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    What makes good LoL youtubes ._.

    I'm in despair, being extremely low on money and unable to find a job I've been messing around with YouTube. I finally got partnered and earn a real, yet tiny amount of money. My views however are dwindling, my videos (from luck?) were more viewed when their quality was poor. Only recently have I upped the quality, and I know if people view them, including my recent giveaways and so on - they will enjoy them and want more. I had thousands of views on a bad resolution Ez ult, but just hundreds on my recent, slightly funny yet informative guide which I spent time editing.

    Like I said, it would be a dream come true if I could get a useful amount of money from Youtube as I love making videos, and the amount that I've improved is clearly visible. Is it tags, is it luck, is it titles? idk. Do you guys know? I'll say my channel name in a reply of a comment if anyone is interested - but I am more interested in feedback.

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    Check out Protatomonster. It's a good example of a very successful LoL channel.

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    Well there are A LOT of LoL videos - and channels - out there. You have to offer something that would set yours out from the hundreds of others.
    Whether that's a comedy aspect or a skill aspect you'll have to decide.
    Maybe branch out into other mediums? Rope some regular viewers in then expose them to games they might not have played with a series of introduction and instructional videos - whether that's LoL or some other game that you're passionate about.

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    It would be nice if you linked us to your youtube channel in order for us to give tips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMog64 View Post
    It would be nice if you linked us to your youtube channel in order for us to give tips.
    That would also be against the rules, but OP is welcome to PM the channel for feedback.

    The thing is mwebber, it's not something everyone can do right away. Most spent a lot of time just uploading stuff of proper value and just wait for something to happen, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it does, and you will take off. You have to be innovative, doing what everyone else is doing won't get you far either. Unless you have some sort of great (can be fake even) personality that draws people in instead of the actual videos, you have to work pretty hard to make a living from youtube. This means recording stuff, editing it, re-recording some of it, editing it again, and then scrapping it completely because it wasn't good enough, you have to be very critical.
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    Have you advertised your channel?

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    would it be possible to PM me your channel.

    Like Rampanrt Rabbit said. Check out Protatomonster (which they have 2 channels now), SivHD, Colbycheeze. The 1st 2 are pretty successful
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    I would say check out protatomonster, Jumpinthepack, Stonewall008.

    While stonewall doesn't have the most popular channel, he has own little niche. He basically only jungles, and uploads videos for jungling on everything, and team fights etc. The other two channels showcase good, bad, lucky and really unlucky plays submitted by their playerbase.

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    It will be extremely hard since most of the good players are streaming so people don't really need stuff on youtube. And there's already Top 5 fails, top 5 plays etc. so I have no idea what you could do. :/

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    You need to be different. I see a lot of the same Let's Play, review, etc. channels. I mean you literally have to be outgoing... You don't even have to be good if you are an extremely funny person initially. Jesse Cox is a prime example of a hilarious person that really just is funny. He knows how to make great videos as well but that's because he's the tip top of that kind of thing.

    The biggest thing is videos daily if you are going to be showing let's play like channels. If you are doing a let's play channel which I don't recommend then videos everyday, make 2 or 3 to have even better chances. If you're more like a machinima or Wowcrendor then you need to know how to edit and you need voices by your side and you can't let awkwardness or any other feeling get to you because people want different and awesome in the beginning and if they like you they stay subscribed then you can keep doing your thing. Look if you're low on money and don't want to work on McDonalds, then you need to do videos every day and well. If you're doing gamecasts then you need to be a funny or enjoyable person to listen too (most Youtubers don't have that quality so that's why most don't become famous after that).

    You just need to be different and unique. Totalbiscuit is great because nobody really offers their opinion like he does about the video game industry be it you agree or not. Also I hear that Jesse Cox will sometimes do something 50+ times over for one thing to make sure it sounds right because that's professionalism. People don't have to know how hard you worked on something to like it, that's your end of the deal but they want entertainment so entertain them. If it's LoL then you probably need to learn machinima because game casting isn't going to cut it completely. Make parodies of the game or something.

    The best way to get started is to do something outrageous or something hilarious that goes viral, also just advertise the video on websites that allow it saying that you found this video of this funny guy and it will spread (you're that funny guy). Boogie is a really good example of something that went viral and did more things then just that one video.

    In the end it's up to you and are you motivated enough.
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    Sykkuno! He's a decent player and fun to watch with A LOT of videos.

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    1. No dead air or silly voices.
    2. Quality of picture and clarity of sound.

    Same as any broadcast.
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    make champion guides maybe, personally i really prefer video guides over text guides and good overall good vid quality, good game knowledge and have dont be terrible have a good voice to listen to and stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForsakenFrodo View Post
    That would also be against the rules, but OP is welcome to PM the channel for feedback.
    What if I found out his YouTube account name and shared it with the people in this thread? Would that work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nomzter View Post
    make champion guides maybe, personally i really prefer video guides over text guides
    And I like guides too. The videos that come out when new champions are made public always catch my eye. Maybe you could start doing videos on every new character and go over how well they actually work.
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    Breaking into Youtube is all about luck really, sure you can form your own little fanbase / subscribers but to make yourself really known in the community is to advertise as much as possible and message other channel to try to get your content onto their channel or even do a dual commentary.

    My videos are nearly breaking the 100view mark and they keep getting bigger but i upload more than just LoL so you could possibly try uploading other games to see if that helps bring back the spark in your channel.
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