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    PVP Ret Help

    OK I am a bit new to Ret PVP'ing (I mostly do healing in BG's) and actually for my first time I was DPS's in a BG I was doing quite well. I was though owned though, on several occasions, by rogues. No matter what I tried I was constantly getting stunned and was unable to do much against them? Any special strats here would be just very helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    Thats not to specific, but I'll throw in some helpful tips for ya.

    Wings: Do not pop these if you have a Shaman, Hunter, Priest, or Mage focusing you, they'll be gone within 1-2 seconds after you pop them.

    Divine Protection (not bubble): USE THIS! So many paladins won't use Divine Protection, its not much help against spellcasters, but against hunters and melee its a great defensive low term CD.

    Word of Glory: As a Ret Pally, you can only burst once every 3-5 minutes, given your wings and CD's aren't spellstolen/dispelled, so learn to use Word of Glory, both on yourself and others.

    Hands: Hand of Protection and Hand of Freedom are great because they can be used on other players. Because of this, and Word of Glory, Ret Pallies are GREAT SUPPORT. Learn to support your allies in BG's/Arenas and you will be winning.

    Bubble: Bubble messes with peoples brains, if there isnt a priest or warrior to dispel it, most people will run away from you while you do whatever you do in your bubble. Don't just use bubble to heal yourself up, in certain situations just use it to prevent all damage (mages and warlocks come to mind).

    Flash of Light/Divine Light/Holy Light: You can throw 3 Flash of lights in a row or 1 Divine Light with 1 Flash of light and you'll be OOM. But, either way its around 40-60k HP back to you by healing yourself, so if you can manage to, throw a Flash of Light or two out there, every bit of healing matters. With holy light, everytime you land a killing blow (not earn an honorable kill) holy light will heal for 300% more. Remember this and save yourself some mana after you steal someone elses kill

    Mana: Believe it or not you still have mana management to take care of as a Ret in PvP. A priest can mana burn you and deem you useless. You can throw divine plea up and it just get dispelled. Do what you can to get mana back (arcane torrent, judgment, etc.)

    These are just some basic tips, but they are core. Learn to do all of the above and your on the path to... RIGHTEOUS OWNAGE!3

    EDIT: A few extra "pro" tips:

    Sacred Shield: Pops when you have like 20% health, if you know your starting to go down, build up holy power or pray for a divine purpose proc. When sacred shield pops up WOG (Word of Glory) yourself for 60-80k. Since sacred shield increases healing done, try a flash of light or two, they'll heal way more than normal.

    Fake casting: Since you will find yourself throwing some Flashes, learn to fake cast. Most of the time cancel your casting about 1/3 way through the cast then immediately recast. It usually works (but not always)

    Cleanse: Cleanse immediately! A lot of times newer ret pally pvp'ers will forget as long as they have mana and aren't silenced can get out of any root/snare, so cleanse yo self fool! Don't let that damn mage get away.

    Freedom!: A lot of other melee dps will use snares to their advantage. Rogues for example and crippling poison, they'll cripple you in case they need to run into a smoke bomb to restealth and get another sap/stun off. Don't let em. Keep freedom up on you as long as you can, also, with cleanse, cleanse yourself if you need to.

    EDIT #2: By now I hope you've realized Priests are your worst nightmare... lol. I hate em!
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    Actually this information helps A LOT, so thank you for this! I am so used to healing everything that I have to think differently when it comes to DPS; which is different and seems over-whelming right now but am sure once I do it more and more that it will become second nature for me.
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    No problem! Yeah ultimately its just going to take practice and letting all the various situations that can occur happen. Good luck to ya!
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    Rogues are jerks. I usually pray for a DP proc and blow CDs for them
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    Against rogues you need to become familar with the "shadow dance" sound, It's pivotal for winning a fight against them. When rogues pop Shadow dance it allows them to spam their most deadly abilities on you without the need of stealth ( I.e ambush)

    When you hear Shadow dance you need to kite them, if you can't kite them due to stuns BoP/bubble yourself until it falls off, keep attacking them with judgement or hammer of wrath if you can, don't give them the chance to drop combat and enter stealth again. If you can do this pop your cooldowns since theirs are already wasted and send them packing to the Graveyard.

    I rarely have issues against rogues unless they have legendary daggers, however Enhance shamans and good mages will own me. Enhance shamans have the burst of a ret paladin but they don't have to rely on too many cooldowns/procs like rets do, with enhance shamans try to kite them until Shamanistic rage falls off(it reduces damage by 30 percent), if you continue fighting them while shamanistic rage is up they will destroy you.
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    @Ret4resto or become familiar with actually looking at buffs which is 10 times more effective and has more uses than just watching out for Shadow Dance (e.g. watching out for defensive cds, procs, lichborne for fearing dks, etc...).

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