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    Probably a noob question. I'm not much of a wizz with simcraft. How is it modelling ToF?
    I was under the impression that it's based on fight length, which would suggest of a 5min fight you have ToF for 1min of that, correct?

    If that's so then it seems misleading, since translating that into an actual encounter that last 20% generally goes significantly faster than the other 80% (talking ultraxion / patchwork) since everybody is hitting their execute ranges (and often having hero because of it).

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding how simcraft works though
    Nope, that would be oversimplifying it.
    twist_of_fate 1.0 130.8 0.0sec 0.6sec 18.60%
    As far as I know it gives you a buff once you actually start hitting stuff that has presumably less than 20% hp. I don't think it accounts for other classes though.

    There's a way to set up an hp pool, and that would be the most correct way of handling that. Otherwise it's handled in some funny way, but that is more or less justified - for a specific boss, you could simulate your raid composition, otherwise you can't really show class performance to the public the way it's shown on their website.
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    Shadow is not "shadow" after 5.0.4.

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    Shadow is not "shadow" after 5.0.4.
    Sort of, more or less, yes. I've decided to bite it and move on, possibly they'll add some of the synergy back into place after a while.

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