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    Will my settings stay through to launch?

    Just wondering if the settings I have for keybinds, camera options, ect will stay through to launch or should I stay up for this next stress test and write them down?

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    You should make screenshots just to be safe.

    But my guess would be that they stay (unless they overhaul the settings).

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    They will likely be wiped. Those same settings were reset everytime thusfar they've done a character wipe.

    Just write them down. How much time are you really even saving anyways?

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    They were wiped before BWE3 but they also did a major update to the launcher/client so not sure if it had to do with the char wipe or they changed some settings on where the stuff was saved. Personaly I didnt have much trouble reseting my stuff. move F1-4 down to Z-V weaponswap to R, dodge to mouse4, disable doubletap dodge and I'm good to go with maybe a camera speed tweek. took maybe 2 min tops.

    Who is John Galt?

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    Very high chances they wont.
    With last character wipe they were gone.

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    It's not so much the time, more I've really gotten use to where I had the camera speed set to and don't remember where it is. Thanks for your answers guys, I'll make sure to log in at 4am tonight and take a screen shot.

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    I'd plan to lose them but be happy if they stay.

    All it takes is one small change to a related area of code to demand a wipe, so, it would be wise to assume they'll go.

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    I usually remember mine. But that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinus View Post
    I usually remember mine. But that's just me.
    Mye... Reflections: None, Shadows: Medium/none, rest high ;D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapti View Post
    Mye... Reflections: None, Shadows: Medium/none, rest high ;D.
    Everything maximized for the win .

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    Seeing how my settings got completely reset between BWE3 and the first stress test that followed. I highly doubt it.

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