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    79 31.47%
  • Better than I expected

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  • About what I expected

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    19 7.57%
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    Not going to bother with a new poll after all. I don't think it's necessary.

    Let's talk highlights though. Few questions:

    1. Your overall opinion of your nations performance. Please include you nationality.
    2. Your favourite moment during the Olympics
    3. Your least favourite moment during the Olympics

    My responses.

    1. Canada. Overall okay. There are some things we could have done better in as well as a few surprises. Was expecting to take gold in a few of the events but all well.
    2. The Who at the closing ceremony. Watching Usain Bolt win his golds. Watching Phelps win his golds.
    3. The primetime coverage in Canada sucked. You had to watching things ongoing and It's on very early. Didn't get to see a lot of the events I kinda wanted to. The constant buildup of Canadian athletes for hours and hours and having them not qualify for the final was also annoying. Maybe save the hype for when they actually win something. At least tone it down a bit.

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    1) Great Britain, beyond what I hoped frankly a lot better than I expected.

    2) So many, Chris Hoy winning his 6th gold, Bolt winning the 100m the Danish rider in the men's omnium crashing and still winning the event. A special mention to the SA 400 meter athlete Oscar Pistorius competing at all.

    3) Not enough of The Who.
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    1) USA, most overall medals, gold medals, silvers, and bronzes, so I guess I am content.

    2) Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian ever. Beating the Chinese in medals.

    3) NBC's coverage of the Olympics here wasn't great. Most of the stuff was taped and you could rarely catch a live event. I guess it was so more could watch but I don't like watching sports and stuff like that unless it's live.

    EDIT: It appears Russia has more bronze than the US so I am no longer satisfied.
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    Fair enough

    1. I think the UK/GB did amazingly well, much better than I expected and I was really happy with it.
    2. Jessica Ennis winning her gold, she is a goddess, Mo Farah was unbelievable and Usain Bolt in all his events.
    3. Nothing really.

    Coverage here in the UK was excellent, we had every event live available on the TV or online stream, we could also watch back any/all events after they had finished via the BBC website. People who had SKY also had equally good coverage (from what I'm told) if they watch it there.
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    1. New Zealand, I think we did fantastic. It was an awesome olympics for us especially with Valerie Adams getting her gold post hoc after the drug scandle.
    2. Drysdale getting gold, so deserving of it. He is such an awesome athelete and a huge inspiration in determination for this "everyones a winner" generation. After Beijing when he compete with a gastro issue too just awesome.
    3. Probably the badminton match fixing and Valerie missing gold to the lady from Belarus (name?) who ended up being tested pos for steroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrield View Post
    3. Probably the badminton match fixing
    Oh yeah. forgot about that. Disgraceful. I'm glad they acted swiftly and booted them.

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