I'll start like this, I really, really love WoW lore. I own ALL Warcraft books that are available in my country ( only 7, but I have them all ) Those are the WotA trilogy, Day of the Dragon, Last Guardian, Lord of the Clands and Circle of Hatred. I've read almost everything I could find on the net, for example I'm not that interested in Troll wars....I really love Old God, Titan, Demon and Dragon aspects lore. With the death of my two favourite characters, Deathwing and Rhonin, I kind of feel sad since I used to live with the story.

My idea: WoW should have 1 expansion 90-95 which would include us going to wherever we will confront the Burning Legion one final time. More about it later on. Then 1 final expansion 95-100 which will end the cycle. In a sense, WoW's natural death.I want that final expansion to have MANY patches, and be really epic. It should rebuild WoW. Not only add new content for 95-100. Even the people who hate lore from the depths of their heart would change their mind if they, for a second are encouraged to acknowledge this beautiful story.

It would all start with a cinematic ( expansion cinematic ), of the creation of the world, the titans, the battle titan's led against the old gods for the sake of Azeroth. This one should be longer than the rest. 5-8 minutes I guess? Just like a quick run through the begining of Azeroth. Starting zones can be left as they are, but then there should be Questing specializations. Some may choose just a fast run through different kind of quests which give the same amount of experience and such but would be just grinding ( the current quests are kind of okay for that role . So far talking about leveling 1-100 overall ). The other questing spec would be rich on lore, cinematics, cutscenes, actual adventures. This one won't have a built in questhelper. Example quest: There is a tale of an ancient treasure lying beneath us, as the legend says, it may contain a powerful artifact which could impact the fate of Azerothians.

You aren't shown where it is. You are told. Either in cinematic or in quest text in the form of clues. You would have to make some logical assumptions. "...the treasure is also said to have been burried alongside a brave hero. With his last remaining strenght he burried it and his eyes closed. Truly an intriguing story, isn't it, Aranor? There are no graveyards nearby. If you find anything, tell me me immediately, you will find me here again, I don't really travel a lot."

That's how the quest ends. Then like 15 quests after that, you get to another quest ( maybe even in a different zone ), nothing related to the previous. You have to honor some brave hero and you are told about a hidden tomb where his corpse is lying. You are given clues where it could be. You have to search different places. You finally find the tomb and it seems like you come up with an idea ( one of those quests that pop up on their own ). Check beneath the corpse. You actually find the treasure. It asks you to return back to that guy. When you do:

"I...I cannot believe this. You actually found it! Are you as excited as I am? Alright, there is one person we need to call here. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't show it to the person I devoted myself to this task for. He is in the inn on the west. Use the Gryphon in the backyard to go there faster, and pick up my friend."


"Hey again, Aranor, and hey old buddy! I've finally figured how to open the treasure."

As Jirinston opens the box, a sphere of pure light rises above the small dwarf's head. You look right into the sphere. It blinds you and then you see....a vision? You see giants with metalic skin wearing ornamanted robes. Gold helmets with differently coloured gems attached to the helmets' foreheads. Could these be...the titans, fighting against the old gods?

And so on. If my idea is liked I might actually make a series of quests and other ideas that I've had on my mind. Its quite late atm and I feel sleepy. Hopefully you won't get confused and will even like it! THANKS FOR READING!

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come on somebody say something....I really want to hear your opinions, sorry for double posting!