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    Ret Vs Ele as of now

    Just curious to see/hear what is pulling better numbers (As of right now, i know things are subject to change) from what people have seen in their raids, or lfr runs.

    I'm currently stuck in between which to play, i heard ret was doing really well and my ret has been my main for sometime but, elemental shamans are also (from what i've heard/seen) doing pretty well themselves and they bring some nice things to the table (storm lash, healing tide, heroes)

    If anyone has any links, comments or help they would be greatly appreciated .

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    I apologize for the thread name looking over it that may have mislead some people. What it was meant to say was "As of right now on the MoP Beta"
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    Hey dude!

    Honestly, if ALL you care about is PVE dps, you need to consider a few things.

    Numbers on beta are CONSTANTLY being adjusted, and this will continue past 5.0 into MoP. Don't base it off whos pulling more now. Base it off which play style you enjoy more.

    Do you like melee or range? Shaman has both, Paladin only has melee. If you want to go healing Resto vs holy are completely different styles and mechanics. Do you ever want to tank?

    You should try to keep all this in mind.

    I personaly LOVE how ret and prot plays in PVE, Which is why i'll be re-rolling from my druid to one for MoP.

    If you care about buffs...

    Shaman brings: Mastery, Spell power, and AP buff. As well has lust, Stormlash, healing tide totem.

    Paladin Brings: Might/Kings, Sac, BoP, Freedom (not really needed). Devotion Aura (the new Aura mastery, base line.) Instant Off heals via LoH. Wogs (If desperately needed) and free instant FoL via Self-less Healer.

    But it all comes down to you. hope this helps a little bit =)


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