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    Mmmm, stand-in for Pico.

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    Meh, the first launcher is still my favorite.

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    Are you guys really complaining about the launcher? It's a launcher, you click the play button, and it's gone.
    Wayne launcher, just link wow.exe directly. Seriously are peeps starting that thing every time they play? <_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Im glad they delayed Brewfest. It makes sense to let people experience the holiday.
    Good grief.. do you even have a life? you seem to post the first comment on most of the posts..

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    Quote Originally Posted by fender010 View Post

    People complain about Pico: Lindsay materializes.

    People complain about Lindsay: Evan appears.

    Or they're both on vacation? :P

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    Launcher is boring, mail wearers after a promising start, came back to lose the track on their balance again, new Jade Forest is like Path of Titans (Prime Glyphs) 2; oversimplified to the point of being dull.

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    I'm trying to avoid knowing too much about Pandaria before I go there, but this concerns me.

    Is the questline replacing an old one I'll now never see, or is it slotting in between previous quests/filling in a teleport with an actual event?

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    What about the Pico-Girl?

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    lol at Evan, "you'll probably never see me again" hahahaha

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    You don't have to make Evan a normal round up guy, but can you totes bring him back from time to time, and each time have him end with, you'll prob never see me again. Idk why but that just seems hilarious to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    What was wrong with the original jade forest. I thought it was fine,
    it lacked some breadcrums and story flow. hell i did half the zone out of order because there was no clear flow of progress it was so open to exploration that i did two story lines backwards. furthermore, it had a ton of bottleneck quests that simply don't work if zone is crowded, to get through zone you best be doing it when no one else is around. Not sure if they fixed either of these issues yet as i haven't done the improved version of zone. However, it certainly had it's issues. some of the bottle necks even major ones (ie only one person can do quest at a time, ONE person, for entire server).

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    Prefered the old launcher that one just looks like a downgrade.. and looks so bare... and I'd rather keep Evan the ladies don't know what there talking about and they aint that attractive... no offence to pico xD

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    Overlapping isnt much a problem anyway. Last lunar festival was overlapped already.

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    They should just bring Brewfest forward so that its before MoP release, or leave a lvl 85 version of the festival dungeon around.

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    New launcher downloading 19,5 GB, why??
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    Any1 have problems after updated launcher ? now mop crashes before i can enter password.

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    What if the launcher changing is supposed to be reminiscent of the change that will occur all throughout Mists of Pandaria. It started out very detailed and lively, with a fresh feel akin to the feeling that will accompany us as we first begin our journey through the virgin lands of Pandaria. The second launcher, with its stark metallic feel and sharp, pointed edges, would parallel the sudden onslaught of war, ravishing the lands and altering of a good portion of the natural beauty that the first launcher represented. The most current rendition of the launcher is further simplified, representing the attrition, the despair, and the feelings of doubt and regret that may accompany the war that will ravish the continent.

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    Oh no where is Pico, also LOL on NERF on Launcher that picture really showed how much it got NERFED xD getting worse? xD

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    Oh no, they changed the launcher to an old tidy one.
    My gameplay is ruined.

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