiss someone remember you've got your mouth on the end of a tube which has shit at the other end, held back by a couple of valves.

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    Please give us your ingame name so we can track your previous games / allies (via for example) and then we can get some more data to help you. Or perhaps use lolreplay and offer a few replays to us so we can see how you do. Frankly, I'd make a new account and start over.
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    I don't know how you're having such a hard time. Since hitting 30 I've won all 13 of my games >.> BEST SUPPORT NA

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