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    all over the world
    in the US id have to say its

    1. Footballs (NFL)
    2. Baseball (MLB)
    3. Basketball (NBA)
    4. Hockey (NHL)
    5. College Football
    6. College Basketball

    Golf and NASCAR are probably contenders for the 5th and 6th spot but they're all just my personal opinion

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    1. Football
    2. Basketball
    3. Water Polo?

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    1. Soccer
    2. Hockey
    3. Handball?!

    1 and 2 is pretty much tied i guess.

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    American football. And I still don't understand the rules. I'll be watching, they'll be running and then suddenly, they all stop, the ref shouts and they line up again.

    Don't understand it.
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    1. Football (Soccer)
    2. Alpine Skiing
    3. Ski Jumping
    4. Ice Hockey
    5. Formula 1
    6. probably swimming, tennis or snowboarding, hard to tell. maybe even rugby

    I've seen American Football on the rise in recent years (using college football rules, not nfl). They even broadcast live games from time to time. I wish it was bigger when I was young, I would have really liked to take a shot at it

    Skipping school to watch superbowl finals at like 3 AM, good times

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    In England:

    Football by quite some distance
    Cricket and Rugby next

    Not much else sells lots of tickets in big stadiums on a regular basis like those. It awaits to be seen if we start going crazy for other sports after the olympics like people are predicting.

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    For Germany I would say

    1. Football
    2. (ice) Hockey
    3. Formula 1
    4. Basketball
    5. Handball
    6. Probably Tennis

    Practicing (that's actually a real rank, based on people organized in clubs etc.
    1. Football
    2. Gymnastics (includes all forms, even martial arts etc.)
    3. Tennis
    4. Shooting
    5. Track & Field
    6. Handball

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    2.Ice skating

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    1. Hockey
    2. Football
    3. ... Handball? Cross-country skiing?

    I don't like either of em but we have one of the world's best hockey teams...
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entbark View Post
    American football is boring compared to soccer? And yet which is the sport where the score at the end of the game is 1-0 stereotypically
    The typical, and statistically leading result is 1:1

    What makes American Football "Boring" to others is the constant interruptions in the game, whereas Soccer is on the constant move for 2x45 min.
    It takes time to get used to AF, since the fine details aren't obvious. I like it, yet I still think it's a watered down spin off from rugby. It is not boring, once you know what's going on. Doesn't mean there can't be a dead boring game. They happen. They also happen in Soccer. There is the same thing going on.
    For someone who doesn't know whats going on, they cannot see the systems in the game. They may think the players on the field are there in random orders, or all of them just chasing after the ball. None of that is the case. They are where they are for a strategically reason. And it may surprise a non soccer expert, that the most important part in soccer is the game without the ball.
    Generally one cannot compare the two games. Soccer players have the highest endurance of any team sport, in AF one doesn't need endurance. It needs other attributes.

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    Let's not turn this into Football vs Soccer again please. That discussion has been had quite enough.

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