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    news story on blizzard entertainment's bad business practice

    i have sent an email to local news stations with evidence of blizzards bad business practices and how the decline in their player base is reflectant upon their decisions they have made this past year. if anyone has any forum posts they can link here for me to use that would be great. blizzard immediately deleted all my forum posts after i told them i was reporting them to the BBB but i still have the post copy and pasted from the last forum ban i recieved where i voiced out that blizzard was ignoring the community and not doing their jobs properly. just after that email i saw blues posting in the diablo forums after a 3 week drought of no blue posts followed with a 14 hour maintenance which followed no updates at all.

    if you have had bashiok or any other blue belittle your post or ban you for speaking out against them then link the post here so i can use that along with the information i have so we can get this going on the news.

    i am not good at saying exactly what i am feeling or conveying the message right but if you can understand what i am trying to say then please leave positive feedback and hopefully some fuel to get this fire going.

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    I'm sorry but we don't take sides in this kind of thing. If you're having an issue with Blizzard, you'll have to deal with it outside of MMO-Champion

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