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    [A] CFT-10 8/8H LF tank/heals/rDPS paid xfer

    Guild Name: CFT
    Server: Suramar (PVE) PST
    Raid Times: Monday - 5:30PM PST, Thursday - 5:00PM PST
    Loot System: Random Roll
    Website: http://www.cft-guild.com
    Atmosphere: Adult
    About Us:
    We are a progression oriented 10-man raiding guild. The core of our team has been together for a few years and we're looking to add a few new people to our ranks to finish off Cataclysm and start in MoP.

    We are willing to help with transfer costs for your main if you're what we are looking for.
    We currently have one spot open and are recruiting one of the following classes (would prefer 5/8H+ experience):
    Melee DPS:
    Dragon Soul: 8/8H
    Firelands: 7/7H (heroic rag was after 4.3 was released)
    Please apply through our website, or through the following means:
    RealID: [email protected]
    Twitter: @Cybnext

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    bump, looking for a rogue now!

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