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    I love these idiots that say WoW is declining. It hasn't released new content for months because of Diablo and a majority of those subscribers went to Diablo anyway. Also, with MOP being critically acclaimed on top of it being one of the biggest expansions yet, it will surly bring back a ridiculous amount of subscribers. Oh and let us not forget that the subscription base is STILL higher than it was in BC.

    Oh and if you want any one to take you seriously, learn how to use the proper 'there, their or they're" and please; read before posting on a topic it is apparent you know nothing about.


    People say WoW is declining and dying every year. It will never die... get over it. TOR sucked since beta and it was all due to negligence pompous morons not listening to their fan base and acting like they knew what the consumer wanted with zero experience in the genre.

    Your a true fanboy!!! Blizzard could sell you dogshit in a bag and you wouldn´t hesitate to buy it. Remove your head from your ass and wake up!!!

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