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    hpally vs rsham vs rdruid vs priest in MoP?

    As of the PTR, how are holy paladins comparing with other healers in MoP? Do we suffer from the same mana regen issues as some of the other classes?

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    Can't speak at all for PVE but from my experiences in pvp, holy is awesome, taking on another healer/damage team feels so fun as you can sprint up to the other healer and pester with your melee to have huge regen and wait for a hard cast to use rebuke, I barely even feel like a healer more like a prot/ret that focuses on heavy team-mate heals. My druid feels comparatively weak but I could imagine it to fair better in pve, priests are still strong from what I can tell, sham I can't help you with, have yet to see a healer^^

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    General comments from our healing officer after participating in most of the raid testing on beta:

    - Priests seem to struggle (Disc and Holy) to keep up with the other healers (in flat HPS, nothing more) or sustain for nearly as long;
    - Paladins seem to have too much of their heals based on free or instant casts. Free heals equated to about 80% of the Paladin's heals, while maintaining a very strong lead over most Priests he had seen;
    - Druids and Shaman seem like they're in a very good place but their strengths lay in different encounters. They'll fit well with any rounded healing comp;
    - Monks as expected are above the pack and still require a bit of tuning.

    As of now, Paladins aren't subject to the same mana regeneration issues -- but that'll likely be fixed soon since our mana costs aren't high enough to justify how many 'free' heals we can have.

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    I haven't played with the other healers yet, but I will give the general feel for Holy Paladins that I've had (This is also for ten man tests):
    -I always managed to finish at the top of the meters if that says anything
    -Mana is a slight issue, but if you watch it you wont have any real trouble. (Make sure to melee the boss during down time)
    - Attempting to constantly cast even Holy Light will yield some mana problems.
    - Holy Radiance is a rather weak aoe heal, but its synergy with Holy Shock will make up for it if both spells hit enough targets.
    - Light of Dawn and Holy Prism are very useful for burst AoE situations. I'm willing to bet that we have one of the best burst AoE toolkits at the moment.
    - Our single target healing seems to be very competitive. We can pick someone up really quickly, especially if you make use of Glyph of FoL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnderworldSoup View Post
    Paladins seem to have too much of their heals based on free or instant casts. Free heals equated to about 80% of the Paladin's heals, while maintaining a very strong lead over most Priests he had seen;
    This is such a non-argument. Paladin heals aren't free. A Paladin needs to generate Holy Power from heals that cost mana in order to get these free heals, and the Paladin spells are more expensive than other healers to compensate for the fact they have free heals.

    The only real 'instant' cast is Holy Shock (and I suppose the level 90 talents). WoG / EF again require Holy Power to be generated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerfax View Post
    Attempting to constantly cast even Holy Light will yield some mana problems.
    I found that to be the case at the start of Cata too, to be fair. I expect Holy Light will become mana neutral / positive as the tiers progress.

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    - Druids are in a good shape HPS-wise, but the mushrooms are very clunky atm. Extremely overpowered till last build but now they seem weak and clunky. Class is very powerfull in certain encounters like always been in the past, but seems that harder/faster hitting damage punish druids a little bit more now. Again, seems fine since every class should have strenghts and weakness.

    - Holy Priests seem to be struggling in HPS. Seems the spec doesnt have a real strenght in most fights, seems a "lost in translation" spec. Regen is also lower than i wanted. Not much has changed tough. In the end, with no real strenght the spec just loses a little in interest and flavor.

    - Holy Paladins are fine. Holy radiance is low HPS in 10 men, but ok in 25men especialy coupling it with holy shock. Still not happy with sacred shield current form, nor selfless healer. Eternal flame was a little OP but now after the stealth nerf seems lackluster. Holy shock is basicaly the must-go spell in 9 out of 10 situations, wich doesnt bother me at all. Holy power generation is good and beacon swaping is fun aswell with the glyph. Not very fond of using crusader strike to fish for holy power, but ok.

    - Resto shamans are fun as always been with constant procs. Chain heal is still not to my taste, basicaly why i avoid raiding with my shaman. Very good in some fights but realy bad in others. Even though its important to have strenghts and weaknesses, in shamans it seems too big of a change from one to another fight (unlike druids wich is more balanced). I also don't like the fact that blizzard tried to patch the spec implementing glyphs to band-aid it.

    - Discipline priest - Didnt try it nor i have friends who raid with me with that spec.

    Monk - Extremely unbalanced atm. I won't realy comment too much in it basicaly because i'm confident its still in the tuning phase. Seems it'll be mostly an AOE healing class if nothing drastic changes.

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    Priests seem way behind, down there with Shamans. Unsure if they are actually the benchmark with where Blizzard wants healing to be.

    Paladin healing is inflated by talents such as EF which are currently going through tweaks. Without that we're probably down there with Priests and Shamans.

    Druids seem to have amazing mana and can go on forever.

    Monks, although not in your topic title, as a new class are going to need some major tweaking. They seem mandatory at the moment. Expecting 2-3 monk setups if they make it to live like this.

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