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    Paly threat problems?

    I can't post any links so I can't link my toon but you can look him up on wow heroes. Zone: United States, Realm: Twisting Nether, Name: Dèthtank(è=Alt 138)

    I generaly dont have too much trouble in HoTs (except mostly with DKs), but as soon as I step into a raid, including LFR, I can almost never get 100% aggro, and if I do it doesn't last very long. This is extremely annoying seeing as I have a 382 Ilvl and can't get much better gear any other way than raiding, so I would appreciate any help to fix my threat problems. Also any suggestions on chants and gems would be nice (I'm a JC and my dad is a chanter (Working on getting windwalk for my wep)).

    Thanks for any help

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    First thing I need to ask friend, is do you have Rightous Fury on, you'd be surprised how many people forget it,

    Apart from that its most likely just a gear issue, with all those lovely geared dps about I'm not surprised new(er) tanks have issues,

    The other thing to consider is Vengence, remember the tank your taunting off from still has a ton of more AP than you until you gain more through Vengence, or his falls off,

    Make good use of that Hand of Salvation mate if its still a major issue, only other thing I can say is to get more expertise/hit but I dont recommend it,

    My Paladin Tank is my alt, so perhaps some of the more experienced fellows here at MMO-Champion can help better than I can,

    Good luck friend
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    Ok you should get mastery/dodge/stamina enchants on your gear and yes windwalk.Make sure you use hand of salvation on the other tank whenever you are going to take aggro for him (if that doesn't work pop righteous defense as well) and try glyphing hand of salvation as well to instantly reset his aggro %.As I've seen in your armory try the following gemming:Blue sockets puissant dream emeralds,yellow fractured amberjewels(or fractured chimera's eyes),and red sockets fine ember topaz.Also go for the 397 relic from the vp vendor which is our BiS.There is no upgrade in relics afterwards and it could help if you gem with a few epics in those BiS items (eg fractured lightstone in your back or Fractured elven peridot in your 397 relic once you acquired it) if you can afford those.Also as a weapon do more HoTs 5man dungeons to get the Gavel of Peroth'arn since it will be your BiS until you get a souldrinker (either from lfr or normal) or even hand of morchok.And reforge your mace's crit to dodge Since you have way so much parry that it needs FAR too many stats to get a single % upgrade on it.and your dodge will get higher with less numbers reforge the chest's parry in mastery instead of dodge,same on your bracers,parry to dodge on your belt,parry to mastery on your queen's boon that's about it so far

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