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    how is enh pve dps in mop beta?

    Hi all,

    I have been playing enh since mid WOTLK, and now in the beta I can't make heads or tails of dps on my toon. I don't have logs, but I have been trying to see how enh is in pve on beta and all I can think is I am missing something or I suck.

    I tested on a boss target dummy at lvl90 (in full pvp gear) and am only able to do 32-34k dps. In a lfr I was dead last in dps with 27k (others classes were doing 40-60k, no other enh to look at). I am using a priority of SS, Acendance, fire ele on cd, searing totem, LL, LB_MS5,UE, FS (if dot is about to end), ES, wolves.

    For talents and glyphs I am currently running, stone bulwark, earthgrab, totemic restoration, echo of the elements, ancestral guidance, and unleashed fury. and glyphs, flame shock, fire elemental, and feral spirit.

    Am I missing something? Does the pvp gear suck that bad (or the weapons), am I missing something in my rotation? Or am I using the wrong talents/glyphs?

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    You should be able to do ~60k on the target dummy with that gear, assuming you're gemmed and enchanted appropriately.

    Without a combatlog parse, I can't really point out what you might be doing wrong.

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    Ok so I didn't know that the mop gems were out or that they were that high a stat jump. so after re gemming and reforging I can do 40-42k on a boss dummy. This still seems low so i will try and get a log or to to try and look deeper into the whole thing.

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    i seem to recall somewhere earlier this year that blizz stated that pvp gear was not going to be good for pve because all ppl did in cata was buy blue pvp kit and got into lfr etc, so that might be why your dps is low i think they lowered the Ilvl on pvp kit dunno about stats though just thought it may have something to do with it .. hope this helps

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    Am I the only one not seeing any mention of being hit and exp capped in his post?

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