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    Bed's are fine, you don't HAVE to use them after all.

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    Play Multiplayer with mobs on..then tell me the bed will save you.

    Good luck coaxing everyone into a bed at the same time because you are afraid
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    I really don't see how beds ruin the experience at all =/ I only started playing recently, but most people I've played with so far just stay in doors during the night and tend farms/craft stuff etc until they make a bed (personally I usually work on a massive underground farm and expand it constantly during nights until I make a bed), unless they have armour, and even then they just patrol a little and kill whatever appears. Even in iron armour, you take very little damage from most things. All the bed really does is help pass the time faster so you can explore in the light quicker.

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    I love the bed because at night, it's hard to build and you can't see anything.

    Then again, I play on Peaceful so...

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    the bed has never broken minecrft for me as my minecraft days go like this->

    daytime -> explore the surface for wood/natural caves/livestock.

    night time -> dig a sloped tunnel underneath home base and procees to mine underneath my own home since day/night has no effect on you when your underground anyway. ( yes i do acidentally "miss" several "daytime" periods underground often)
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    After few days I dont use the bed anymore. I have a house and a mine so I spend the night mining.

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    As many have stated, you don't need to use it.

    Also, after you have a little hut established you should be spending your nights in caves gathering resources and building during the day when it's safe.

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    before beds you just camp(ed, can't usually find 3 sheep first day...) in a hole for a while and AFK anyway.

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    Echoing others, I only use the bed as a spawn point... if you are that bothered just don't click it at night.

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    Well i think they should add a "special night" for example... a night when the moon turns red..., then more mobs appear, (maybe new mobs too) all mobs have a larger view range, they're faster and stronger..., but also they drop better loot, somethings that you can only get that night , and that night you can't use your bed... or if you use it you get into a "Nightmare" (get teleported to a "dungeon" -or something like that- if you finish the dungeon, you wake up and you will be happy to notice... DAY!!!

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    I've never played minecraft, is it good?
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    I know what you mean, but you also have the option to just build a tower of dirt high enough, wait till night passes and then go about doing your thing.
    The bed just makes it less time consuming to skip the night.

    But for adventure maps I do wish there were other options besides beds to change your spawn location without skipping the night.
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