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    Currently reading Children of dune was thinking about picking up The mist born series is it any good?
    First book was fantastic but a bit short. Brandon Sanderson is amazing at world building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fartman69 View Post
    Currently reading Children of dune was thinking about picking up The mist born series is it any good?
    The first Mistborn book was awesome.
    The second one wasn't as good, but still worth a read.
    The third kind of sucked.
    The fourth was pretty good but you have to read the not as good third book first or you'll be totally lost.

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    The Last Apprentice is really good. It's young adult, but at times fairly graphic. Basically it's about a kid who is trained by a current older man who is called a spook. The job of a spook is dealing with getting rid of witches, demons,ghosts, anything that's dark and goes "bump" in the night to keep the County safe. Witches are the most common darkness they have to get rid of. But it's not the cliche pointy hat witch, it's witches that drink chilidren's blood, take thumb bones to conjure of dark magic and a ton of other stuff. The apprentice also has to write notes to fill books because there is so much to learn. It goes in the spook's library which has generations of books from past apprentices before them. It's pretty neat. There is much more than that though. It's not just random stuff. It actually is focused on one main plot and it builds up and continues to. I won't give it away, but they have to deal with the devil. The 10th book was just released and it was very good. The series is winding down sadly. You get very attached to the characters and they age throughout the series.
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    Im not an overly huge fantasy fan, but some that i have read and enjoyed would be The Dark Tower series by King, and the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. The Lightbringer series Weeks is currently working on is also pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koudbiertje View Post
    The sword of truth series hands down best fantasy magic books ever created

    Before reading WoT or ASoIaF I would have agreed with you. Having read all three series (at least what is available) I would put them both ahead of SoT. Everything about SoT, WoT does better, very similar themes in both series.

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    They have been already mentioned, but my three suggestions are:

    The Death Gate Cycle series - Was the first fantasy books I ever read and the ones I compair all others to. Most come up lacking imo.

    The Sword of Truth seies - Good enough series to have a TV show made about them. The fact that the show was an abomination is neither here nor there.

    Shannara series - Epic in length but in small "bite-size" stories / trilogies.

    Honorable mention to:

    Wheel of Time series
    I couldn't get more than halfway through the first Shannara book, the whole time I was thinking "Where have I read this before? Oh that's write, it's a copy paste of LOTR."
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    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    Definitely try The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks! New favorite author by far! Another great series he has been working on is The Lightbringer Series. His first book The Black Prism has been out and the second book in the series just came out, The Blinding Knife, and they are all great reads. You will constantly want more! Great newer author who is getting better and better. And he is a great guy too! Definitely read them, READ THEM NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paupsers View Post
    Currently looking for a good fantasy book or series to read. Something in the way of LotR but maybe not SO heavy.

    I was thinking about reading Game of Thrones, but I've read that magic is very downplayed in it. I'd like something with a lot of magic and sorcery, it's so much more fun! (Harry Potter, duh)

    Any suggestions? What are your favorites?
    The Black Company. The Dread Empire. The Instrumentalities of the Night. First two are a sort of realistic dark fantasy; Dread Empire has more magic than Black Company. The last one is a sort of reimagining of medieval Europe and the Middle East, plus some magic/evil spirits and stuff.

    All three series are written by Glen Cook. Once you read his work you'll laugh when people say George R.R. Martin is the master of the craft.
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    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
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    Game of Thrones book and/or series. Pure win.

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